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Hallelujah [Open]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Hallelujah [Open] Empty Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:07 am

Juni Anastos
Anyone that knew even a little bit about Juni knew that she didn' drink alcohol. She believed it to be a corrupting drink that destroyed the body and mind and made fools out of men. Some people could hold their liquor and it didn't affect them, but that didn't go for the majority of the people, especially not the ones from Oak. So why was Juni here in Swineherd Pub? She was there to keep the peace, to make sure no one got out of line. She sat in the back of the pub where she could see everyone, babysitting her ice-cold water. People were rowdy of course but nothing that needed her immediate attention. She wished someone she knew would walk in, at least then she wouldn't be alone with her own thoughts. Pushing a golden strand of her hair from her face and back into her otherwise neatly pinned up bun, Juni shifted around in her seat. She watched the people and wished she could leave as carefree as they could but her goal in life did not afford her that simple pleasure. It sucked for sure but she knew at the end of it all it would be worth it.

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#2Regis Karlinius 

Hallelujah [Open] Empty Thu Apr 02, 2020 4:19 pm

Regis Karlinius
Since Regis' attempt to pick up his own life again when he joined the Rune Knights, He was almost on track for the most part, Up until the the Rune Knights were forced to disband, Regis was left to figure out what to do next, So he would go back to wandering around places again and simply just being happy to be free for the most part.

Regis just happen to be roaming around in Oak, He had not join any other side since The Rune Knights had faded away, But he did not exactly mind either, He got to see more things that were vastly interesting to learn of.

But Regis seemed to just had deal with the cards handed to him and finally did not mind, He was for the most part alone again.

Finding a place to just sit for the moment Regis would walk through the doors of the Swinerd Pub and look around, He had no idea what he expect but he always just looked around when he walked into the places a force of habit then anything else.

The armor that he wore still seemed the same just less withered and tarnished looking, At point some point he got a new set that looked the same that just had less of the ghost of the past in it so to say, But he kept the torn pieces of cloth, It did still mostly cover his face took.

Regis would take his time slowly walking around to find a place to sit, Using it also as time to considering what he wanted here, maybe it was just the basic water and something decent to eat. Roaming around made him enjoy more simple things rather then just drinking brain cells away all of the time, That or Regis was a strange man.

#3Juni Anastos 

Hallelujah [Open] Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:57 am

Juni Anastos
Juni looked over the crowd of people. She knew most of the people there in on way or another. She didn't flinch when she saw a figure walk in, a figure dressed in armor. She would watch him for a few and deem him a non-threat to the people of the pub before rising to her feet and taking a seat next to him. She thought about striking up a conversation, it had been a while since she actually talked to anyone outside of Vali. Come to think of it she was almost sure she didn't really know how to speak to anyone. Even when she first came to Fiore she wasn't exactly outgoing in the first place and hardly knew anything to talk about anything. Shuffling around in her seat she paid for whatever it was that she ordered earlier and told the barkeep to be safe. Her gaze would shift over to the armored individual and she gave a slight nod before getting up from her seat and heading to the door. She had been in Oak far too long and she felt she needed a change of scenery, and perhaps return to her goal of gaining strength. Just because she had the spear didn't mean much. She was still just a B ranked mage, even after all this time she remained stagnant, and that would end today.

- exit -

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#4Regis Karlinius 

Hallelujah [Open] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:39 pm

Regis Karlinius
After a small amount of time Regis did not seem to need much and managed to get what he wanted rather quickly. noticing some one gave him a smile, Something he had not expected to see in a long time. For once it made Regis have a small hint of joy in life for a moment. Not a soul had smiled for him in a while.

Regis would sit down for a while, Eat and drink something because it was a break from where he would hide himself at and just kind of exist, He was behind on the times and did not seem to mind at all, It was something he was oddly content with. Less he had to worry about then more just kind of enjoying nature and the sound of wild life. Regis was not looking back at normal life at this point and could just fade back to whatever he was doing.

Regis would take his time getting back up and slowly leaving the pub, It was a nice place. Regis overtime had started showing up there more often, Which seemed to be one of the few things that seemed to bring him joy. Less thoughts in his mind less he needed to have to do down the road.

Upon leaving Regis would slowly slip away into the area's woods like he would be normally hiding away until he ever felt like coming back out, Which he was given less reasons too these days. Back into the woods and nature, Regis would go back to just take in the sights and animal around him. Regis did miss his family it went across his mind every once and a while, He just felt more content not talking to them, More just hoping they where well in life.


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