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Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest]

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She laid in bed as her eyes looked at the ceiling made of an old oak. Revana saw darkened spots that could possibly be mold, but it didn't smell like it. The stench of mold was something that no one could resist as it made you want to stuff cotton balls up your nostrils. The wind blew cold air within the room as she had to creak it open due to the heat. Slowly, she got up in her nightgown and went to the room where her children were. The room had a large bed they could share so she didn't have to have them cramped on a twin size. She watched them quietly as they looked so peaceful. 'I should let them sleep. Probably get a babysitter.' She thought to herself while closing the door. The children were used to being alone when she went out to find jobs to pay for everything. Her cafe disappeared, got burned down after everything was stolen.

Revana grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. The place had an old fashion bathroom with just a bathtub, a simple sink, and a loo. 'Maybe we should upgrade...'. Her right hand flipped her hair back over her shoulder and picked up her baggy camo pants. Slowly, she buckled her lilac belt and then slipped on her white blouse with frills and short sleeves. Tucking her shirt she then finally put on her socks and some black hiking boots. Walking back to her suitcase she put the dirty clothes in their own section. After that, Revana went to wake up the kids and leave. ''Wh-where are we going, mother?" One asked while rubbing her eyes. She smiled motherly and patted them. "A better hotel is all. Then you can go back to sleep."

"I promise."

She whispered as she hated that word.



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She led them away from the old and broken down motel. She could not trust her children there while she went away to do some missions. What if she had to do them during the night? The night is when the harsh world reveals itself usually. She was positive that not many have successful getaways in Magnolia, unlike Dahlia, but she didn't want to chance it. She partly didn't want to have this Revana name anymore as Kuriana was too much in her heart currently. She was Kuriana, but also Arisa. What name would she even be then as their names were combined?

Kurisa? It was possible, but she will still have to think about it. For now, she had children to take care of. It was sunrise as the sun was starting to blaze the town in light shimmers of warmth. The sparkles of the sunlight that beamed were beautiful. When they shined against her lilac hair it became a flower of its' own. The sparkling of her hair could beat even Edward's body when he first revealed himself to Belle within the sunlight itself, sparkling like diamonds as they said. Her amethyst eyes were very beautiful as they had even a lighter shade of purple in the shape of crescent moons. Finally, they saw the tall building people called a Hotel. This surely was an upgrade in comparison.

Entering with glass doors, so clean she saw her own reflection. The children were yawning, the mother went inside faster and went straight to the host. ''I need a suite. Don't care about the cost." Her eyes cornered to look at her two beautiful children. The woman seemed to understand and wrote down somethings. 'I swear to god if she thinks I'm some kidnapper Imma --' she was going to finish her thought, but the woman gave her the paper. "If you ever need anyone to watch them, give me a call." She smiled happily.

It was interesting...


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"How about in fifteen?" Her eyebrows arched as she looked at the counter woman. "They're pretty good. Just let them play, feed them and they won't ruin anything here." She instructed. They had to be good, she made it so they knew manners at their age. They were already almost six years old. 'Almost six years...' She thought sadly as Kuri took the key from the woman who nodded. "Will do!". Kuri flipped her hair and went up the stairs as she wondered what the hotel was going to look like. The girls followed quietly like strict students in a Private School.

"C'mon now.~" She playfully told the two who they went in. They had sheepishly smiled on their faces as they leaned on each side of their mother. Kurisa held onto them into her arms as they leaned against her. Her head softly leaned back to go against the wall of the elevator. It was nice for a change to not have to climb up the stairs. Her eyes closed, taking a breather and thinking about the mission she had to go soon. She wasn't given time at all so she had to just go find these people. Soon enough the buzzer went off and the door opened. ''Alright, let us go see this room of ours.~" She said sweetly and patted their heads to motion them to go ahead of her.

Kurisa looked at her card, '1369 was a number on it. Her lilac eyes roamed to look at the number and noticed it was the last room straight ahead of her. She went towards the direction and put in her card.


It beeped melodically and opened automagically for them. The room shined and lit up as they walked in. The walls were scarlet, floors were made out of smooth dark wood and it was like a large apartment.


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She ignored everything within the room beside the direction of the kid's room. They had their own rooms between herself and the girls. The twins enjoyed sharing a room with each other, but not with their mom as they enjoyed feeling independent. She slid the door open to reveal a lavender-colored room. The window had a half-out window where they could sit on it to gaze outside. There were pillows and sheets by it, but other than that the room had two large beds with beautiful natured-theme blankets and pillows. They slumped to their own bed and snuggled with their pillows, falling asleep.

Slowly, Kurisa shut the door and pressed the buzzer as it sent the front desk person a note that they were going to leave. She left her stuff all scattered in the living room as she had to leave. Straightening her white frilled blouse she then headed out. While waiting for the elevator her fingers with their hair to comb it out. She smiled softly as she then walked out and towards the city area. As she exited she saw some eyes gaze at her. They weren't necessarily negative stares, but she felt awkward when people studied her body and look.

Kurisa hoped that the woman was going to be able to care for her children while she was gone. Supposedly, she was a good sitter... otherwise she doubted people would let her work as one. It was hard to trust people in her own shoes as her history was full of betrayal and so much blood...

She smelt the clean fresh hair as she stretched. Her back arched as she touched her toes to stretch her spine and then stood up straight. ''Well, we should go find the client.". Her hips swayed while walking forward towards the shopping area as she wondered who the clients were if there were more than one. Once she got there she saw someone she didn't expect to see again so soon. The partner, the guy that usually is there with her. It seemed odd to see him at every mission...


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She looked unamused at this as she walked forward silently. She didn't want to make any noise before engaging him. Her lilac flowery hair flowed behind her as the wind played its' part. As soon as she was about five feet away her right hand was placed on her own hip and looked at him. ''Interesting to see you here again." She started and looked up and down as she was scanning him. Something felt off since he seems to appear everywhere. Did he have his own reasons or was he just here out of coincidence? He turned and gazed at her with those gold lion eyes.

It was like honey swirling with the sun to create the purest golden color. He took a deep breather as if he was signing. "I assure you that if I knew you were coming, I wouldn't have.".

'Ouch.' A voice in her thoughts echoed those words as she tried to not really be hurt by them. She barely knew this guy anyways. "Not like I would have wanted to do this with you anyways." She looked away and crossed her arms against her chest. He turned away and went towards the destination that was most likely the location of the client. She quietly followed as there was no reason to really talk to the man right now. He did not feel like talking and neither did she, truly. Right? She quietly sighed and lowered her gaze to stare at the cement. So many cracks and in so many patterns. Her mind literally drifted off for a second as she didn't want to look at him. Where else could she look? Her eyes did once in a while gaze at his shoes to make sure she wasn't going to bump into him. The man was starting to make her feel weird, but unsure about how.


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She followed right after him to the small building made of bricks. He opened the door for himself and let it shut on her. 'The nerve of this guy...' She could only think at this time. She itched the back of her head with her nails scratching her scalp softly. Kurisa opened and closed the wooden door behind her with the other hand and let both of them down to rest against her curvy sides. Soon as they found somewhere to sit she saw a man come through the other door on the other side. It was darkened as no light could shine towards that direction.

The man was a largely built businessman as he wore a tuxedo and two goons on each side. These were not bad people, right? She cornered her eyes to look at her partner and then back at the man. ''Alright, let us get to business." he suddenly spoke. He collapsed his hands together and looked at her and then at her partner. "Some people think it's nice to harm someone else's hard work. Someone's business in this case and lemme just tell you. It's not." He tilted his head so we could see his actual eyes under his sunglasses. "I want both of you to come to the shopping area when it first hits night. You know, the moon peaking and sundown," he spoke to us as if we were stupid. His store was supposedly filled with antiques. 'A lot of nerve.'. she thought and had a false smile under those thoughts. He told them the name of the actual store and shoo'd them off. It was obvious that the man had a lot on his mind since these guys liked to steal his stuff. People seem to be super desperate. Perhaps she needed to put fear onto the fools.


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''So what do you want to do before night arrives?" She wondered curiously. She looked towards his direction making her jaw drop a little as she saw him walk off. His hand lifted upward and waved once as he disappeared. ''What a... ugh." He just left her like that when they will be working together tonight. She went towards the food market with her purple back over her shoulder as her eyes roamed about. There weren't many options that were open at this time. She could get a sandwich out of old times. Her eyes then suddenly spotted a flower shop.

The sunflowers were out as well as lilies, roses and so many other flowers with so many beautiful colors. She walked towards there and touched the flower softly, the petal was so soft and vulnerable. It was like the woman she met that turned into a man. The jewels were beautiful as she remembered her water magic swirling and feeling so nice and cool. Now she feels more power, more delightful than ever. She left the store as she promised herself to come back some other day when she wasn't about to go on a mission. The night was rising.

She walked to the store they were supposed to be hiding to watch the people who are trying to rob this place. She found her partner there already waiting. She felt annoyed again as she remembered when he just ditched her. Men were always like that. They come and leave and that was why she hated them. For now. She ate her food in nibbles as she ate quietly. They had to come here early so they could hide before the thieves couldn't see them from a mile away unless they were ninjas or something like that. It was a quiet night, for now.


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 The sound of silence was all she could hear with the sounds of small insects at most. They were a few inches from their shoulders touching as she could feel the aura of warmth touching hers. she gulped nervously as she tried to pay attention to the front of the building. It wasn't like it could be super easy to break in. The lights went out in a flash as they closed the door, locked it and went off. "Now we just wait here..." She whispered softly to her partner. They were there for an hour and nothing has happened yet. The air felt cool and not cold like a month ago.

Suddenly, she felt a nudge from her partner who then looked forward. 'Huh?' She wondered to herself and gazed at the hoodie people. ''We should go now before they break anything." He said in his cool cold voice. She nodded, grabbing onto the bar and leaped over with him in sync. She glared at the men who weren't at first paying attention to her as they had their eyes on her partner. Her lilac eyes glowed as the crescent shapes within each eye glowed like the actual moon in the sky. Once she got their attention her fear showered them. "You listen to me now." She started and walked towards then in a catwalk fashion. Her arms reached outward as she spoke in a shrug motion. ''I don't know why you'd steal from some measly merchant, but I don't think you want to fight my partner, nor me.". Her face had an angry expression as she was more annoyed than anything. ''That means scram!" She yelled in disgust, swiping her right hand for them to go away. Their knees shook, one pissed their pants and the rest ran off. ''We-we're sorry, Ma'am!" They cried and ran off. There were about five of them, but only one stayed. Her eyebrow cocked towards him as he then ran off. Once they were done, it was her turn to just walk off without saying anything. What was the point?



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