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Rhaeduil's Copy Eye

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Name: Rhaeduil's Copy Eye.

Slot: Modification.

Type: Eye.

Class: -

Quantity: Limited.

Element: -

Description: A single eye from a high elven sorcerer which has been stored perfectly inside a magical jar. The eye can be placed into someone's socket in order to obtain certain feats.

Lore: It used to be said, among the High Elves, that Rhaeduil was a genius for understanding the concepts of magic better than others. Rhaeduil was not a studious person though. Instead, he was a very observant person. Rhaeduil could learn any spell once he had witnessed it. Somehow, he interpreted magic differently. While he might not have understood the essence of the magic behind the spell, he could understand the core principles of the spell itself in order to recreate it.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant in one of his topics.


  • The user must sacrifice one of their own eyes or must have an empty eye-socket for the transplantation to succeed. Somehow, the Mysterious Merchant can magically do it for you in an instant upon purchasing it and choosing whether you want it left or right.
  • The user cannot make variations of the spell they have learned; it must be the exact same motion and effect (a copy paste). The users can learn spells from any element, but it must be of a spell-type they can use, however if the user is a non-mage they may learn and use any spell they copy. Should the user be a non-mage they may only copy up to 2 spells per rank within their rank capabilities.
  • The user cannot learn signature or transformation spells, nor can the user learn spells from limited magics such as Greed, Heavenly Body, Nullification etc.


  • Copy Eye:

    • The user can copy and train or purchase any spell that they witness in a topic.
    • The copied spells take up your normal spell slots.
    • It costs double the amount of mana to cast the copied spells.
    • Copied Spells are not affected by the user enhancements with the exception of the additional spell type enhancement.
    • Copied Spells are not impacted by the users mana and cool-down reduction.


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