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Neutral? [Open to 1 DE Member]

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Revana entered Magnolia once again, but instead of it just being her, it was her two daughters as well. The girls were ready for some crazy adventuring, but first she had to get them to an inn. The area was quiet as ever as not even a werewolf could be heard. Slowly, she walked towards the inn that has been here as far as she could remember. Sometimes they changed little things here and there, but Revana hasn't seen any real huge change.

They walked closer to the inn and opened the door with the knob. It creaked like any old door. 'They never really keep up this place.'. She thought coldly and entered. The girls followed her nervously.

She chuckled and smiled motherly while her eyes gazed towards the innkeeper. They were having eye contact as if they were saying their greetings in their own way. Next, she positioned straight and went to the counter. '' Need a room for two, the other being a door open away.". The guy motioned upward and saw the two girls. ''Just you three?" His eyebrow arched in questioning.

''Uh, yes?"
She spoke confusedly about why this was an actual question. "Just us three.". He nodded, got their keys to the rooms and entered the room. "You two behave and no answering the door. Got it?" She strictly questioned. They both nodded and with that, she went back downstairs. Revana has heard of neutral guilds being around which she felt like this was a perfect time to snoop around. Could there be such a thing as a guild that allows both good and bad? Once downstairs she engaged the man while in her scarlet dress. Her hair was lilac and beautiful, no flower could compare in color. Her eyes were like two violet moons that had a pink crescent at the bottom. They both gazed at the man. ''Hey, I wondered if you know anything about neutral guilds? I left Fiore for a bit and wondered about em.". Her chest rested against the counter while she crossed her arms.

The man looked at her and sighed. "That explains much." He spoke while cleaning a glass with a handkerchief. He stood up tall and cleared his throat. "Heard there were a few new guilds and some guilds were completely demolished. A couple of neutral guilds that appeared. There's an all female's guild and .. I forgot the other." He started and itched his head. "Not sure what the guilds are called. I don't pay much attention. I could care less." He shrugged and put down the mug. His hands suddenly slapped against the counter. "That's a lie though, I do and I don't care. It's complicated you see..". He spoke more. Revana just listened and wasn't quite sure where to stop this man.


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Having spent just a night in Magnolia, Kaiser decided that it was time she did some exploring. She was going to be here for a while, and so she thought it was a good idea to look around so she could better navigate these streets. Unlike Dahlia, Magnolia had a disgustingly cheerful ambiance, and she needed some time to adjust to the vibe of this whole place. At least her guildmates would be here too. After taking control of all of the major locations within the hometown of their guild, the Daevas were attempting to expand their reach. After tasting a bit of power, Kaiser wanted more, and she wasn’t going to let go of any chances to get this.

The vampire crept along the shadowed streets of Magnolia, using her vampiric vision and magical senses to get a feel of her surroundings. She leapt over buildings, flapping her scarlet appendages wildly as she traversed the city streets, and coming to land on the roof of an inn. If you wanted to know the reasons for Kaiser to do the things that she did, you should probably forget about it. The way that Kaiser was, she was just so unpredictable that sometimes even her guildmates couldn’t deal with her but it was just the way she was and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Crawling down a ladder that led to one of the rooms of the inn like the vermin she was, Kaiser soundlessly swooped in, drawing back her bat-like wings into her skin, as she marched through the pile of trash. She realised this was some kind of storage room in the inn, and exited it casually, after making sure no one was in the corridor. She could hear the voices coming from the guest rooms and observed that not all of the rooms were taken. From the rooms that were taken, she distinguished a set of young girls’ voices. What business did she have with them? Nada. What was her relation to them? A total stranger. Why did she get involved in what happened next? There was no answer to the curious onlooker. The reason she distinguished the voices of the three little girls was because of what was being said. One of them was convincing the other two to follow her to a balcony, and with the help of her talisman, the vampire sensed murderous intent from the one that was speaking. She said things that a girl at that age wouldn’t know to say, and in a very persuasive tone, too. All Kaiser could sense from the other two was fear. Of course, what child wouldn’t be scared of another who spoke so cunningly? She didn’t care for the two girls that were being baited to becoming human sacrifices; she didn’t even like children. No. She was interested in the witch.

Due to the way she was dressed, Kaiser casually walked into the room and pretended to be a bit tired. “I’m back, children,” she began, then looked over to the small girl who clearly looked out of place and acted just a tad surprised. “Oh look what we have here...a new friend? What’s your name dear?” she would ask, not taking her eyes off the witch for even a split second. The witch gave her a look, not uttering a single word since the moment she entered. Now things were a little awkward, but Kaiser would stand there with her big fake smile, waiting for the witch to respond. She wasn’t waiting for a reason to kill her. She was just curious as to what she would say, and how she would continue with her whole act.

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The woman looked at the desk boy who seemed to be super vague with the answering. He had to know something with the way he was acting. She pinched her nose and had her other three fingers against her forehead. "Hai! I was --" A high-pitched woman was speaking out of no where at the midst of night. "Can't you see that I'm here. Wait your turn!" She spoke angerly as she gazed down at the woman while she stood six feet tall. ''But you've been there for --" She was saying snooty-like.

Kurisa turned around to stare at the blonde bimbo and glared. ''Look, I don't give a shit if your damn clothes are wet. Now get out before I give you a night you won't forget." She spoke coldly as her eyes glistened a sparkle of red. The woman stepped back and turned away to run off. ''I-I'm sorry!". Once that was done she turned towards the desk boy. That woman was none of her concern, she was annoying and a random. "So, back to what we were talking about." Kurisa flipped her beautiful purple hair. She leaned over the counter as her chest squished against them, the man seeing the top area clearly. The man was obviously now more nervous after seeing the woman leave. "I-I'm not sure. I will look up more information for you." He tried to get out of it making her lean back up with arms crossed against her chest. ''Fine, I expect something by the morning.".

She turned away to go back up the the upper floors. Once she was in the halls in the midst of night she heard some talking on the way to her own room. They were pretty loud or these walls are thin. Assuming the second choice she went towards the door and listened it. Her eyes squinted as she tried to hear them out. The voice seemed as if she was up to something, but what was it? The other voices were children. 'Could be just the mother playing tricks on her children.' Ari assumed. 'Or another me, but with different reasoning.' Kuri assumed and grabbed her card. She shoved it in quietly but it didn't work. Her body suddenly became a body of water, phasing through the physical door. Quietly, her body became normal. She appeared behind a woman with a meter in distance. ''This is an interesting thing to see.~" She licked her lips as Kuri paid attention to any action that could be done in the time she came in.


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With the situation kind of tense at this point in time, Kaiser had her necklace detecting any magical entities that entered the effective range of its ability. The vampire never took her eyes off of the little who was now blinking like she was a confused little child. “Is this your momma? I think I’ve gotta go back to my momma too. I’ll see you girls—”

Kaiser advanced forward at high speeds, her hand aiming at the little witch’s throat. Realizing that she was going to be attacked the moment the vampire dashed towards her, the little witch jumped unnaturally high, proving to the two little girls now that she wasn’t just an ordinary child like them. A pair of bloody appendages sprouted out once again from the vampire’s back as she flew to reach the height that the witch was jumping to get away from her reach. However, Kaiser was able to grab her by her fake small leg and pulled the witch towards her, grabbing her throat with her free hand and tightly gripping her windpipe.

“You move too fast for a five year old. Reveal your true identity,” she demanded as the child-like form wiggled in her grasp. She tightened her grip a little, in an attempt to scare it further. With the help of her talisman, she was aware of the entity that arrived at the door before this madness began. She assumed it was the two girls’ legitimate guardian. She didn’t understand why exactly the entity didn’t come barging in to come to the girls’ safety, though. Maybe she wasn’t their legitimate guardian after all. Wriggling like a worm in her hands, the witch continued to remain silent. “So be it,” were the last words she said to the witch before crushing its windpipe with her sheer strength. Of course the scene was gory, a scare for the actual human children in the room, that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

The pale sorceress dropped the lifeless form onto the floor after she wiped her hands with the clothes that the witch wore. Her wings once again withdrew back into her skin and as she landed back on the floor, she tilted her head slightly to glance at the girls. “You can come in now. I don’t know if you were afraid or if you were waiting for a chance to get rid of these kids,” she said. Kaiser spoke her mind and usually had no filter, unless she thought it was necessary. She turned to face the door with a blank expression on her face. Another interesting entity.

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'Just realized this was our room. They all look the same.' Kuri spoke in disgust as she looked at the woman from where she stood. The kid who was out of place seemed to have been killed. Her eyes gazed where her children then ran out as they then saw their mother. "Mama!~" They happily spoke, ignoring the gore that they have seen before. It didn't help who their father was as fighting was something he knew best. They both ran past the woman with brown hair that had the color of light-chocolate that was melting. It was like her hair when she was her first body before she started to take over.

"This wady came in after some person came in and wanted to pway, but I suppose they were baddies since they died," Bri spoke as she looked at the woman. "I thought I told you both to not talk to anyone till I got back," Kurisa spoke coldly and gave them a rather cold stare as the shine in her eyes was gone. Within seconds she smiled, ''But what matters is that you both are okay." She hugged them and motherly spoke. Her eyes shined with crescents shapes as she gazed back at the woman who stood there. "Hmm, shall you say thanks to our new company then?" She chuckled softly and stood up at a lil bit over six feet tall. The beau licked her lips and smiled innocently, "I am their mother, but they've seen worse in our travels.". She paused, "You are?". Kurisa wasn't a bad mother, they've just been through a lot of shit since they had no particular home and dealt with many dangers. They'll deal with more ahead if they must.


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It was slightly surprising that the person at the door turned out to be their legitimate guardian, and in fact, their ‘mother’. “Ah.” One of the girls started to speak, describing what had just happened from her perspective to her actual mother, barely being able to pronounce the words right. They were so young, but according to their mother they had seen worse, which Kaiser assumed was the reason she stood outside to assess the situation before entering.

The vampire had turned to face them fully now, watching the family reunion while she thought of where to dump the witch’s body. When the woman told her children to thank her, Kaiser was too deep in thought to hear that bit, her contemplation only disrupted once she was asked to introduce herself.

The vampire saw no harm in revealing herself to these people, since after all it appeared like she had saved them from the witch. It was also evident that the witch was indeed disguised to appear like a child, after seeing how fast it moved and the way it talked. A normal child would’ve just cried before dying. The witch struggled, even contesting Kaiser’s strength before losing its life.

“My name is Kaiser,” she began, looking at the kids, then back at the body of the witch, her final gaze landing onto the mother. “What about you? Also...would you like to help me clean up this mess?” she asked. Of course she didn’t really need help to do such a thing, but she didn’t want her to go reporting to the inn staff or the police. After all, Kaiser had saved the lives of her kids.

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The woman seemed rather neutral in all of this. The woman in why she was here didn't matter supposedly since it was the other who seemed to cause the real trouble. Kurisa looked at the death that started to create a stench. "No need. I'll have it easily cleaned.". Her eyes switched to look at Kaiser who just stood there with no care in the world. It was a little amusing. "Name's Kurisa, Kuri for short if you must." Her voice changed to a breathy Italian accent while flipping her hair over her shoulder. She scanned the woman, 'Quite a catch, huh Arisa?~'. Arisa had no time for that as she patted the back of her children's head softly. ''Go to sleep now." She told them both which they responded to them scattering to their bedrooms.

Slowly, she leaned against the wall as she didn't know if this woman wanted more, but there was something curious. Maybe this woman knew something about the guilds around. "Now then, Kaiser." She paused with a smirk and a rather mischievous look. "I wonder if you have answers for me. These useless workers know nothing it seems. Haven't been around since Lamia became extinct. Know anything about the new guilds around?" Kurisa licked her lips that were becoming dry. If she didn't know anything then there was nothing more to discuss, but a woman that was mysterious always knew things. Like herself. The night was silent as there was no sound besides the sound of silence.


Kurisa looked at Kaiser and if she decided to tell her about any guild she was in and if it was neutral they would have a nice talk. It was lovely at first, but it was mainly silent. In form, the lilac woman would let the brown-haired woman stamp her right buttcheck as she lifted up her dress a little. "Make sure it's purple with some red outlines." She said as she then stretched. They said their goodbyes as if they were still just strangers, but she knew it will develop in perhaps more. Maybe friends? Who knows...



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Apparently the lady was willing to clean up the mess on her own, which was surprising but Kaiser was glad about that. She normally didn’t clean up for things like this. In a different reality, she would have likely killed the other children as well as their mother, but in this case, their mother figure was quite an interesting person, thus leading her to be curious about her. It got even better when she started to ask about guilds. Kaiser took this as an opportunity to advertise her guild, talking about the idea behind it and telling her where it was stationed as well. Her name was ‘Kurisa’ and Kaiser noted how both their names started with a K.

After much talking between the two of them, Kurisa showed her interest in joining Daeva Eye. It was a good thing that Kaiser had accidentally carried with her the stamping device. Of course she didn’t expect it when Kurisa lifted up her dress for her to stamp on her right buttcheek. She hadn’t given anyone the stamp on any private place like this. Kaiser, however, had a weird place for a guild tattoo though—on her tongue.

“There you go,” she said after giving her the stamp in the colors she asked for. Kaiser’s lips curled up into a satisfied smile. She didn’t expect to get a new member in Magnolia, since Fairy Tail seemed to be the prominent guild here, but she was glad that she was able to recruit such a powerful sorceress. She knew because with the help of her talisman, she detected the huge mana reserve that Kurisa possessed. “Feel free to move into our villa until we leave for Dahlia again. It’s at...” she said, revealing the location of the villa she was staying at, together with the girls. After that, she pretty much flew out of the inn to return to said villa. She had done something for tonight...maybe she would do the exploring another day.


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