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Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open)

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:39 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin had only arrived a few nights ago to the town. His first night he slept out on the streets leaned up against a building and his wicker backpack, but the second day he found his way to the Fairy Tail guild at last. The Guild Master was kind enough to let him stay the night in one of the guest rooms until she found out his true purpose for being there.

The sun barely made its way into the room. As it hit his face, he groaned and pulled the covers over his face. "Go back down,"he grumbled.

"AH CRAP!" he exclaimed as he threw the covers off himself and rushed out of the room, hopping one-legged into his pants. It had been too long since he had a good nights rest and he got ahead of himself

He just barely made it out of the room when he opened the door again, reached in his hand and snagged his bag and weapon. Running down the hall, he tightened the wraps around his wrists.

"Not so bad," he whispered to himself as he finally made his way to the Guild Masters office.

Before he could even knock the beautiful woman called for him to enter. He smiled and shook his head at his tardiness and opened the door.

The conversation they had was brief but she managed to bring out of him all the reasons why he had come and where his journey had taken him.

When he emerged from the office he pulled the shoulder of his shirt back up to conceal the new guild stamp on his right shoulder.

It was official and he was ready to walk out into the rest of the guild.

Jin made his way down the steps to the energy of the guild, and see what this life was all about and who he would meet. If no one approached him right away, he would walk to the request board and glance over it.

His lips pursed as he read all the high ranking quests and crouched down to the bottom of the posted jobs.

"Ha.HA," he proclaimed and put his finger on a job with the least amount of conflict in the D-rank range. He set his bag down next to him that had a sleeping bag rolled up on top and a mix of good luck charms, health charms, and herbal potions dangling from the sides.


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#2Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Not too long after it seemed Judith would finally linger quietly into the guild, Not doubting that herr guild master most likely needed another drink or a hang over cure already one of the two, Just like that Judith already started walking over and leaning into the door not too long after, She had a small conversation and then headed down to prepare a few things for her guild master.

Jin would could be pick faint sounds of Judith starting prepare food for Adriana, After she had gone to figure out that question if she needed, But Judith could not help herself to spy on the new mage in the guild.

There was a lot to have that new breath upon life as the adventure of a new person, To watch from the start was always so interesting to study. So Judith would just go introduce herself to this new person.

Just sneaking by when Jin showed up to the request board that is when Judith would finally speak up."A new mage, how interesting."Judith said with her soon to be normal of her smile of motherly delight.

"I am Judith Karlinius, One of the many members of Fairy Tail, It is nice to meet you."
Keep in mind Judith was rather short of a lady Jin had 1 foot and a single inch above Judith, Nonetheless Judith offered to shake hands with him out of habit. Mind you she had to reach up slightly due to their height difference."Welcome to Fairy Tail, I am sure you will do greatly here. If you have any questions come ask me."Because it might be easier too then Adriana who is most likely drunk of hung over, But that is just Judith's internal thoughts.

"I will be over in the kitchen, preparing our guild master a drink and something to eat since she tend to drink enough and not balance it out with food."With that Judith already seemed to be heading back to what she considered her normal station of work.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Sun Mar 29, 2020 7:49 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin was just starting to scan the job board when a suddenly appeared next to him. He stiffened up at the surprise, "Oh Hey," he said with a smile as he turned to face her with one hand on his hip and the other hung at his side.

"You know sneaking up on people will give them a heart attack if you're not careful,"he replied light-heartedly albeit a bit stoic. The woman in front of him was older and a good bit shorter than him. She had a calming presence about herself and it was like he could already tell she was the motherly type of the guild.

Without a second thought, he took her hand and gave it a confident shake. Letting her know that he was happy to be there. "I'm Jin. Nice to meet you too," he said right before she continued speaking. Her offer of questions was met with a sly grin. He did indeed have a good handful of those.

When Judith mentioned about food, Jin's stomach made an audible growl. He hadn't eaten anything since he showed up on the guild steps yesterday afternoon. He looked down at his stomach and back at Judith. "Uh," he began as he lifted the handle on his wicker bag and followed Judith. "My first questions is...are you only making food for the guild master," he said as he he searched the pockets of his jacket while tagging along until they got to the kitchen.

He then slid in beside her with a coy smile, "Because, I can trade you," he spoke as if it was a secret and pulled a bookmark sized charm from his pocket. "This one of a kind good luck charm."

After they made that exchange, regardless of the outcome, Jin would lean back against the counter as Judith got things ready and in a more serious tone would ask, "So. What can you tell me about the other members here? And is the guild master always so...intersting." He said as he reached back to rub the shoulder his guild tattoo was on. It seemed more of a haphazard placement than something well thought out.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:33 am

Judith Karlinius
Poor new mage had a lot to learn about Judith, well he was not really poor rather then just the type of woman Judith was might not be one just to be expected."I can easily cook more than just for her."Judith mentioned casually, She had a feeling where this was leading, Judith knew it did not take a person who was smart beyond most human train of thought to realize what he might have wanted.

Started cooking something rather basic, The smell of frying bacon start going around the kitchen. Walking back to where Jin was Judith looked at the charm picked up and for the moment she almost looked at it like she was going to keep it, Then just gave it back."I require no payment from you."Judith said, That motherly feeling Judith gave up seemed to show why exactly she had this job."You just need to tell me what you want to eat."Would Jin consider that part of his good luck charm's effect or a kindness of a stranger.

"Keep your charm, Just speak what soul wish to eat."Judith mentioned as she walked back into the kitchen to continue cooking whatever she was for the guild master, So far all that Jin could tell it had to do with bacon.

Just so Judith did not seem so rude Judith walked over with her cutting board and what else she was cutting up and she set up to be by Jin and she would start cutting up an onion and a green onion to start with."We have a fairly interesting group here. Adriana our most of the time drunk but well meaning guild master."Which was the no kidding part."Myself...A new member name Lucas, he is an older man around here as well as a new member."Judith was starting to try and recall members."My youngest son is still a member of the guild, You won't see him much because he tends to avoid people."Which given how Judith was you would not expected her kin to be that way."A few other I have yet to meet myself so I do not have their names.On to the next question."Interesting? depends on what part of her you are looking at that you find interesting."Judith laughed about that right away, After all interesting could be many things in general so she was teasing him about it.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:19 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Relief washed over his face as he clapped his hands together, "REALLY. You have my eternal thanks," he said holding his hands as if giving a prayer that covered up the grumble of his stomach.  The smell of even the bacon made his mouth water as he gravitated over towards the chef and the skillet with the aroma of the cooked meat.

When Judith turned around, Jin snapped back to his casual position against the counter with a whistle as if nothing happened. His hand still holding the charm.  She took it from him and he crossed his arms shaking his head up and down, pleased with the exchange. "Huh," he replied as Judith said she didn't need it and moved to hand it back. He smiled and placed the charm in her hand, cupped her hand in both of his and closed her fingers around the charm.

"I insist,"
he spoke keeping his hands on hers with sincerity. "Just look at how much luck it just brought me. And I have plenty." once she took it or not he would lean back yet again. "But I'd love whatever it is your already making. no need to make a fuss over a vagabond."

Judith brought over cutting board and began to slice up an onion. Jin opened a drawer and pulled out a knife to begin working on the green onion. "Just consider this my first mission with the guild." He began to chop as he listened to her speak about the guild.

"You know...I thought I smelled booze on her breath, but I wasn't about to bring it up,"
he said only stopping from chopping for a moment to remember the moment.

He nodded during her explanation to let her know he was taking it all in. "Oh, so you have a son here. That explains they motherly vibe you give off. Have you been with the guild a long time then?"

He gave a small laugh at her remark about the guild master and the joke she made, teasing him about his statement. "Well, she is rather uhm...well endowed and not afraid to show it. Or drop it I front of you. She is a bit handy," he said as he revealed the guild tattoo on the back of his right shoulder.

"But mostly with just how easy-going, she seems. Not to mention the alcohol. but its an environment I can get used to," he looked back at Judith with a warm smile.

"I suppose my next question is...I'm looking for a place to gather or buy some herbs for healing medicine. You know where I can find that?"

#6Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:22 am

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting casual and nice conversation to have with a new guy, Judith seemed to at least now was willing to keep this charm, Only because she did not mind now, A gift was a gift rather then payment for a need."I am not making anything too fancy, Bacon Fried Rice."So now, Jin had an idea.

When he mentioned about smelling what was on her breath Judith laughed and said."Here I don't need to be that close to realize she is drunk, I can tell from looking at her."Thinking to herself that she had no seen the guild master sober for a while now.

"No, he was in this guild before I was, I just happen to be a bit more around and active in the guild."With that peaceful smile, Judith would just mention this fact."Hard to think I am in my late 50's with three children."Judith then seemed to laugh about it, It was always nice to always mention it to some one new.

Focuing on the handy part Judith had to joke about it too."Handy? Talking about breast being handy, More eye catching and good for luring people in, Just as much as the alcohol."It was a slightly most likely horrible joke that might not really seem funny in general.

To think it over, Judith quietly head back into the kitchen while she thought over to think it over as well as complete the meal she was making for them both."There are a few shops with in the city do, I do not remember their names currently."Putting Jin's plate down and walked over to the guild master's room to hand over her plate as well,  Judith seemed to manage the flow well.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:46 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"That sounds great to me," Jin replied, clapping his hands together once. He hadn't had a home-cooked meal in some time. He could barely remember the last time that had happened. His mouth began to water just thinking about biting into the delicious meal ahead of him.

"So that's a casual thing for her. Must be pretty expensive keeping all that alcohol around," he said as he quietly opened some cabinets to see if he could find where the stash was.

The older woman, casually mentioned she was the mother of three children. "Wow, three. Well, you've certainly don't look like it."He complimented her on how well and young she still looked. Then with a closer inspection, he leaned forward to look at her face, "What..there's no way you're in your fifties," he questioned.

Jin laughed at her joke and began washing the knives and cutting board off. "Handy, eye-catching and luring...yeah those are the words I would use to describe her," he joked back about the guild master. Hopefully, she wasn't around to hear any of that.

he responded both about the plate of food and the information she gave him. The guild was already a welcoming place. He sat and scarfed down the food as Judith went to bring the guild master her plate.

When the woman would return, Jin was already washing up the plates that Judith had cooked with while taking bits of bacon from his meal plate and eating while he cleaned.

"OH hey so..."
he said and paused to chew again. "Are all of your kids grown," he said and swallowed down the bacon before stabbing his fork into the plate and bubbling up some more. Waiting for her response, he began to dry off the dishes with a nearby rag and placed them in a strainer.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed already Judith mentioning and admitting things seemed to peak interest for him and Judith did take note, The moment Jin seemed to start digging around it showed that Judith might need to be less nice in some nature even noting it with a shift in tone of her voice to a more harsh and judgmental towards Jin."You will learn quickly, That touching things before asking with be dangerous around me."That had underlining meaning towards Jin that it might be dangerous to be sneaking around cabinets.

Jin was close and Judith would not mention it."I am a kind soul, but rudeness is met with action."It was almost scary to hear Judith turn serious and start Jin down for touching things. After all Judith was still around object she could use to beat Jin and she was reaching for a wooden spoon.

To the reaction of her age Judith turned back to her normal self and just said."A mother has her ways with many things."Jin seemed to be starting to do dishes and Judith did not mind."About 58 now in age."Yet again the wonderful way of not looking your age just show you never knew  person up front.

It seemed like a harmless question."All them are yes, One of my sons should be in his mid 20's, My daughter should be in her late 20's and my oldest son is in his middle 30's"Judith answered his question with out problem."it seemed like it was back to a delighted conversation between them."I have not seen any of them in a while, I wonder if they are okay."For that moment Judith sounded oddly unsure and worried about her own children and it just showed Judith was easy to read even with good intentions.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:04 am

Jin Tatsumi
He stopped, while holding the cabinet open, surprised at her change in tone and curious at to her meaning. "So are you saying it's rude for a guild member to look through guild kitchen's cabinets?" he asked coyly. "If that't the case," he began saying as he pushed the cabinet door closed with his two fingers. "What'll I do if I need to eat and you're not here."

Jin scooted down from the counter and leaned on the one next to Judith with puppy dog eyes, "Unless you're saying you'll make all my breakfasts, lunches and dinners,"he said in the most innocent way he could, but there was a craftiness to it. Judith may not have realized the corner she backed herself into with her comment about him leaving the cabines alone and Jin wasn't going to miss a chance to capitalize on it. He then clapped his hands together, "Because that is fantastic news. Thanks!"he exclaimed with elation, seemingly unbothered by Judith's previous scolding tone of voice.

"Hm...I bet you have a great skin care routine yeah,"
his question coming from a place of someone concerned with treatments and the like. Although the question itself was hollow as he knew very well they lived in a world of magic and whatever she had going on she didn't want to talk about it. Bringing up skin care was an easy way out of that topic for both of them.

"I'm sure they all are,"
Jin said with a smile as he finished his food and washed his plate which was the last one. A dish cloth hung on the faucet of the sink. He snagged it and dried his hands. "They had a mother like you after all. Are they all mages as well," he asked while hanging back up the rag and then wipping the last off on his tunic. It was a delightful conversation and she had already told him a good deal about what was going on and herself. He could tell she was probably a good mother to them and had no problem getting after the people in the guild if they acted up.

#10Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:34 pm

Judith Karlinius
With in that moment Judith turned back to normal."Not entirely the point." How Judith's nature of going to tense to her normal cheerful self was the scary thing."Food fine, But your going through parts that are not food."So that was the hint he might need but given how the guild master Judith had a reason to keep members hands off of it."Food won't cost you anything, Drinks will cost something."Also now the reason behind it, Most likely food was managed easier and free because drinks consider the guild master went quick, But that could be a theory behind it.

The funnier part is. Judith then said."If you require me to do that, I will be sure to lock every cabinet that isn't food."She started off with, It was not the ending of it either."If I happen to leave for work related matters and bottles are missing, Any prices of the missing drinks will be tabbed to you."Judith had a counter plan to it."Any other out of hours time of work, me trying to sleep will also be billed with interest of 80% if requested for cooking."Judith was throwing a lot at Jin and intentionally as well, However she did not say yes to what Jin tried to throw at her.

She then smiled and said."I will also make sure all locks are magically enhanced in some manner only i know of what they do."Judith seemed to have a plan for this matter and then she would stare at Jin dead in the eyes and say."Or we both forget you were trying to find booze, You don't try to in general. With everything going back to how we started."Judith even had an out for Jin, She was playing hard already.

With the skin care Judith just said."I don't do anything of that sort, All of this is natural."So Judith seemed to be a woman of many hidden trick to her."Well even my husband is a mage, My daughter and my oldest son were part of the Rune Knights before they disbanded, My youngest son is an ice mage."It seemed minor to mention these things but Judith already had her ups and downs.

#11Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:49 am

Jin Tatsumi
JIn listened to her whole explanation about the food and alcohol situation. Something she Judith would probably get scolded for if there were missing bottles given how much the guild master apparerently liked to drink. he nodded along with her words and replied with an "mhm," every so often to let her know he was still being attentive. He inched his hand closed on the cabinet. And a gleeful smile filled his face.

"You have a deal then fair lady. I shall not touch any of the cabinets that do not contain food and in exchange when you are here you'll make delicious bacon,"
it was maybe not the exact thing that Judith had in mind but it fell in great for Jin's sneaky plan to get more of her tasty meals. In the end it worked out great for him. His new plan was to have a drink with the guild master so he wouldn't need to worry about sneaking. But he closed the cabinet he had open andrest his back against the counter once more. An interesting to guild to be sure. He'd have to figure out all the little ins and outs of it, were there any more rules like this. Things that were not covered in the Guild Master's introduction to it all.

Upon her answer about the skin care, Jin gave a small and polite bow to her mystical abilities. "An impicable job well done," he added as a bit of flattery. He then looked to hsi left and to his right at the rest of the guild hall. He still didn't know where most of the things were and his eyes fell back onto Judith. "Sounds like you have a very lively family. Must have been a fun time raising that many mages."

"So, is there anything else I need to know about the guild? What's where and all of that?"

#12Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 5:32 pm

Judith Karlinius
It honestly was actually rather surprised Jin seemed to agree with Judith demands, Most people seemed to back down because it seemed testing Judith seemed to be a dangerous balance as well as a test no one wanted to see the end of."I guess I will have to actually do it for once then."Judith did not sound like she expected this situation to happen fully, But was prepared for doing it."It will be set up when your  gone."Judith mentioned casually about it as she normally would.

So when Jin he said fair deal Judith just said."You can request other food ideas or items as well. But I will tell you if it is a bit too costly."Judith was being nice but as well setting boundaries as well."Bacon shouldn't be the only thing you eat."Judith did have a feeling Jin would disagree, But she would still make sure to mention that too Jin.

With his flattery and personal comment Judith just said."No one prepared for me dodging flying swords and metal objects when I was learning to raise children."Which sounded almost insane, But if Judith was the way she was now she seemed to have handled it well.

At least Jin had a normal question."The guild has two stages, Lively and reckless or strangely quietly and peaceful...There is no in between."It was why Waylon was never around but she would not admit that to Jin unless it really came up."There are rooms for the guild members, Men on one side, Women on the other side."Judith would point to the left hall way that was going down for the side for men, Right side for the women."The Guild master has her own room, Generally not a lot of people go around there often, but it is up stairs."But Jin should know that already."The lobby behind you is open to lounge around in even if you do not order anything."Then there was only really one thing left."The request board is upstairs before the Guild Master's room, you will find quest listing for every level of mage."It seemed Judith was back to being helpful and giving information.

#13Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:52 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin cocked an eye-brow at her surprise, "Well, I'm surprised no one has yet. I guess I really am lucky," he jested on the fact that he gave out good luck charms, but he was happy that they had worked out a deal even if it wasn't what she suspected. "Wonderful. I can't wait," he replied happily and clapped his hands together.

He slid beside her once more with a sly look on his face, "Oh. Are you worried about my diet? thank you," he continued and backed away with a smile. "Hmm, no. Nothing too costly. You're right of course. A man can't live on bacon alone," he spoke and was pleased that he'd be able to get a bit more diversity in meals out of the deal as well.

"Anything that you prepare will be fine. So whatever is on the menu for that day, I'll gladly eat,"
He said with a grin spanning from ear to ear. His mind drifted to all the delicious meals that he was about to have now. Something far better than that gruel he ate when he served in the military.

"Wait...Flying swords and metal! I guess that comes with raising a bunch of mages huh? I'm glad you made it through with both your eyes,"
He said with a simple joke about the situation and the terror of having to dodge all of that.

Her explanation about the guild made a lot of sense to him. At least those were the things he had heard about it from others and the legends about it. One of the guild's most noted features was the lively atmosphere it had. One that he was eager to see unfold. Jin looked to the right side of the guildhall that Judith pointed down and took two steps in that direction, "So I guess I'll just find a room down that way then." It faced the women's side but it was had to tell if he was joking or just oblivious.

"Why don't people go up to see the guild master very often?"
He thought it was intriguing that the guild master was so secluded at times. Judith was a wealth of information and he took it in like a sponge. "Hopefully I'll spend a lot of my time with the quest board."


Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Tenor

#14Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:10 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would lead to Judith raising her eyebrow, After all a sly look meant many things and based off first impressions it was something sneaky she did not know about, For now she would be quiet about it."That is true, Might have to make sure you eat your vegetables or fruits."She was being reasonable until she had been tested again so to say, So far it went back to being harmless in nature.

Which would be quite interesting."Anything you say?"At least it was not a death wish to mention that. Judith had many options for the man to try, Just had to be sure it was all nice and pleasant for when he followed rules, While horrible for when he was caught taking something he was not or had something of note gone missing as well."Hopefully you at least don't have any food allergies."Judith wanted to be sure if he did not for more reference sake.

Judith seemed to not be taking the humor right away."I would not trail down that way...I've clean blood from that wall way, As well as seen a few fingers."It was hard to tell Judith was joking or not but that was reference to him walking towards the ladies part of the hall."That is also the woman's side, You will get more trouble then it is worth going down that way."That was also more of a casual mention for him.

The answer is simple."From my experience, She is often sleeping and recovering from drinking binges  to have normal conversations with."Judith mentioned what her way of seeing it was."I generally have spoken to her and she is actually quiet nice and down to earth."Judith so far semed to still mentioned the guild master in a positive light.

#15Jin Tatsumi 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:05 am

Jin Tatsumi
"That all sounds delicious to me," he didn't mind much about whatever she made. He intended on eating it. And she already showed how good of a cook she was. He just hoped it wasn't going to be only fruits and veggies as a way to get at him.

He stopped and leaned back up against the counter once more. He had never been sick or gotten a reaction from eating anything in the past but he didn't know if there was something out there he hadn't tried that would spell his doom. either way, he trusted that he could just heal it away. "I'm sure I'll be fine. I haven't run into anything yet."

He was about to cross the threshold of the hallway when he stopped his stride mid-step. His foot was still in the air, frozen while he looked at the walls, imagining all the blood and body parts. He slowly placed his foot back down and swiftly whirled back around. "Right, sorry. My mistake," he laughed off the moment and the dangers that lurked within the guildhall with one wrong step. She didn't make light of his little joke and as long as she was around he wasn't going to risk losing out on those future meals.

"I'm I wonder if I can just drink with her then? May be the easiest way to get to know the guild master it seems.."
While he wasn't bothered by having a distant guild master, he felt some sort of basic knowledge and conversation between them was important. If not it wouldn't stop him from going about his daily work. Judith didn't seem like the type to hit the bottle hard and still spoke highly of the woman so that was comforting.

"Thanks for the info Judith. I'm gonna go try and track down my first quest. Gotta start somewhere,"
he said as he turned away with a friendly wave and headed for where she said the quest board was.

"I'll be back in time for dinner," he called back over his shoulder.


#16Judith Karlinius 

Medicine Man of Margnolia (Open) Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
It felt like some kind of understanding had finally be reached. At least she thought they did in that moment."I can at least promise it will all be wonderful food."Then again Jin had a lesson to keep in mind it might not be a good idea to mess with the person who cooks with your food, It could be wonderful not and regretful later, Depending on what happen between would really matter with how it worked out.

Laughing to herself in the soft way she normally sounded. She would just mention."Almost like a mother knows best isn't just a saying for a reason."Judith always seemed to know various things that was always helpful to other people they just need to be sure what it was.

Judith would just continue her day as it seemed normal while this seemed Jin wanted start going about other things now."I could assume one day maybe if you tried hard enough."Judith did not seem to have her doubts, Then again she did not try an evening of drinking with the guild master herself, It felt like too much of a risk for her, that and she preferred to be some what okay when she returned from Fairy Tail to home where her husband was.

With Jin finally mentioning his departure, She would say in return."May your first mission be safe for you."Judith first would say with that it just meant she would have to be ready for when he returned for a meal, That she already had in mind and could easily make, It would be equal balance of all things nice, A chicken stir fry upon a bed on noodles, With a slice of strawberry pie as well, She would have they ready for Jin if he returned at his said time, If not she had a lot of hungry people, It was one of the many wonders upon Judith's mind if he would return or not.


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