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The Past Returns (Priscilla)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:08 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was going about his day like any other. He was out most of the morning in meetings with the community about the projects that needed to be worked on.

With the coming festival and the other parts of town that still needed to be engaged with, things were taking a bit longer than anticipated and also more of his time.

With a few nods to the people, he made his way back to the guildhall. There was a small shop at the bases of the long staircase that led to the guild.

Kaz smiled and approached the woman. She greeted him with an equally enthusiastic smile, "Welcome back Sir Kazimir," she said as she grabbed a bundle of things from the shelf before the wind mage could speak. She dropped in a couple of things of fruit, a wrapped-up fresh fish from the port and a box of pancake mix.

"That'll do it right?" She answered cheerfully and placed the brown bag on the counter between them.

The wind mage nodded with blink of his eyes. "Still my favorite shop in the town. That'll do it." He grabbed the bag and stuffed it in the frayed hiking bag that he still carried with himself.

With a deep breath, he readied himself for the march up the steps. They needed to put in something that was a little more convenient for people. Perhaps a cable car, he thought to himself.

After climbing the steps he made his way through the courtyard and opened the door to the main hall. It was pretty empty as people were still out on patrol. he waved at the receptionist and walked on by to exit out the back.

The back of the guild was a smaller courtyard that overlooked the city. There was no railing yet and it was a steep fall off the side of the cliff.

But he sat at the edge and opened his bag to begin peeling the orange that he had.

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:27 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Was it a grim twist of fate that Kazimir would meet such a soul again? Or did each visit serve a purpose? The ever so confusing way fate chose thing was one thing most knowing of people could not grasp.

With each purpose these meeting had they more people learned about on another. Priscilla would look even vastly different then Kazimir would remember her to look like, It added fun to there little figurative game, But Priscilla and Kazimir always had a understanding of one another and it was the only thing that would make Priscilla risk what she was doing now.

With the disbandment of the Rune Knights, It made Priscilla interested in finding Kazimir the most  when his merry group of goodie goods made a knew guild in place of them, She also did not want to see his blue haired friend again, She knew that was a different situation for her to deal with.

But this city was peaceful, it was settled and quiet, Something that Priscilla admired and she was not a foe to these people she would walk around freely with out problem, With how open it was. It seemed kind of like a good place that if she could some how manage, Live here with her son and Vali it seemed like the place Priscilla would be rather happy live being a forever home for the most part.

But that was besides her reason and point to be here was not to view housing and living, It was actually to talk to Kazimir alone, He seemed to leave himself wide open which Priscilla would normally find foolish, But Kazimir was more then a capable fighter alone.

In fact Priscilla had a feeling Kazimir would know she was here eventually from her movements, even if she did not make a sound with her feet, the movement of air gave it away for him, Priscilla would have to play her cards right so far, to show she was not a threat and just simply wanted to have a small meeting with rather peaceful intentions, just how she wondered.

Priscilla would start trailing Kazimir just before he got to the courtyard, Only thinking that because she was vastly different now it was safer for her to do this, She figured anyway the art and balance of stealth and deceit was you still had to act until you knew it failed.

She had an idea had an idea to get past the receptionist when Priscilla had arrived by them, But the voice Priscilla would use was exactly the opposite of what anyone would assume Priscilla wound sound like. A Super soft spoke, motherly voice one who you expected to pick flowers and you saw watching children."I am here to deliver something to Kazimir." Priscilla said and politely and quietly went through before anything else was mentioned to her the receptionist had no time to stop her continued the same path as Kazimir.

Since Priscilla would be picked up at this point since she was the only one there and her walking would be caught by wind movements, Priscilla would take her time and pull out that old purple scarf of her and fold it up neatly while she was arriving to the the courtyard that overlooking the city.

While Kazimir started peeling that orange Priscilla would just simply ask him.:Is there a chair for two?"In that same voice she gave the receptionist just to keep the muse up until she sat down if there was a chair to sit, so far Priscilla kept a really good ruse, Her clothing was not even what people would consider typical of her.

Priscilla's outfit:

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Avenge10

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage cast away one of the peels of the orange and discreetly turned his eyes to peek over his shoulder at the person that was approaching him. He made no quick movements are spoken words until they arrived and made their introduction. He assumed it to be a guild member coming for something.

To his surprise, it was an unfamiliar voice that he heard. "OH. Yes, please sit,"
he said as he gestured his hand to the seat next to him. With as calm as a voice he had, and one used for people he had yet to meet, he said, "I don't believe we have had the pleasure of meeting. I'm Kazimir Seiryu," He placed the orange in one hand with the knife and extended the other to shake hers.

"Have you come with a request or to join the guild,"
he asked with a smile. Although he did find it odd that there was no word of her arrival and more often, requests were left with the receptionist. Perhaps they were just a diligent person but he suspected there may be more to the story than meets the eye. But he was always ready to listen and see what was going on and how he could help.

If she began to speak, Kaz would set the orange aside and tucked it neatly back into his bag. it would be distracting to be the only one eating. Then he realized, "I'm sorry. Would you like an orange or a sandwich," he said as he began to rummage through his bag.

"I have a few things here and there is more inside,"
he offered. Anyone who traveled this distance was bound to work up an appetite. Whoever the woman was, she was no ordinary citizen. He could tell from her physique and striking red-hair that she stood out among most, and was probably more than a little capable.

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:25 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla could figured the ruse, Only for a bit longer the wonderful thing of being able to keep a fake appearance she did shake hands with Kazimir fitting of the personality it was really light of a hand shake,She would settle into her chair, The wonderful part Priscilla in her every way of twisting her way of working."I am Valerie."The wonder thing was that was actually Priscilla's first name but she could always play off of it for now.

Priscilla would not answer her question for the moment and just got an orange, It was one of the few nicer things was fruit. Then she would put down the things she had on her a folder and that folded purple scarf. She had an orange and quietly  pulls out a knife, A knife that if Kazimir paid attention too, Would know that Priscilla had last time they met.

Nonetheless she would break her act and ruse now. Priscilla's voice would just go back to being normal while she effortless cut into the orange as just clean of cutting then he would have seen."I could never be with in the ranks of your guild."Priscilla spoke not hiding who she was anymore, But she was comfortable in her chair.

Mind you what she said about it proved one thing."It is flattering however, I think it is a good thought."Priscilla actually took it as a compliment rather then just a pure overly sarcastic insult with some wit with in it, She would take her time eating  a few pieces of her orange.

she then would ask."I do have a reason for being here."Before she continued she would make sure."Would anyone else be here be to nose into this conversation? I prefer if your blue haired friend chose not to burst through the door and tried to  break another bone in my body as a result."Prisicilla did not even seem to make a joke about it, It was a direct question.

So leading into it."I have many things I would like to with you about."So Kazimir was now in an interesting situation, but it seemed Kazimir had a feeling that Priscilla had a lot more meaning to this and was most likely not here to harm anyone, But had a reason for it that he would learn soon.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage nodded at her introduction and then his eyes fell onto the familiar look of the scarf she had folded up with her. A purple one that looked like one he had known from someone in his past. She took the orange and flicked out a knife to cut it. Kaz cracked his mouth open as if to say something but pressed his lips back together and looked away with a, "hm." That knife also belonged to someone he knew. A dangerous person but one he had some sort of understanding with.

But this woman was completely different. Was it someone that was attempting to take over Priscilla's life or send him a message? Not until she spoke again with a different tone did he know what was really happening. A clever tactic and he knew she was in disguise now.

Kaz let a grin come onto his face at the fact that it was her, one that turned to a flat expression soon enough as he remembered why he was chasing her last. He nearly retracted the offer for her to join the guild. It was a thought that flashed in his mind, but he dismissed it, knowing that she had come for a reason and what the guild stood for.

"Well, Priscilla. The offer will always be available. We are a guild for new beginnings and...redemption."

Kaz stayed were he sat and put a slice of the orange in his mouth. "No, there shouldn't be anyone that'll come this way. Judi is on an assignment," he answered, leaving it vague as to Judi's whereabouts.  

"I'm interested to know why you came. And as long as we are talking here, you're safe. No harm will come to you from the guild. And as long as you don't do anything to the citizens here,"
he said with a shrug.

"So, what have you come to talk about. We left things pretty tense last time and I do have some questions about what happened in that town. Something straight forward Valerie. No riddles and dodging. Let's talk."His voice was as calm as it always was and a soothing breeze blew over the two of them.

He waited with full attention to what she had come here for and took a few more bites of the orange.

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:46 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed for a moment Priscilla almost would consider it, She already had a path in her life she chose, They worked too differently to be in the same guild Priscilla's way of working was too opposite to him and she knew this and would not hide it if brought up."Still flattering, Do not consider it insult that I am still saying no."Priscilla mentioned sticking to her words about it, At least they would not be bothered at all Priscilla considered that a good thing.

But is in an odd situation she would pay a compliment to him and so called friend of his Judi."I will give you both credit to what you both have done, Even being polite and nice to me when we last met,I do wish her well on her assignment."Priscilla still even if at the time a horrible murderer and anger filled for the most part Priscilla seemed to seem more settled and oddly at peace, There would be more revealed soon as this conversation progressed, After all Priscilla wanted a new chapter in her life.

Yes there really had to be an interesting for him, After all Priscilla managed to sneak in and cover herself up well enough to catch him alone and talk to him. Given normally Priscilla would have been a risk to try and kill him with out a second thought."I have no intention of putting a finger on any one here."Priscilla mentioned right away even with that knife she had in her hand then would hold it by the blade making sure not to cut herself."I will even give up both of my knifes if that is what you wish."So Priscilla was showing she was peaceful here, Which must be a good sign for Kazimir.

So Priscilla would lay it out for both of them."Then I will answer a question of yours, If answer a question of mine."Priscilla felt it was fair and would even wait for him to either agree or not. She would however take the lead of this conversation."I would like information on something the Rune Knights had been at and done before their disbandment."She wanted to save the more personal stuff first she thought but she needed to know this."After all this settlement of Viking is currently where I am living and had been taken in by as well as given a home too."And it seemed Priscilla had personal attachment to this and was starting to dig into information."Why would you and the Rune Knights go on a march and attack the Onfroy Settlement?"Priscilla asked first, Or Valerie whichever Kazimir would call her by, She wanted an answer to that and would wait for his first question.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:27 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He shook his head with a smile, "No offense taken. I just wanted you to know in case anything changes in your life." he knew she would most likely say no again. She was never one for groups or united. But Kaz was always hopeful and if she ever wanted to find somewhere to redefine herself, he wanted her to know she would have a place here.

The way she was talking was different than he remembered her. Something about it was calmer and s=assured in herself. "You have certainly changed,"he said with a smile. Something had happened to her during the past year that made her into a new person. Someone more grounded in who she was and that's all that Kaz ever wanted.

He nodded in relief as she agreed she hadn't come to harm anyone. Something that he knew she had, but it still left more questions than answers as to what caused such a drastic change in who she was. He looked at the knives that she held out to him. The handle faced the wind mage, ready to be taken and tucked away. Instead, he gently pushed her hand back to her.

"That's alright. I trust you,"
the gesture of giving them up was enough for the wind mage. She had earned his trust once again. And this time he felt it may be well placed. Or at least he could hold out hope that it was.

He cocked a brow as she brought up the need to know what information. He assumed her arrival was to reconcile something but didn't know what information she needed from him. Then it was there. The word Viking left a pit in Kaz's stomach. One of the hardest things he had ever done. He took in a breath and exhaled through his nose. How did she even know about it?

She seemed to know all about it. When she said she lived there, it made the pit in his gut even deeper. His eyes became the slightest hint of watery as he held it in.

"You know about that then,"
he said solemnly.

"That was a difficult day. But if that is your home now I'll tell you all that happened,"
he said leaning forward in his chair to rest his arms on his legs.

"The man named Vali Onfroy is a wanted criminal. He attacked a rune knight headquarters and freed a mass of prisoners. We tracked his location to that village. There is a large some of documentation about neighboring villages and towns being pillaged by the citizens of the Onfroy settlement."

He held his hands together, "I marched a platoon of men there, out of precaution for the potential danger. When we arrived I questioned them about Vali's location. They gave no answer and instead launched an attack on me and my men. I gave them warnings not to continue but they didn't listen. Viking pride I presume. We tried to fight them off and I held back knowing how destructive my magic was. But one after another I watched my comrades fall in battle. So I gave the order to evacuate the women and children. We held them off and once the evacuation was complete, I released a tornado upon them. They were ready to fight until one of us was dead. I took some of their lives and the rest surrendered. Some of their buildings were destroyed in the process. too."

He finally leaned back up in his chair, "Then we gave the ones that had died a Viking funeral and took the other that had attacked us into custody. The rest were left to rebuild....and that's that. I wish things could have ended differently. I've never seen such a thirst for battle."

With the last of his sentence finished he stopped to see what her reaction was and waited for more questions to come or to be met with anger. He didn't ask any of his questions now. He only waited for her response before continuing.

After a few moments and finished what she had to say, he would ask, "My question is a simple one. What have you been up to these last few years and what brought you to that settlement?"

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:37 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla counted two questions even if he intended, She would hold it against him really but she had it in mind, But it was logical what happen, Something she would not disagree with, Priscilla had more ties to this when Kazimir considered, But she would reveal that yet. They were such a bunch that them being as they where to the public was something she should have expected."I see, considering the man I should not be super shocked by that reality."Keeping things at a logical conversation it was."Given how it worked out, I did not think you of horrible and mindless slaughter."Even if Priscilla was the type too, It was most likely not lost to her that Priscilla was the type for it at one point.

So Priscilla would take her turn now."That is two in one question, You should be careful and keep count. Other won't be as nice about it."Priscilla chuckled about it, Which in reality meant it was a harmless conversation for them, But it seemed like she knew how these were connected.

It was now time for her to reveal her part."I was ever close to my goal, I was close to finally making my starting goal of killing every single person who ruined my life."Priscilla then picked up the folder and just dropped it before him."But I gave up that chase, My final target is still alive."If opened Kazimir had all the information of the Ivalice family murder, The people Priscilla killed and how they where connected. Even the names of Priscilla's family members, Marked dead was the name Priscilla Ivalice and alive was Valerie Ivalice.

"But I was hired at one point, To steal or gathered a list of name of all of the rune knights...by Vali Onfroy."Which would be an interesting part as Priscilla was starting to piece things together for him."I was between tasks and finding targets, I took the job and got all of the names."Which considering Priscilla was not a shock she got that done."Not only did he offer me home with in the settlement, But a new life there as well."Which made sense why she cared now.

And Priscilla would lead into the main part now."Not too long after, Vali and Isome how fell in love with one another." this was leading Kazimir to most like piece a few things together now."As of three months a go, I gave birth to his son."So Priscilla had a change in life and embraced it, It was why she was here, She would hide the fact she was now in a guild because that was not part of their conversation and even then she would lie about it.

So Priscilla would throw in her next question."So, With these changes, I want to know if I can get you and your merry band of good doers, Off my case forever, What can I do to achieve that?"Priscilla asked placing that purple scarf in front of him as a sign of her new change it was his to keep really.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Somehow it was comforting to hear her tell him she didn't think he was a monster. It reminded him of the tense situation around the first time they had met. The time where they talked about being a monster even all the way back then. "Thank you. It seems we have both come a long way since that time we met by the forest. You know Priscilla, as odd as it is. You are one of the people I have known the longest in fiore." he didn't mean anything in particular about the statement. Just a simple fact that he pointed out with some odd sense of enjoyment in the thought.

He laughed as she pointed out his miscounting, " I was hoping I could sneak that one by you. Even knights break the rules some times. But thanks for being so kind about it," he said with a light-hearted laugh.

he said, surprised that she would give up her chase. And more surprised when she dropped the folder down for him. Kaz picked it up and thumbed the sleeve of the folder open. Within were all the documents of her case. Deaths and those involved with it. He ran his hand over the name'Priscilla' that was marked dead and then the only named left alive on there. He looked back at the red-head, finally understanding that she had trusted him with a much-guarded secret. Who she was.

The topic changed back to her time with Vali and it was grim that he was out to get Rune knights. But he couldn't hold it against the man. He would do the same if their positions were switched. Things finally came together as she mentioned the offer by Vali. Kaz nodded, "I see." None of it seemed to matter now with the knights broken apart.

Kaz's eyes flashed wide when she said she fell in love and then turned to face her when she said she had actually had a child. "That's amazing," he said with his same calm demeanor but now facing her.

"I take it, it was falling in love and having the child that ended your hunt for them," Kaz said as he closed the folder and set It on his lap. "Congratulations on falling and love and having the child," somehow Kaz was not worried as to what type of mother she would be. She changed a lot at he had a feeling things would work out fine.

Then the biggest question came. She placed her trademark scarf in front of Kaz and asked for peace. "I..." he began to speak and stopped as he placed a hand on the scarf and smiled.

"You know Priscilla. Ever since we met. All I've wanted was for you to find a balance. be able to tame the beast inside you and find happiness. Now you have that."

He gave a smirk and shook his head, "If a new life is really what you want. Then don't worry about the past. Priscilla died. The only remaining Ivalice has no criminal record. All I ask is two things. Stay out of trouble going forward...and make sure you give you son a good life. One without violence and pain." Two simple enough requests. Ones that were almost natural to do anyone. The past was the past. Kaz took the folder and put it in his pocket. He didn't tell her but he fully intended to track down those criminals and bring them to justice for her. But then again she could probably guess that.

"But before I forget...there was a family the last time I saw you. Murdered in their home. Do you know what happened to them?"

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:30 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It had been a long time since then so much so Priscilla or Valerie could admit."I have forgotten such a time myself, Sometimes with seeing blood and how I react,some memories do not stay easily."It must have matter how important to Priscilla, One of the two was to guess."Most people would consider it strange for such different people we manage to be rather reasonable to one another."Priscilla mentioned because that reality was not lost to her, that is always the ways that everyone worked, the most expected of situations could easily happen with this kind of freedom.

Sometimes knights break rules, sometimes the rule breakers follow the rules they set. Why the world worked like this was to wonder of any one how really thought about it or worried about it. Priscilla did not worry about it herself."I need to have a life together before being able to carry on."After all she had nothing to being given almost everything she needed feel like she could be normal. "For a long time I was fear more scared of people then I first assume, Turns out that blood rage when I am sober from turns me into me being almost deadly scared of anything around me for a while." This conversation maybe insightful for Kazimir for if Priscilla/Valerie ever returned to that blood rage part of her life what to expect if she was sobering up.

It was far easier then Priscilla expected but it did have another part to it."It was never you I was worried about getting of my case Kazimir."Which she kind of figured out he would have been simple to deal with, They had an understanding."It is Judi I would worry more about."Which was not a valid point between them."How will you get her off of my case?"Priscilla would quietly eat more of her orange, Waiting for that answer.

It seemed Priscilla could not assure it but she could easily lie about it."I am pretty sure I could do both of them, However expect blood if some one tried to harm my son."they were speaking figuratively here and it seemed logical of reaction for Priscilla to mention that."I will be the best mother I know how to be, After all no one taught me to be one."Which was another thing working against her.

Priscilla raised an eyebrow."Kazi my dear, Your question is far too vague to help you."Priscilla point out but would most likely have to mention. "In Astrea, The mother and her two children were murdered to send a message to my final target to keep him in one spot."Which since she was close you could only guess Valerie/Priscilla achieve that part too."Is there something with in that part of the case you need an answer too?"she would ask to see the answer.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Fri Apr 03, 2020 7:30 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He nodded in agreement. "Yeah, somehow whatever this is has worked out well. I just always like to think there is goodness in you." He then just listened to what all she had to say. soaking it all in as she talked about her fear and why she lashed out. Not once since they knew each other, had she been so open and vulnerable as this. She was pouring it all out and he felt he could understand her a bit more now.

"Fear is a terrible thing to manage and can drive us all to do things. Some we regret and some we can't control."
It was as much about her as it was about him. Although whatever it was she was going through. It seemed that she had finally worked through it or at least reconciled it enough to move on with her life. And that was something to be proud of.

"Oh Judi,"
he almost chuckled at the thought of the hard-headed mage bashing through walls to face down with Valerie once more. She had attacked blindly before and It made things tense for the two of them afterward. A situation that Kaz was not keen on repeating. "As far as these records shoe, Priscilla the purple-haired woman is dead."he figured with everything Judi was going through right now, she would be preoccupied enough not to worry about this matter anyway. But none of that was something Valerie needed to know about.

Kaz just shrugged at her statement of blood, "I would expect a mother to protect her child. Just keep things within reason please." he didn't want her violent anger erupting and causing a manhunt for her again and hoped she knew how much that would affect the life of her child.

The wind mage crossed his arms with an annoyed smile at her remark. She knew exactly what she wanted but she had to take her time and respond in her own way. What followed dropped Kaz's expression to something grimmer. He didn't want to believe it. Wanted...wished there was more to it than that. But it was just as cold as anything he had heard. He put a hand over his mouth and stood up, He looked away as anger seethed in his soul. With a deep breath, he calmed himself down.

"I had hoped it was something more than that," he put his hands on his hips and looked up at the sky, then back to the woman. He just looked at her for a few seconds, rolling things around in his mind. "Alright. Nothing is going to bring back that family. New deal. Something cut and dry. with a definitive end date," he tucked all of her information securely in his uniform and sat back down with his eyes looking into hers.

"That's a hard thing to look past. But forget the previous offer. You want us to leave you alone, then I have one job for you. Finish it and we are clear. I'll make it so Priscilla is long dead. You took some lives and now you are going to return some. There is a human-trafficking ring headed out of another city but they have been moving people through here. Women and children. Rescue the women and children. that's it. Put those families back together."
 The look in Kaz's eyes said he didn't care how it had to get done as long as the people were saved and they could reunite with their families. it would be a waste not to use her skills for something good. And this way instead of a never-ending agreement, it was one job to clear her past and they could move forward into the future.

"What do you say,"
he asked with a calm voice as it was something beneficial for both of them.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 1:23 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
What Priscilla would mention it."Consider while coming sober from what you saw of me, To hearing voices for no reason."Which in basic of it sounds not too horrible."also younger past me telling me to slaughter more people, I saw them in my mind at one point as well as if there where alive in front of me, alive, Even if they were just past me and not there I could touch them so to say."So Withdrawals seemed to be horrible for Valerie."When I was in a final stage of becoming sober, I feared everyone I knew so much so I couldn't move and had strong moments of crying, Went into hiding for 2 weeks."It sounded horrible to deal with, Priscilla did not want to cover up the reality of how horrible her problems were.

It seemed to that Kazimir so far got an understanding with what her records stated."You can ask whatever details still missing at any point if we meet again after this day."Valerie mentioned with the family of her case."No just the people I killed, Even family information I will answer."Valerie proved that she was intending to stick to her goal it seemed.

"Keep in mind, My ways of being reasonable is different then yours for how different we work."which was true."I will try not to end life if some one tried too, But if some one loses an arm or hand, That is their problem."Valerie mentioned to him, That seemed her reasonable point in her view."Breaking limbs if minor."She had lighter ideas at least and she did seemed to mention it.

Even if he was expecting something better, Valerie would just say."You might have expected something different, But if we were not being honest with one another and trying to solve a problem."Such is Valerie's point with that comment."You expected more, I would not lie here as easily as I could."So that least it was a point that she had.

Valerie raised an eyebrow with this request."I've taken down a human-trafficking ring before, I have a strong disliking of them too, I even still talk to one of the people I saved from that last one i took down."So with that in light, Valerie did not consider it a second thought."I will do it."Asking Valerie for these things could either just as a horrible or a blessing it always depending upon how you viewed."Just if you hear of a few death, It was Priscilla not Valerie."weather that was a joke or not Kazimir had to guess.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"That's a horrible thing to go through. You are a stronger person for fighting through it. The nightmares would have been tough enough." It must have felt like an eternity of torment for her. Coming out of withdrawal and having to battle that every day and night. An endless war to contend with. It was also surprising that she was opening up about all of this. Something he never thought would happen, but he was glad it did.

"Crying can be helpful. It's good to feel and just let it out,"
he replied as he set his bag full of oranges to the side.

She then opened up about sharing whatever information he wanted. Given how rarely it was to find her and how she had often just run away from him before they could have a talk, it was refreshing to have this moment. "What did happen to your family? Are you the last?" He knew it would be a difficult question to answer, but maybe she was ready to talk about it after all.

He rose his hands up and turned his palms to the sky with a shrug. "That's good enough for me. If someone comes at you I few broken limbs or lost ones...better than death." To think that he had come all this way and he was still having these conversations. Some things do never change. It was reassuring that she didn't intend to just slaughter people if they came at her in the future. She truly appeared to want as normal of a life as possible. A fragile thing to hold onto in today's climate. "I'm sure you'll deal with it accordingly." even now, the way he felt himself speaking was a far cry from the youth that joined the knights.

He sat up straighter with a bit of a surprise at how easily she accepted the job. But then again he had always felt there was something good in her struggling to come out and the fact that she fought against them before proved it. "You've had a good heart hiding behind a tough exterior for a long time. It's nice to see it. Thank you," he replied as he gave her a few quick leads to track down the people. It wouldn't bring the family back but it would help the ones who still had a chance.

"You know Valerie. If things had happened differently, you may have made a good knight,"
he said in jest and gave her a sly side-eye. But he did believe it...if things had been different with her family.

"And of course. I have no sympathy for traffickers. Do what you have to do...Priscilla,"
He used her old name as a way of letting her know that the job would die with that name.

A serious look came on Kaz's face once more. One with weariness in his eye, "One day it may be that Vali and I will come face to face about what happened at the village. I want you to know that...for me I wish things had been different but there is no changing the past. I don't know what will happen, but I intend for us both to walk away from it."

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

The Past Returns (Priscilla) Empty on Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:00 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Silly Kazimir looked through the files too quickly."I left the information of what happen to them in the information I gave you as well, But I understand what you ask."It did not seem to be a super hard conversation for them for the current moment."They are all beaten to death by the group of men I tracked down and killed in these files,I just went far enough to kill anyone else connected to them out of rage."It seemed like rage would be a silly reason but at least it seemed to connect."They killed us all for the sake of wanting all of the very little money we had, They robbed my family of all the money they had after they murdered them."Priscilla seemed to at least have better reason to be bitter."The Ivalice's had moved to that area to improve the community. Help thy neighbor , They robbed us of life and wealth and expanded their lives greatly."That explained most likely a lot of things.

"I would be the only one left: My mother...my father, My sister Priscilla...I can't say I miss them with what emotions i had when I was the only one left is not one thing i can gauge."
That or she could not gauge it herself either, It seemed to be something she did not want too, Questions were answered.

"Losing my eye, All said suffering was to get payback for all of them." Was the cause now rather set and stone? Was this case did it all make sense for Valerie's life."I can not say if it was entirely worth it or not either." Then again it almost seemed like a hollow victory, In reality she was still up until this point left with nothing, She seemed to know it was.

But with Vali, it seemed she would just lean over."If I know him as well as I do."Valerie walked over to Kazimir and give him a pat on top of the head."It will not be easy, I will try to talk to him about it."With one of the few times you could see Valerie have a peaceful happy smile."You seem for ready for a nap, So go take one."It seemed like she knew when things might need to stop."Unless there was one last thing you really needed to know?"She would take a moment and stop at the door she came in, Since there was no problem she would use it her exit as well, But waited for a final question.

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Kazimir Seiryu
With her response, he ran his hand over the file in his chest pocket once more. Despite her reminding him about the file, she still took it upon herself to relive such a tragic event. It was a hard thing for anyone to recount, no doubt. It was things like these that stood as a reminder of why he fought as a knight. Why he spent his life stopping those that would commit crimes and bringing in those already guilty of them. It fueled his desire to track down the low lives that did that to her even more.

"I'm sorry...no one was there to protect you when you needed it," he knew that some things could not be avoided. No one could see everything, but it was a moment to show that they could try harder. Strive higher. "Their memory will live on with you and the life you choose to lead."

Kaz looked up at the woman's wrist as she patted him on the head. He couldn't come close to remembering a time when someone had down that to him. And he certainly never would have thought it would have been her to do it. "No, nothing like that. It's just the thought of the confrontation with Vali. If with the line of work I have chosen and with what happened with him. The thought of more violence is tiring." He smiled back at Valerie and stood up as she walked by him.

"It's nice to see a smile from you. There is one more thing," he reached into his pocket and took out the rune knight badge he had from when he was a page and they had met. He bounced it in his hand twice and then tossed it to her. "When it's done. Drop that off," He said as he put her scarf around his neck.

"I'll see you around Valerie,"
he said with a warm smile. And as she left, he sat back down and stared up at the stars.


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Priscilla Ivalice
The saddening part is, It shaped Valerie into the woman she was now and she would really tell anyone otherwise."In tragedy bore a monster, One that is a equal in compassion in madness."She knew what she was."All of this situation would have been different, I could be a very different woman if some one did save them." There was no sadness or anger really, Much like she had long a go come to terms."Maybe I would have seen the world through different eyes, Rather in fixated by one."

They were different people,she did however seem to agree."It can be, differently for me with why, I do agree it can be mentally exhausting."At least with being sober it all made different being for Priscilla/Valerie to think about. She would feel no shame about it at least, If she ever had it would most likely ruin her a bit more like it use to when she did, That as well with her progress feeling shame now would not do her any good.

"At least this smile is not a deadly one."
Could have been a past worry for any one else really if not her state now. The Rune Knight Pendent what an object to hold in her hands when she caught it."Seems the scarf works well with your eyes."Everything was in place, having a mission and what to do Valerie/Priscilla would quietly leave for sure now since it was work time. It just meant she had something to plan and go do now, It was getting her excited and energetic, All prefect for her, It seemed this meeting worked out for the both of them, Such an odd shift for normally people who merely would be foes engaged in a battle of wit and grit.


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