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Jin Tatsumi

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Jin Tatsumi  Empty Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:30 pm

Jin Tatsumi


Name: Jin Tatsumi

Age: 22 years old. Born December 7th, X767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Sapphire tattoo on his right Shoulder

Face: Son Hak-Akatsuki No Yona


Height: 6'0

Weight: 170

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Jin has an athletic build and broad shoulders. His hair is always cut short just below his ears. He wears a loose-fitting jacket and most of his clothes are deep blues and blacks. His collar is often open wide as he hates things around his neck. The sleeves around his wrists and the lower part of his pants have wraps around them for combat, so they stay tight. He carries a glaive around with him wherever he goes, not because he knows how to use it but because its presence adds a layer of safety.

He carries a small bag with him everywhere he goes to peddle medicine and charms out of. On his bag are always a few good luck charms dangling from it. He as slender facial features and rough hands from hard work. He always wears a necklace around his neck with the symbol of sun breaking over the horizon. On the glaive's blade is the image of the setting sun. To those who do not know the story behind them, they would look nearly identical. And in many ways they are.

Extra: None


Personality: Jin is a fairly carefree individual. He cares about finding his next place to sleep and his next meal to eat. Something that gets tricky as a traveling peddler of charms and medicinal herbs. He loves a good laugh and is inquisitive. His biggest downfall is he always seems to get caught up in matters, not of his own.

Despite carrying the glaive he hates violence and is often found fleeing from combat rather than engaging in it. Preferring to talk or sneak his way out of a situation with his wit, sass, and whatever charm he can muster to lead the way. He isn't shy about pestering someone he is with and his indifference is often a source of people's annoyance.

He does have a code. Chivalry is important to him and whenever someone is in danger he will do what he can to save them or heal them afterword. He may not fight but he will step in to take a beating for a child, woman or other in need person.

Since leaving on his own adventure as a paladin he tries to spread a message of peace, rest and relaxation.


  • Healing People: Trained as a healer, and possessing healing magic, he makes his life curing people's ailments. He finds there to be a great amount of joy at seeing someone back on their feet again or relieved that their child's fever has broken. Even to the mending of deadly wounds and the joy in saving someone's life so they can see another sunrise.

  • Romance: He is a sucker for romance performances and shows. One of the few times to see him cry is watching a performance. He also dabbles in pretending to be a matchmaker for people and as part of his religion, performs wedding ceremonies...mostly for the money.


  • Hard Work: Up until a few years ago, he spent most of his time in training with his mother and father. Since leaving he feels it is time he caught up on all the joys of life and will avoid work unless he has to. Preferring to lounge about.

  • Procedures: Having thought about joining a medical institute or military he was turned off by all the procedures and policies he felt got in the way of helping people. he sees red tape and bureaucracy as a hindrance but even more so a bore. He would rather live free with less than confined to the codes of others and laws. Laws that he has no qualms breaking if they are in his way.


  • Healer: He wants to uphold his mother's legacy and become a great healer.
  • Salvation: Find an end to the pattern of death in his family line because of the magic.
  • Combat: Finally learn how to use his father's weapon.


  • Murder:As a man devoted to healing, his greatest fear is that he would be forced to take a life.
  • No Escape: He fears that the man who blames Jin for his son's death will find him and take away the life he has built for himself.
  • Loveless: That he will never find a love that his parents had for each other. Although he fears that connection itself as well, often being hard to make that connection with.


Magic Name: Lux Sanitatem

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description:
The user is capable of conjuring, bending and manipulating light in various ways. The most common application being, to conjure light in such a way that it can heal wounds. As a paladin, this steams from the user's connection to a benevolent force. The user also can solidify the light to use it as shields to protect himself and others.

The magic is passed down through generations and when one is ready to fully take on the mantle, the previous user passes away. The saying is

"One light fades so another may shine"

It can also be used to empower others or hinder enemies with blinding light.

The user is proficient with healing spells. They may also cast other-buff, supplementary, defensive and debuff spells


Jin was born to a Joyan father and a Fiorian mother. His mother traveled to Joya on a trip to help the people in a crisis. She was a mage practiced in healing light magic taught to her by her ancestors. She had a bloodline of priests and priestesses that healed.

It was in Joya that the two of them met and fell in love as he was a warrior who was gravely injured on the field of battle. Not long after that, the two moved back to Fioria as Jin's father's injuries prevented him from continuing his service.

Together they stayed by each other's side and began a medical practice in a city. She worked as He became a protector in the militia. They raised Jin up to be both a healer and a warrior despite JIn's lack of enthusiasm to be a fighter. Training between the two took most of his childhood.

He spent his young years helping his mother in her medical office as her nurse, gown and all. That is what spurred his love of helping people as day after day he watched people leave with healthy smiles.

It was not all happiness as there were man times illness was too dire. At a young age, he saw people die of old age, disease and bleed out from battlefield injuries. His parents instilled in him how important life was and that these were important but hard lessons.

When not at the nurse he tagged along with his father on patrols and to the training fields to hone his abilities. While the other kids played ball he tried to swing swords. That is except for the nights he snuck away to do it anyway.

Time passed and Jin had become a young man. His parents grew more solemn with each passing day as Jin's magic grew. Something about it was bittersweet until finally, his mother sat him down.

She explained that in order for him to go further she had to pass away. That it was inevitable as the magic was shifting to him. The time passed with as much happiness as they could until the day his mother didn't leave the bed. The night before had been one to remember. The whole day with just them. Jin had been preparing himself for it but it didn't stop the tears.

With the passing of his mother, he began training harder with his magic and with his father. Not wanting her death to be in vain.


He was content to stay there until demons began to invade the country. He knew he had a responsibility to go as his mother would have done. Despite his father's protest, he left for the battlefield to heal those that were injured. He found himself contracted to the military as a medic. He saw war first hand and the carnage left by demons.

One fateful night he was trapped within a house as demon's rampaged against knights. One by one injured warriors were brought in that tested the resolve of his magic but he couldn't keep up and men died in his mana drained and weary arms.

He held one man, who lived in the house, as he died while his friend was forced to stand by. The man lashed out in a fit of rage at the other person's death. Blaming Jin for not being able to heal him and starting with the others first. A soldier who was there stepped in and was forced to kill the man.

It wasn't until later that the soldier informed Jin that the man that died was the son of a dark mage. The other was his guard. Together the two became close friends in their mutual desire to stay unknown to avoid the dark mage. And he was one of the few people that could get the lazy doctor to do anything when there weren't people to be healed. He got a reputation as lazy and a rulebreaker. Mostly because the procedures began to grind on him.

They stayed side by side for the rest of the incursions. The men looked to him for more than just healing. They looked for support. And so he began to make little good luck charms for them. Nothing special but it busted their spirits.

After the War

Once all was said and done and the country was rebuilding in the face of disaster and the disbanding of guilds he returned home. He visited the shrine of his mother and their magic, to say his farewell to her.

Now that all was well, he had to move on. He didn't feel he could miss out on the world and its promise of people to help and luxuries to enjoy. He packed a bag for himself and filled it with supplies and charms.

He made his way from town to town selling medicines masking his magic behind trinkets and baubles, and potions. He sold good luck charms and professed himself as a priest to do the occasional wedding, for money of course. If people questioned if he was a paladin or a priest or would simply shrug it off as semantics.

The Guild

Having made his way to the home of the Fairy Tail guild, he remembered the name from his years before. A proud guild that did good deeds with less regard for rules and regulations than others. One of the last of the known guilds before the great change.

Deciding it was finally time to saddle up with a guild he walked up to the gates with a gleam in his eye ready to see what they were all about. And thus he became a guild mage. Set out to help others and practice his craft. But still peddle his good luck charms more for fun than for finances. Especially a lucky in love charm. Those sold the best.

Reference: Kazimir Seiryu

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Venus Rosé

Hello! I'll be grading your application.

  • There's just only one thing needed to edit, which is the colour of your guild tattoo. Could you mention that and bump when done? :)
  • Also, don't forget to add an avatar!

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Jin Tatsumi
Bump! and thanks!

Haha, I for sure will once I find one that works.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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