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Swayin the people [Conquest]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Swayin the people [Conquest] Empty Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:25 am

Shichiro Uchida
A beautiful morning sun had rose up in the town of Oak, wind blowing through the trees, the scent of pine lightly filling the nostrils of the people who live in this settlement. Today would mark the first of many jobs he would be doing for the guild Shichiro had recently joined known as Advent World. He didn't really join for companionship or choice for that matter. He had lost a certain important battle a year ago was basically held at the mercy of the victor. Not only did he lose, he lost in a two on one battle. Not only was his prude hurt but so was his ego. He aspired to be called the ultimate mercenary and he loses a fight to somebody known as the 'God of Death'. He should have been strong enough to defeat death itself but alas, the gods had not favored him in that battle. Well, regardless, both he and his partner at the time were at the mercy of the victor and apparently, all he wanted for them was to join his new up and coming guild. It wasn't as bad as it could be but Shichiro was never the type of person to 'play nice' with others. As far as he had witnessed though, it seems the guild was a small band of mages and adventures with exponential experience in fighting other trained mages and adventures and Shichiro happened to be one of the members that were sought out. 

Although he didn't like working in a group, he also can't deny he was pleased with himself when somebody noticed his talents and abilities so he didn't protest to the joining of the guild. Still, all of that confidence and ego he had gained while had slipped away when it came to doing his very first job for the guild. Apparently, the way of the guilds had change drastically in a year and instead of protecting the towns they reside in, they were now more like footholds in the town securing the most popular sections of a settlement in order to raise their standing in all of Fiore. Well, he could see how peoples ambitions would lead to this route. What he didn't understand was why a mercenary like himself, has been reduced to a simple diplomat. In the end, he assumed that since this town was gonna be their headquarters, they would have to make the best impression possible in order for the towns folk to like them. He assumed that means he could employ his usual methods of just strong arming, bullying or fighting his way for control of something and would have to resolve things peacefully. Although he was a great fighter, he couldn't really see himself a a useful diplomat but there was a first time for everything. Sighing, he placed his hands into his pockets before making his way to the swineherd pub to begin his task. As he walked there, he began to think of some alternatives to approaching the situation at hand.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

Swayin the people [Conquest] Empty Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:47 am

Shichiro Uchida
Arriving at his location of conquest, Shichiro decided to enter the pub without definitively deciding on how to get the people to warm up to his new guild. He figured for the time being, he'd just enter the pub as another patron and look for ways to win the favor of the people currently lounging around. Observing the pub, it was quite busy today, perfect for showing off to people how great his guild could be. If all went well, he could even have this place be a little respite away from his work from time to time. Walkng to the bar counter, he decided to order himself some cheap ale in order to loosen up. After a few moments, a large wooden mug had been slid down the counter top into Shichiro's outstretched right table that he had placed beforehand. Grasping the mug, he began to take a couple of sips from his mug. It wasn't the best tasting ale but certainly not the worst. Putting down his mug, he heard a small commotion going on behind him before getting up with his mug and walking over to a table that has been drawing attention to itself. Turns out there was a little contest going on of two well known patrons having an arm wrestling competition. A large, bulky person was wrestling a smaller, but still on the muscular side, person in a fierce arm wrestling competition. 

Watching closely, Shichiro could make out the larger person was using all of their might in an attempt to push the smaller guys hand down to the table to win but the smaller guy wouldn't budge. Although it was evident the larger guy was far more powerful in terms of raw strength, the smaller guy made him like a child trying to push their parent's hand off of them. In the end, the larger guy tired himself out, allowing the smaller man to use all of his might to force the larger man's hand down to the table. Although he wasn't stronger, he was smarter than the other as well as demonstrated better control over his biceps and forearm strength. This peaked Shichiro's interest since he was also fairly strong and had reasonable control over his bicep and forearm strength as well. Although, he figured he'd also be playing a kind of waiting game to tire the man out. "Whose next!? Who would like to taste their mettle against Strong John, the strong," said another patron who seems to be acting as his manager and placing bets. Shichiro then down his drink in one go and decided to give this a whirl. Maybe if he proves his strength, he could win the favor of the people here to support Advent World's cause, whatever that may be. 

Sitting down at the table before the man know as John, Shichiro placed his elbow on the table in hopes the man would take him on. The man eyed Shichiro, looking at his build up and down and deduced the were at least similar in build. He sneered thinking this would be an easy match but Shichiro would prove to be his match. The man also placed his elbow onto the table, firmly clasping Shichiro's hand. Shichiro figured this man had a good grip as they both relax their hands. The man that seemed to act as his manager came and placed both of his hands on both Shichiro's and John's hand. Before quickly releasing them and yelling "GO!" The two men now struggle to push the other one's hand down flat on the table. Its even at first but neither of them pushing against each other as hard they could. They were both playing the waiting game now to see who would eventually give out and push against the other first. To nobody's surprised, Shichiro was the one to give in first and push against the other male's hand with his full might. Much to his surprise, the man was losing his footing in the match as it seems he was also almost out of juice. One more final push from Shichiro was all it took before he had defeated his opponent. 

The man looked at Shichiro nodding his head in approval. "You wrestle good, son. Where you from," the man known as john had said. Shichiro sheepishly scratched the back of his neck and told him he was from a guild called Advent World and how he would like to make a request to advertise his guild to the people of this pub. The man chuckled, revealing he was actually the owner of this here pub. Well, that was easy. He then explained to the man how he'd like to advertise the guild's existence and how they were interested in establishing more influence around the town of Oak and this would be one of the perfect places since it was the largest pub in town. The man pondered on Shichiro's request then shrugged and agreed. They both shook on it, tightly squeezing each others hands before Shichiro went back to ordering another drink. The man eyed Shichiro as he also ordered a drink and decided he would challenge Shichiro to a drinking contest as well. Arm wrestlign was one thing but he said he couldn't endorse a man who couldn't hold his ale, jokingly. Shichiro chuckled a well, he wasn't much of a drinker but he was up for almost any contest. Together they sat well into the night drinking, laughing and cheering before he remembered that he was here to be having fun he had a job to report. Getting up from the stool he was sitting on, Shichiro bid the owner farewell as he stumbled and swayed back to the guild, in in order to report back to his leader. He had hoped his leader didn't mind the drunken state he was in after coming back from a conquest. Oh well, he'd deal with the aftermath later when he was good and sober.


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