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A place to belong [Private]

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#1Leah Black 

A place to belong [Private] Empty Yesterday at 12:35 am

Leah Black
The sun was starting to set by the time Leah arrived at Dahlia city. Her legs felt cramped but she was still feeling curious and energetic as always. She had traveled a very long way to get to this city. “Finally, I’m here”, she said to herself. All kinds of memories about her grandfather ran in her mind. All those hours talking about the world and the fiorian people and their cities. Her heart ached for a second as she started remembering about the amazing times Leah had spent hearing her grandfather talking about his journeys. Being able to see those places for herself now, made her feel closer to him in a comforting and exciting way. Yet it was still very soon for her to not feel sad when remembering. Her life had taken a brutal turn since the last time she was home. But at least the whole year she spent alone in Bosco finally gave her the confidence to arrive at the mysterious city his grandfather was always talking about.

She felt the tiredness spreading through her body as she walked through the main avenue of Dahlia. Everything seemed so gloomy and rusty, just as she had imagined it. Villagers followed Leah with their sight as she passed aimlessly. She noticed the people were almost rushing to enter their homes as the darkness of the night grew. Still, she felt nonchalant seeing them in a hurry. “Hmm… Now what?”, she sighed. “Everything would have been easier if gramps was here”, she yawned. Damn, she was starting to feel really tired. She yawned again as she spoke to the air once more. “Well, I’m smart enough to find out by myself. I got it Dada, you did not tell me about this group of women all the time for me to not find them". She raised her head and winked at the sky. “Just wait and see from wherever you are old man! And I promise I’ll make sure to explore every spooky spot of this place just as you did”. She laughed for herself remembering and imagining how he would reply to her.

The mysterious atmosphere got her excited. She yawned again as she kept walking. “I wonder if I can eat something before I find somewhere to sleep? Hmm... Maybe I can get to try some spider's blood soup or something as I'm here Dada. I'll make way better stories from this place than you did, we’ll see where the night takes me". Therefore, Leah kept wondering as the darkness covered the buildings of Dahlia and the shimmering moon came out.

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