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What's mine is mine [NQ][Erebus]

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What's mine is mine [NQ][Erebus] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:35 pm


Kon sat restly at his desk thinking over the incident in Dawncliff Mine, the wuhan bat infestation and more importantly the mutilation that the unknown woman had done to one of those ghoulish creatures. Drumming his left temple with his golden hand, he read and reread the original reports from the mine, none indicated an infestation let alone the experimentations. Something was missing, clearly, another page, a removed section of the report not including it, false information, even deliberate exclusion of the information? Perhaps there was something more to this, perhaps inference from the workers and citizens being displeased with the enforced servitude that they had now been placed under.

Kon had in some ways experienced this being under the thumb of first the Rune Knights legalities then the Holy Knights fundamentals before being thrusted into becoming a disciple of Illumin forcing their philosophies onto him albeit briefly. While he could sympathise with them, the cruelty was needed as part of the syndicate's plan. There was clearly something he had missed when he was in the mine, something he had come to sorely regret as he’d be coming back to the caverns filled with bile and gore.

With a heavy sigh, Kon left his chair, lightly scratching the stony floor, before removing his suit jacket and tie, resting them both on a nearby rack. He had learnt from his first visit that the mine was no place for formalities and so began to completely unbutton and undress wearing nothing but briefs, an undershirt and socks. Pulling open his chest, Kon withdrew a leather black jacket and pants, thick enough to resist the harsh environment of the mine. Getting into these old clothes was somewhat of a challenge having gained some pounds both in fat and muscle.

Finally squeezing himself into the tight fit, he rolled his shoulders and adjusted himself allowing his prosthetics and bare skin to get used to the garments. Comfortable, at least as comfortable as someone wearing something two sizes too small could be, Kon left his master room, leading to the stairway leading to the ground floor of the island. He could easily teleport all the way down but that was messy and he admittedly needed the exercise. Approaching the stairs, he looked out from the adjacent window below him, members were mingling, workers were repairing and cleaning, foreign diplomats were discussing amongst themselves and the various envoys Kon had assigned. He had to be careful now more than ever, only really trusting a few within his circle to have the subtlety in handling representatives of other countries.


What's mine is mine [NQ][Erebus] KHvJeW6

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