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Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:07 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Father Roxas… I’ve finished off the set of evil spirits that was attacking the neighborhood houses. I assume you’re finally ready. Right?” Kenzo entered a large room of stone walls through the old wooden frame of the door. The place was illuminated by hundreds of little candles that flickered in the undergrounds of the Oakland church. It was one of the most important landmarks of the western city. A testament to one of the oldest religions existing in the continent where hundreds of devout people from Oak gathered each Sunday in order to learn about Illumin’s scriptures and teachings. The man in front of him, Roxas, buried his face within a myriad of books, leather parchments and hundreds of loose papers scattered all through the room. They were now in the library of the Oakland Church. It was perhaps the place with the highest concentration of literature in the Region, perhaps only followed by the personal library of either the family of Lord Servas Phantasm’s state, or perhaps the private library of Vanessa Underwood, the current owner of the Majura Gallery. Either way, if there was a place where Kenzo and the monk priest could find the answers they were looking for it had to be in this library.

Staying still at the frame of the entrance, Kenzo waited for a minute for the priest to notice him. However, the old monk had been absorbed in his task for the whole night, and deep within thought failed to notice the standing swordsman. Irritated, Kenzo crossed both arms as he supported his weight in one of his legs and pressed his body against the wall. Aheem A couple of seconds passed too, but there was still no response from the dedicated priest. Fed up, Kenzo stomped his foot on the ground trying to get his attention.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:08 pm

Kenzo Valens
”OI! You deaf or something?!”

Wiping the sweat away from his forehead, Roxas finally absentmindedly and intermittently turned his gaze away from the old, dusty book he was reading. ”Huh?” Seeing the young Advent World warrior approaching, he finally was taken out of his entrancement and reacted to his presence.

”Ah!! Kenzo! You’re here again. That was really fast. Did the spirit hunt went alright?” The older man seemed completely inoffensive and phlegmatic as he spoke towards the younger male with a kind smile.

Kenzo pulled a wooden chair filled with books after he lifted them up and placed them on the ground. Taking a seat next to the monk before he answered, Kenzo collapsed into his seat with a loud thud. ”Yeah, does ghosts are done for. They were not a problem… but they proved to be cheekier than I expected.” Kenzo took a pause as he sighed before continuing. ”Let’s just say that I made sure to cover any damages I may or may not have caused with our fight” The tone in his voice was genuinely upset by the prospect of having to take out money from his own purse to pay for reparations. However, this was all part of Advent Worlds’ plan to excerpt dominance and influence over the city. Finn had instructed them months before on the way the guildmates were to act. They had free reign over their actions, as long as the common folk was not harmed or involved in the aftermath. Kenzo had just finished killing some of the evil spirits that would rise from the depths of the Oakland Church from time to time. They were not a real challenge for the mercenary, but they had managed to create a large fuzz around the neighborhood and ended damaging some private property.

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#3Kenzo Valens 

Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:14 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Either way… What’s done is done! Shall we get to business now? I want to be done with all this shit before anything else happens.” Kenzo was starting to get frustrated the more time happened. He had already helped three times over the past couple of weeks with the Oakland Church’s dwellers from below. The Bellan swordsman couldn’t quite understand why there were so many phantoms under the church, and even less why they seemed to constantly and incessantly appear. Surely there had to be a limit to how cursed a city could be right? That was what he was hoping to find out that same day. During his last visit to the church, priest Roxas, the man in charge of the building had told him that there were some rumors going around the higher tiers of the ecclesiastic organization of Illumin. Apparently, even the high pontiff of Crocus had given his input on the matter due to the strange nature of the phenomena. From what Roxas told Kenzo, it appeared that the high density of ghosts and evil spirits stemmed from the disappearance of the dark guild Phantom Lord. They were the previous owners of Oak City, before Advent World had established within its grounds. The guild was notorious for their strong ties to the occult and darkest sides of magic. The church’s theory was that unbeknownst to the citizens of Oak, the last guild master of Oak was planning to hold a forbidden ritual in order to create a legendary object that was known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Roxas had told Kenzo all about the church’s theory and given him this previous information the last time he was around. However, when asked what the Philosopher’s Stone was, the confident monk simply tripped over his words without an answer.

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#4Kenzo Valens 

Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:31 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo had decided to give priest Roxas another day so he could investigate correctly what the stone was. However, when he arrived at the church the next day, he was met with a new wave of undead attacks. As he sat on the wooden chair in the monastery’s library, he had just finished dealing with them. From the looks of it, father Roxas had spent the whole day, or rather the whole night studying and buried within books.

”Were you able to get some information in the Philosopher’s Stone?” Kenzo asked at the man as he lit a cigarette he held inside his shirt’s pocket. The Bellan swordsman didn’t normally smoke, but he was feeling a little restless these days. After killing the last of the beasts that had come from the depths of the church, he had asked for one to the clerk of the store just in front of the street. He had barely managed to avoid his store getting destroyed, so he gladly passed the cig to the blue haired warrior.

”Yes… I finally found the documents I was looking for. It seems, that if a dark mage was trying to create a philosopher’s stone in Oak, things are more dire than what might have first expected.” Roxas spoke with a somber tone and a heavy expression. It was like the man had seen things that couldn’t be spoken of.

Lifting the book he was reading, the elderly priest passed it to the man sitting at the other side of the table. It was an ancient text, written in a foreign language. Kenzo’s expression instantly froze as his eyes gazed upon the first lines of the dusty piece of paper and strapped leather. The title was written in a speech that he had long forgotten: ”Lapis Philosophorum”

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#5Kenzo Valens 

Phantom Business #2 - Solo [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:00 pm

Kenzo Valens
”W-why is this thing written in Bellan?” Kenzo trembled for a second as signaled at the title with his right index. Surprised, Roxas expression changed to one of surprise. ”You know Bellan?!” The older male looked worried for some reason. With a sudden movement, he took the book away from Kenzo’s hands as fast as he could. This puzzled the mercenary, but he didn’t think anything else about it, besides how weird it seemed. ”Yes… I was born and raised during my early childhood in Bellum” Roxas eyes widened with even bigger surprise. ”I-I see…. Wh-what a surprise” Kenzo could start to notice the nervousness in the priest. However, before he could inquire any further the conversation between both men was cut short.

CRAAAAAASSSHHH!!!!! The thundering roar of crystal shattering everywhere filled the building. ”What the fuck is going on!?” Kenzo tried to incorporate back into his feet after being swept up by the tremble that preceded the loud sound. ”I-It’s the ghouls and devils!! They’ve come back again!!!! S-Save us Before they destroy the building!!” Roxas muttered. He had lost his breath after being hit by a shelf of books falling on him.

”Don’t move, stay safe”

Kenzo blasted through the door and into the church’s main hall. Standing before him, a legion of ghosts and evil creatures rose from the ground as if tearing apart the stone floor. Without thinking it twice, he lunged at the biggest of them as he unsheathed Masamune from its golden scabbard. The following battle was fierce. Kenzo had never fought against spirits so strong before. There was something different about them. They would normally be mindless and rather uncoordinated, but today their eyes glowed in an ominous red. Kenzo fought for what seemed hours before defeating every last one of them.

As he valiantly stood over the aftermath of the battle, Oakland Church’s interior laid in ruins. There was something fishy going around here. He was getting to the bottom of this mystery before it was too late.

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