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What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2]

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What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2] Empty Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:46 pm

You know Caius thought he had everything under control. He was just chilling in the guild hall with his mission that was completed and living the dream. Slaves, drugs, money he had it all. But no. These fucking asshole miners had to stir shit up again. He took over the mine for the conquest of the Sieghart Mountains but now these miners were being unruley again. He had to go down there and lay the smacketh down on them with the hammer of god. And by the hammer of god he meant he was going to have to shoot some fools with his bullet magic because that was the magic he had and it shot people with it's powerful spells because he was an S rank mage.

Caius signed and pushed himself out of his chair in the guild hall which was Sentical Syndicates guild hall where he was a member. He would would go to the rack of coats and then he would take the coat off the rack of coats and then he would pull off his armor which was a light armor that he wore because he was a sorceraor and they really worked best in light armor because he would be able to move around in them with no issues and cast his spells and heavy armors would be a pain in the dick because they would lower your mobility. Caius put it on because he had bullied the miners before and then he would think they would be ready for him now because he came pretty often to talk to them. They might have had a trap or some type of back up because they wanted to be free and not a slave. Caius said fuck it and he went off to the mine.

The reason they had to keep the mine so protected was because some big wig was buying the mats from them and if they kept him happy they would get to reap the benifits. Caius would walk to the mountain path and then he would continue walking with one foot in front of the other because that was what walking was moving one foot in front of the other. He was an expert walker which helped him go from one place to another. It was a pretty hot day out with the sun out and there was no cloud in the sky so he didn't mind it so much it was good to get some fresh air once in a while. He then would wlak to the path and it would lead him to the mine where he would be able to see the miners working and some of them were just chilling with their shock collars on as he would walk through the golden arches and see what the hell was causing a rucks cause he was going to use the bullet magic and then he was going to start busting caps in they ass for being disobedient miners


Hi I'm Caius

What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2] Empty Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:25 pm

So it looked like there a new guy that was in charge and his name was Frank. He was different then the last guy that they talked to . Kon and him had to rough him up a bit to get answers because the min was not making a lot of money for their new investor so they would beat him a little bit before he finally cooperated. After they cleared that shit up they would then go into the mine and there was some Wuhan bats they had to kill to clear the mine up. After that they threw him into the mine and made him work overtime for being such a bad supervisor because he didn't keep control of the shit and inform them earlier cause the Syndicate would have stopped it but he hesitated because he was a scrub. This new guy Frank was the bees knees. He would walk into the building which held the supervisor and would sit down.

Frank knew his shit. He immediately got down on one knee and would thank him for coming to investigate the mine. The truth was he wish Frank would show some balls but at least he wasn't a problem was the silver lining. Caius kicked his feet up on the table and would ask Frank about what was happening "So frank what's the situation? " Frank would let out a sigh and then would reach into his desk by moving his hand toward the drawer and then he would use his hand and then he would use his hand to open the drawer and then he would open the drawer and inside he would then pull out a folder and then he would use the folder and he would pull out a file and in the file he would take it and put it on the desk and then using his hands he would go and he would push it towards Caius. Caius would pick up the file and then he would lift it up to his face and then he would read what was on the file and it seemed like there was a big issue going on because he would read it in his file that he had just revived from Frank. The problem was that there was miners in the bottom of the mine that were planning a rebellion. They were sick of working all these hours and not getting paid. Why would they be mad that they were slaves. They fed them a few times a day . It wasn't great food but some people weren't able to go and eat at all. They were living the life. The other problem was they learned how to remove the shock collars that Caius put on them. They made some weapons out of the ore and pickaxes and were ready to whoop some guild ass. Caius would take the file and he would put it in his pocket. HE was going to have to go down to the mine and teach them a lesson.


Hi I'm Caius

What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:46 am

Caius was in his nice clothes so he would take them off so he would just be in his undershirt and boxers. He didn't give a fuck what these miners thought of him because guess what if they decided to mock him he would shoot them in the face with his bullet magic gangsta style. For now he would walk outside and then he would move his feet to get moving to the entrance of the mine where he would have to go in. The cave was cleaned up for the most part now because the last time they went Caius got his clothes ripped and Kon got his face cut up on the stalactites and shit and it was really rough because what the fuck type of cave wasn't cleared out. Lazy ass miners man he would have to bust out the whip and smack those fools if they didn't keep it clean from now on. We had magic and stuff and in this day in age that was the way to keep things cleared out easy peasy. Anyways he walked into the mine and it was looking nice for now. The miners did some good work. Maybe he would do something nice for them like order a pizza or something. They normally only got the bread they gave them from time to time. Caius wasn't too much of a monster. He would get one pizza and watch them fight for it. He was a generous god.

Once he would go through the mine , he would reach the back where the elevator was before where he and Kon went down to kill all those damn Wuhan bats that were killing the miners. Caius would see that they also upgraded the elevator that was in the back. Before it was an old school one that was gas powered and he was like what the fuck it is the magic era why we using this ape shit. We got spells. SO now the elevator was lacrima powered and he would be able to go into the machine and then it would have buttons this time instead of a crank so he would just hit the ground floor button and then the elevator would start to work adn then it would go down to the ground floor and then Caius would reach the ground floor and then he would exit the elevator and now he was on the ground floor so he then could go and he would be able to look for the miners so then he would be able to go and get rid of them so they couldn't' revolt. Caius saw some weapon racks of basic stuff like mining picks and what now and he would keep walking till he hear some one speaking. It would go through the cave and he would see what it was cause it sounded like some type of speech. Caius would go to find the miner giving this speech and teach him a lesson.


Hi I'm Caius

What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2] Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:08 pm

Caius would go down the tunnel of the mine and then he would see in the mine that one of the leaders was on a box and he was giving a speech to the other miners and he would be saying stuff with his words that would make the othe rminers get hype and he would tell them that there was going to be some changes around here and that they weren't going to get tortured anymore to work and they wanted to go to their families and they didn't want to mine anymore for us they wanted to mine for good and justice like the good guilds and not do it for the bad guilds cause the bad guilds did bad stuff like what they were doing with the torture and the whipping and making them slaves and making them do stuff for them so they could get the materials and then they could use it so they could sell it and then they could get money and theen they could buy weapons and then the guild would use it and they would use the m ine material and then they would increae their power and then they would be one of the strongest guilds so the Syndicate would be able to take over and they would spread their influence and then after they did that Caius would be free and would be able to spread his business around and do what he wanted after he was done with them.

Caius clapped his hands at the man. "It was a fine speech but no revolt on my watch you troglodytes" Caius pointed his hand like a gun and then he would form a magic circle and then the circle would form and the circle was purple cause it was darkness magic and it would then form a spell and the spell would then fire and it would be a powerful spell so it was a high rank spell and it would do damage and since it was a high rank spell the damage would be high and it would be enough to kill a person which is why he shot the spell which was a high rank spell at the man that was giving the speech cause the spell that did a a lot of damage would kill him and then he would be dead as dead can be cause when you are dead you are dead. If the head of the miner was cut off then the body would die so the revolt would be toast and Caius go upstairs and go back to the guild and chill and work on his shit instead of this stupid ass miner stuff. Caius then would watch as the spell would fly true and strike the man in the face and he fell over dead. The other miners were pissed and ran for the weapon racks and would then pick out their weapons of choice before charging at Caius.


Hi I'm Caius

What's Mine is Mine[Quest][2] Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:22 pm

The miners were packing heat like swords and maces and miner picks and they were ready to fight. They thought that since they had the overwhelming numbers they would be able to fuck him up. Jokes on them tho he was an S rank mage and as the great the rock preacher once said in his illum sermons he was going to get his magic and then he was going to layeth the smacketh down on some of these fools and hit them with his bullet magic to fuck them up. Caius would then go and he would lift up both of his hands. THe first wave of miners would charge they would have their pickaxes and they would run to caius and then they would raise the axes up and then they would prepare to strike Caius and then the swung down at him at his head with the intention of killing him and Caius said fuck that and he used his bullet magic and would use the magic to shoot them in the face and they would die and then they would be dead from dying the deadest ass in the world. They fell over but the other miners still fought.

THe miners with swords seemed a little stronger they did some bobbing and weaving and some fancy moves spinning their swords around they probably saw on the lacrima tube but after they had spun their sowrds around and did their dance moves they would go and attack and Caiu sjust wondered why they attacked with a sword when he had freaking magic that he was able to use and shoot and then he would shoot and hit them in the face too and then they would fall over dead from his bullet magic and this time the miners that had the maces said fuck that and would run away. They didn't want to get shot but spolers they were. Caius would gather his bullet energy and keep it held back and would shoot it and then he would have it home on the miners and it would strike them and then he would see that they were dead as fuck so he would be completing the mission now.

Caius went back up the evelator out of the mine and then he would go to Frank who was the new boss. He told them the miners with the revolt were dead now and he made the other miners that were loyal go pick it up . He would then go and head back to the guild because his work here was done. THe reovolt of the miners was done and he would be able to sell the ore to the man that was going to pay them a bunch of money for the ore and then after he complted that t he guild could get their weapons. Caius headed back to the guild hall and would write a report on the work he had done and finished up


Hi I'm Caius

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