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A City Under Siege - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

A City Under Siege - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:26 pm

Kenzo Valens
Around one or two hours had passed since the sun set down. The nights were completely empty; it was almost as if the western city of Oak had been completely abandoned. People staid inside their homes and locked their doors and windows behind metal bars. It was kind of funny how all of them were prepared with such defensive contraptions for their homes. However, it was something to be expected from a town that had long been ruled with fear and violence. A couple of years before, when Phantom Lord was still going around, the perfect way to describe the daily life at Oak was defined by a single word: Lawless. Rogues, dark mages, gangsters, thieves, assassins, you name it. Every and all of the jobs and professions that fell under the category that started at morally ambiguous were represented within the dwellers of the city. It was the common folk as always, the one that paid the heavy price of hosting such low lives. That was exactly the reason why trenching themselves behind their homes with iron bars and safety locks was second nature to the people of the city. Kenzo had never seen something like that before, so he found it curious when everyone without an exception did so. None of them questioned it or found it weird. After all, that had been the way that things had worked for decades and they were taught to do so from their own parents. Luckily for them, after Advent World’s arrival at Oak, there was no longer a need to do so in fear of being robbed, extorted or killed. They had arrived at the city and pledged themselves to protect the people that lived under their turf. That was exactly what Kenzo was going to do that night. It was lich hunting time.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

A City Under Siege - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:26 pm

Kenzo Valens
The attack had just barely begun. Kenzo had been patrolling the streets the last night when one of Lord Servas Phantasm’s spokespersons came running towards him. Kenzo had yet to meet the lord himself, but from what he had heard, Servas Phantasm was the current lord of the house of his name. They were the dwellers of Oak’s castle and held great influence in Oak Town. After interacting with the people of the city, Kenzo came to understand that he was a greatly respected family. His reputation was completely sky-high for some reason. This seemed odd to the blue haired mercenary, but he didn’t question why he was so popular. Either way, Servas had one of the most notorious reputations in town and knew how to play his coins to get the better deal for himself and his family. He would do everything and anything as long as he could come on top. Some said his obsession with winning was such that he wouldn’t even care making deals with the devil.

Kenzo chuckled the first time he heard someone speak as such of Oak’s Lord. For the Bellan swordsman, that kind of mindset was one that he agreed with. A thought crossed through his mind in that moment. ”I like this man already. Maybe I’ll come and introduce myself after this Lich thing has been resolved?” Kenzo had more pressing manners to attend at the moment after all. A lich had invaded Oak and Advent World was having none of that.

”Mr. Valens! I’m glad to see you again. We cannot express you enough our thanks for helping with last night’s attack wave. The only reason we suffered no losses was because you were there with us.” The old man that served the Phantasm family greeted Kenzo at the entrance of the guild hall. The mercenary simply smiled with a nod before continuing. ”Shall we go?”

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#3Kenzo Valens 

A City Under Siege - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:26 pm

Kenzo Valens
Truth be told, he was starting to get a little annoyed at the spokesperson at this point. Sure, it was good to be energetic, passionate and no holds barred in whatever you did, but the way he acted was surely too much, right? Maybe the thing that had started to tire Kenzo was how much of a flatterer he was. Either way, there was still some work to be done. As both men walked down the road that led to Oak, Kenzo interrupted the old man before he continued to melt in praises at the work he had done yesterday.

”So. Any news on the horde gathering at the outskirts of the town after I left?” Kenzo cut short the male’s sentence with a firm tone.

”Ah yes! Well… After Mr. Valens triumphant victory against the army of skeletal warriors, it seemed that the undead activity in the area stopped at once. Some villagers said that after a couple of hours after your departure the place was completely empty, as if nothing had ever happened there.” The old man grabbed his chin with his left hand, placing his right on his elbow and throwing his head back as if trying to remember something else. ”Ah! Yes… There were news this morning at the castle that a brigade of Lord Serva’s guards went and inspected the place in search of the Lich Lord. However, they couldn’t find the position of the fiend yet.”

”I see… Then, where are we going today? I suppose there has been a new sighting of summons in the city right?” Kenzo wondered where the danger would appear this night. ”Ah yes! A messenger from the Majura Gallery was found around and hour ago asking for assistance. It appears there has been a sighting at the gallery’s grounds.”

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#4Kenzo Valens 

A City Under Siege - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:26 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo’s eyes widened in shock as he heard the news. Anger began filling his body as he instantly grabbed the Phantasm’s servant by the collar. ”Damn blockhead! You should’ve said so sooner!! Has the gallery been damaged!?” Kenzo was not letting this slide like a simple mistake on the older male’s part. If the Gallery was attacked, it was a matter of utter importance for the Guild. Even more so to Kenzo. He along with his guildmate Noel were tasked with securing the Gallery’s assistance in taking control over Oak. Kenzo had personally assured the higher ups of the Majura that they wouldn’t be bothered by any threats as long as Advent World ruled over Oak.

”P-Pl-Please! Let me down! Don’t worry… Although there has been sighting of some summons appearing at the Gallery, it seems that the owner of the place has casted a strong spell to contain them for the moment. From what I heard, they’ve got most of the situation covered, but actually were going to send message to Advent World to ask for someone to kill the beasts for them. Ah yes! Actually, I found the messenger mid-way and since I was coming to greet you sire, I offered to deliver the news.”

The old man held both of his hands in the air, with both palms open towards the Bellan swordsman. After hearing his explanation, Kenzo calmed down and let the man go. ”There better not be a single nick in the place by when we arrive…”

Kenzo started running towards the Gallery after putting the man down. Luckily, he was telling the truth. Vanessa Underwood, the current owner of the gallery had casted a spell to enclose three skeleton Behemoths inside. They were truly ferocious beasts. However, their existence was of magical origin.

”Masamune’s Full Negation” Three words, three behemoths returning to dust. The threat was dealt with, but the hunt for the lich continued.

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