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A Town Under Attack - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

A Town Under Attack - Solo [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:52 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo had a couple of days before he needed to travel to Crocus to participate in the Grand Magic Games. He had been running all over the country completing quests and obtaining information from the different regions. What had started as a quest to look for information and gather knowledge about the land, had ended in a great adventure at the sea that led the blue haired mercenary to find a blade of legend. It was one of Joya’s lost national treasures. Among the legendary items that the millenary culture kept, Masamune had been stolen hundreds of years ago. The legend spoke about a man known as the King of Thieves and the fateful day when he sneaked into the imperial treasury to steal the golden blade. The whole country entered a national crisis and their reputation was tainted for centuries. Now, the gods had blessed Kenzo with its ownership. He’d make sure to honor the memory of its first holder. He was set on becoming one of the best swordsmen history had ever seen and for that, he needed to keep improving.

As he walked through the streets of Oak wondering what he should spend the rest of his day, a sudden shout caught his attention. It was the spokeperson of Servas Phantasm, the owner of Oak’s castle and ruler of the land before Advent World had come to the city. From what Kenzo could see, the man was terrified. ”Anyone!!!! Lord Servas Phantasm has put out a bounty for whoever manages to take it down!! This is an urgent matter!! PLEASE! CALL ADVENT WORLD!!” As soon as he heard his guild’s name, Kenzo began making his way to the distraught man. ”OVER HERE!! Kenzo is here!” A lady shouted from the other side of the sidewalk. She was the owner of a rather popular food stall in the area. Since Kenzo normally frequented the place, she was acquainted with the blue haired mercenary’s exploits. In fact, all of his constant questing around the city and the country had earned him quite a peculiar reputation. He was now recognized by some people, specially at Oak city. The Phantasm’s spokeperson instantly ran towards Kenzo’s position as tears flowed down his face. ”Praise the heavens!!! Please! Help us!”

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#2Kenzo Valens 

A Town Under Attack - Solo [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:52 pm

Kenzo Valens
”Heeh… What’s the fuzz about, old man?” Kenzo spoke towards the man holding a bounty poster with a rather curious tone. It was not everyday that something like this happened in the city. Kenzo was honestly getting bored by not doing anything the whole day, so maybe this could be a nice change of pace.

”Please! You have to help us. A powerful Lich has arrived at Oak and is set on taking control of the whole city. From the information we have managed to obtain, he decided to attack the city since he heard Phantom Lord had disappeared. According to what Lord Servas thinks, the lich must think Oak is weak after losing the guild. Please do something, they have already taken hostages!”

Kenzo’s energy began to build up. It was a mix between excitement and anger. He was thirsting for a fight. Perhaps it would serve as a bit of a warmup before heading to Crocus and fighting in the tournament. However, this excitement began changing into fury as he saw the eyes of the townsfolk that had now surrounded him. This was Advent World’s turf now. They had decided to offer their protection to the city as long as they held influence over the town. This would not stand. No one could come and attack their city as long as the new guild stood. They had made a promise with the populace after all. Kenzo intended to keep their word and honor. It was Lich hunting time now.

After agreeing to take the contract, Kenzo followed the spokesperson. The older man guided the Bellan mercenary to the spot where the Lich had decided to attack. He was surrounded by dozens of skeletal beasts and other dead warriors. They all had different shapes and sizes, but all shared something in common. They were about to be destroyed by Advent World. ” Apparently the Lich lord is taking this as a game! He has decided to invade Oak in waves, increasing in power and lethality. We do not have enough man power to defend ourselves for the incoming horde.”

Kenzo smirked at the man as he unsheathed the two-meter-long golden blade from its scabbard.

”Leave it to me”

The townspeople ran in fear as ten beasts charged at Kenzo. However, he had an ace up his sleeve. For Kenzo, the fight was honestly a piece of cake. The wave of monsters stood two meters away from the mercenary, and yet he simply rose his blade with calm. ”Masamune’s Full Negation!”

The beasts collapsed. Kenzo completed the job without breaking a sweat.

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