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Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Another morning came with another call to action. The guild was becoming busier and busier with people bringing quest to the guildhall.

Kaz started his morning in the most delightful way he knew how. Sneaking in some time having a cup of coffee with Noyiah next to the large window that overlooked the city. The request was on the table as they waited for Shimura's arrival. With something like this is was important to have as many hands as possible. "Today will be a pretty full day," He said to noyiah.

Soon the magma mage arrived and Kaz greeted him with a wave, "Morning. You ready to get to work?" he asked as he rose the request paper with a small wave.

Once they exchanged their pleasantries it was time to hit the town. They were all headed down to the docks to investigate what was going on. Kaz had sent word for them to be in a central location for questioning.

At the docks, there was a scattering of people around. Some of them just mothers aside their children.

"Alright. Let's each take one and see what we can get," Kaz said as he approached the first family. The woman talked about missing sailors and he couldn't help but look back and think about the fear that had gripped Noyiah last time.

He turned back to the family to listen to their tail. Her husband had gone into a deep sleep and experienced strange dreams and call out in the night about woods and crickets.

Meanwhile, Rhea, the woman that gave them the quest stood with her hands wringing together her heels turned out causing her knees to almost touch.

"Thank you for your help, It's appreciated. We will get to the bottom of this." Kaz walked away to meet the others once they were done. Each of them walking away with a different piece to the puzzle.

"All I got from them was that her husband sailed down the eastern shore. Some rumors about a voice from the other sailors. What about you two?"

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#2Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:38 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as Kazimir said it would be a full day,  they were heading out onto the water again, and this time she planed not to freak out,  though she still hadn’t explained her behavior to Kazimir yet, she was grateful he had been pushing for answers, because she still had none.  She sat in one of her many work outfits, choosing the same cloths as her previous mission, after all it seemed to work well.    Three Small Peirce marks still present in her left boot, which she kept as a reminder of her recklessness.

When Shimura entered the room Noyiah would nod towards him and get ready to stand, her arms stretching above her head and strained to stretch any higher before she twisted her shoulder forwards letting the bone click into spot again as she got to her feet. “hope you dressed for the water, we will likely end up in it” she said  still in relatively good spirits before passing him to head down to the front door readjusting her bag to her shoulder once she passed the threshold of the door.   Noyiah had already read through and committed the incident report to memory and was ready to start the day though she wasn’t sure what would be instore for her yet.

Once they were all ready and down at the docks Noyiah would split off to talk to a few people about the incidents, but most importantly she talked to a woman named Rhea, whose husband has been sleeping for a few days now  but is cursed with a feverish dream that wont allow him to wake.  After doing quick vitals check and talking to woman about a Doctor looking, she was informed that he was looked at recently and the doctor said it matched patterns of deep sleep and a coma.  Noyiah nodded as she heard the evaluation retold by the wife.   Aside from this the man was in good condition,  though Noyiah pressed a bit more to find out what her husband did for a living.  After being told he was a fisherman  Noyiah asked which vessel he worked with.

After getting the information Noyiah would rejoin the group and told them “ we should check with the Bronze Bass, it seems that was the last ship Rhea’s husband worked on” she would explain before  saying “ I’m going to stick around here and look into what I have found “ she said pulling a few books from her bag and  sitting down on a barrel, crossing her legs at the ankles and  flipping the cover open.

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Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Semi_c11

#3Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:18 pm

Shimura Shigaraki
At last they would head out into the world and do something! Finally, Shimura would not be stuck in a stupid office doing stupid paper, he would at last have the chance to feel combat and smell fresh air. Needless to say, Shimura was absolutely thrilled when Kazimir-sama offered to take him and Noyiah on a mission, the magma mage could not have accepted his offer any faster. Even more eventful was the fact that they would be out on the water, but that did pose the issue of being surrounded by some conflict elements, and well they would be confined on a ship. So if Shimura had to use his magic, well, he needed to be very careful as not to burn down the bloody ship; ugh. One of these days, he would get the chance to go all out- he just needed to be a little patient, that was all, patient. 

Of course, Shimura woke up a little later than usual and took his sweet time with a shower. He would then fix his hair, and place on his outfit that made him look like a commander of an army. Shimura would complete the look with his coat, and then a lotus flower that would hang from his right breast pocket. With his hands in his pockets, Shimura would make his way down the hallway and into the kitchen. The two guildmates were having coffee, and Noyiah-chan immediately addressed his attire. “Please Noyiah-chan, you might think me a fool, but I’ve come prepared.” He would remark with a smirk, but just as he was making his coffee they decided to leave. He pouted but went anyway.

As they were headed down to the docks. Kazimir-sama informed them that they should split up, Shimura nodded in agreement and went to question a few people about the fisherman. After getting some information about the sailor’s strange predicament, and whatnot Shimura would regroup with his allies. “Mmmm, good idea Noyiah.” He would comment before turning to Kazimir-sama. “Should I start closing off the area in the case we find something hostile?” he would suggest. Or well more accurately, he would get the rookies to clear the area, while he help search for the cause. “If not, I can help you look around the Bronze Bass.” He suggested.


#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:06 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz listened to both of their explanations and suggestions as Noyiah got ready to sink her teeth into some research. The wind mage looked over the area as Shimura mentioned locking it down for what may be to come. He nodded his head in agreement as he took in the number of people that gathered and the ships that were getting ready to leave port.

"Good plan. Alright While Noyiah does some research can you close off the area, but in particular make sure no ships leave the port so we can prevent any further incidents?" Kaz asked of him and then walked towards the Bronze Bass. The ship was a mild size with bronze fittings that lined the rails and deck. A captain's cabin stood out with a solid bronze door and the image of a bass carved into it. A group of sailors lounged about the boat, waiting in the sun.

The wind mage walked up the thin wooden bridge that wobbled. It was placed on an uneven part of the dock and only half the bridge touched the dock while the other hovered a few inches above it. Each step caused the piece to tap down against the dock.

"Hey," he addressed them casually as he was getting used to many of the faces around the port. "I hear Rhea's husband was on this ship. Can you tell me more about what happened? And where you went?" The captain emerged and one by one the crew began to recount their travel. The captain gave the wind mage a chart of the path they had taken. It was vastly different but with one thing in common. The path this ship took went by the same area at sea of the husband of the other family the wind mage had talked to. Perhaps this was no coincidence and there was more to what was out there than they expected.

Kaz grimaced at the map. Something dangerous lurked in the waters once again and needed to be deal with. The route led to a small island at sea and that would need to be their next destination.
"Thank you for your time. Unfortunately, until this is over I'll have to ask you all not to sail out to that location. We will look into it now."

Kaz briskly walked back down to the docks where his comrades were hard at work getting their own tasks done. He stepped towards one to the refurbished warships the guild had, "Hey Noyiah! Shimura! Yo two up for a trip? I found a location to investigate. We can finally put our little coast guard to work and take the ship out." Even if Noyiah hadn't finished, there would be ample time to do so on the trip out. He would leave the organization of the ship up to Shimura as the coast guard was his command.

Once they were all together, Kaz would lay out the map and put his finger down on the destination they were headed to. The small island not too far away. "Here is where we are headed. The crew all seemed to mention a loss of memory and dizziness once over there so we'll have to really be careful."

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#5Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:29 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would smirk slightly as she passed by Shimura as he commented back about not being a fool, but remained silent, As she got to the stairs she couldn’t help but smile, he had a way about him that got under her skin, but she liked having him around.  Shaking her head slightly as she went down the stairs and waited at the door.    she knew she got under his skin too, but there was a respect for each other that canceled out most of the negative feelings.

After returning to the group and Relaying what she found out she would nod with Shimura’s idea, it seemed like a good plan, that would help limit down the exposure of this if it happened to be something on the boat itself.  She would continue to sit there and read from the book as she flipped Hastily through pages until she skimmed past some key words that would relate to the issues they were having.

The two would get moving leaving her in peace for a bit as she continued to skim through pages, pulling strings of fabric over each page she wanted to return to after.

When they returned Noyiah would look up, hearing his offer for a trip, she would Sigh slightly  but then stand up and nod “ if it gets us closer to our goal I guess” she  would say closing the book to punctuate her disappointment with going back into the open waters.  Her Close call still fresh in her mind as she though of all of those effected if she were to die.  She would dismiss the thought, her team would assist her, and they wouldn’t just let her die.    It was comforting thought, but she still felt quite useless going into the water with nothing more than a sharp dagger and wit.  Regardless though she agreed.

Once Kazimir explained the route and the map Noyiah would share what she had thought it might be” It could be a Water sprite   or possibly a water nymph, some say that they cast a charm over men and take over their sleep, but nothing concrete, these are just folklore for the most part, no actual evidence suggests they can have an effect that lasts like this. “she says itching the side of her head with her thumb nail  “ though I’m not sure what would cause memory loss on a mass scale” she said thinking of the practicality of something like that. “ maybe it’s a group of mages trying to keep people away, it wouldn’t be unlike magic to have symptoms  like that,  the physician said there was nothing Physically wrong with  Rhea’s husband, but maybe his mind is being held captive with magic to prevent him from revealing their location”

She suggested before she moved her book into her bag and slide the bag back over her shoulder ready to board the warship, that still needed a fresh coat of paint.

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#6Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:22 pm

Shimura Shigaraki
For some reason, Shimura couldn’t help but find it amusing to annoy the living crap out of Noyiah. But he did honestly, find it boring that Noyiah didn’t bother to snap back. Though, for the most part, Shimura never meant what he said to her, as he respected her, and it was more playful picking. Something that two siblings or really long friends or co-workers would engage in, nothing malicious or harmful. Furthermore, he was sure that Noyiah would tell him if he went to far, or at least he would think. Oh well, that would be something that he might need to inspect later on, something he’ll do later when they get to the guild. 

With a nod, Shimura would take some newbies to secure the area. He ran into some trouble; a couple of sailors weren’t too happy that they were locking down the docks. They complained that this would affect trade, and that Phoenix feather wasn’t supposed to be closing down the docks, and whatnot. Shimura little annoyed tried his best not to lose his temper and force them to obey. Fortunately, he managed to take a deep breath, and control the burning flame that ate his anger. He explained to everyone that this was done in order to protect them, and that there was some sort of beast harming the sailors. So, he reverses their reasoning, and saying that they were protecting the merchants and the village. With a few more moments of going back and forth, Shimura managed to successfully secure the area and prevent sailors from leaving.

Shimura would return, and it was clear that he was annoyed. “I don’t understand why can’t people just take our orders, and do what they say? I mean seriously, we are trying to protect these people, and they are complaining about their stupid trade! The nerve of these imbeciles.” He would vent out as he approached the group and noticed that Kazimir-sama was on one of the warships. A smile would form across his lips, a cocky and devilishly smile as he joined them. “I will make the proper arrangements, alert the men to restrict all access to that area, if need be, I will blockade the island.” Shimura answered as Kazimir-sama laid out the map and placed his finger to the island. He paused for a moment, “Actually, I may go ahead with the blockade, and prepare plans to bombard the island in the case that we fail?” he would look to Kazimir-sama questioningly. 

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:05 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz crossed his arms in a more focused stance as Noyiah delivered the information. He nodded along trying to think about all the variables that played a part in what they were going to face. A part of him hoped it wasn't a group of mages. Dealing with that could have far more ramifications than dealing with a rogue beast in the water.

"Good work Noyiah. That's some pretty detailed information. Hopefully, the memory loss is just an unfortunate side effect and I trust in your judgment. Let's proceed as if we are dealing with a water nymph. That'll be problematic for myself and Shimura so you will be vital. "
 A mind held captive was a dangerous thing. One that the wind mage feared could befall them as well.

Shimura made his return with a grumbled complaint but a justified one. "It'll take time Shimura. So far we haven't had much of a chance to show them the actions behind our words. But this is a step to closing that gap."

Kaz couldn't help but smile back at Shimura's enthusiasm for finally getting to use the coast guard. There were few better ways to train a group of men. Kaz nodded back, "I leave it in your capable hands," he said. As much as he had come away from his time in the knights, being in those roles helped prepare him.

As Kaz pointed at the map, Shimura added another caveat to the plan. One that would bring down a great deal more might and he looked at Kaz as if to ask the question. The wind mage made eye contact with Shimura and then looked at the cannons set alongside the ship.

"That's a good idea. A fail-safe just in case. If we fail then something still needs to be done about it. So we'll set sail, land on the island to investigate and take out the threat. meanwhile, if things go south Shimura you can send the signal to call for the bombardment."
He waited to see how they felt about the plan and once it was decided, the team would set sail.

The first mission of the coast guard took off towards the enchanted island. The boat, which was a mix of genders and races hoisted anchor and set off. It wasn't long before the group would come up to the island.

Just as the boat was nearing as close as it could get, a sweet song filled the air. It was a soothing melody carried over the gentle waves of the sea. Like a whisper for travel-weary men to come home.  Suddenly the men on the ship began to stagger towards the side of the warship. Some of the women grabbed them and tried to shake their entranced state out of them. Tne of the men shoved passed them and cast themselves over the side to the murky depths below.

Kaz leapt from his spot and rushed over to stop them but he was too late as he reached his hand over the side. Suddenly the wind mage cupped his own ears. His eyes faded from alert to a foggy haze with thoughts of jumping overboard. He sat on the deck and pressed his back against a wall.

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#8Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:18 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah could understand Shimura’s frustration but didn’t think it was too a big deal, the world was very different for those of them with out magic, you didn’t have anything to rely on if things got bad, most of the people here had to scrimp and save to have what they made in a month.

Noyiah would remain rather quiet for a bit, as she contemplated her findings and tried to think of things to assist against a Water Nymph, with Kazimir’s words in mind, she needed to use her time more critically and devise a plan to work well against a Creature of the fey.

Once they were at sea Noyiah would isolate herself for a bit as she took to under the main deck, spending time in the belly of the ship she wondered what she could do against something of its power out on the open sea. If there was patches of land she would be a little better off, but still not in a ideal position… Moving her hands over the boards of the ship, as she felt a pull from the wood. Like something was reaching touch her. Looking down some of the moss on the ship had seemingly grew and touched her arm. It wasn’t an aggressive movement and she felt like it was trying to comfort her in some sort of way. But still worried she stood up and left to climb above deck and rejoin the company of others.

When she got up top, she could see the island in the distance, the soft song slowly flowing out over the waves, realizing quickly her mistake she would rush over and start instruction people into the ship. They could handle a creature like this but the couldn’t be preoccupied with everyone else’s life. Between the three of them not one had an effective way to save multipule people from the water. As the ship got increasingly closer she would root through the things in her bag and pulled a small spyglass out and was able to see the creatures features.

Noyiahs Eyes widened as she seen the creature, she was wrong that wasn’t a Water Nymph. Running over to the rail and looking down towards Kazimir who laid on the deck. “ I was wrong it’s a Siren, we need to change up the plan, I’ll find Shimura then meet me at the bow we are going to trap it in the cove!” she called out and then looking about for Shimura, Kazimir had a good sense about him, though she didn’t know the degree he had already struggled to stay on the boat himself. But if she couldn’t find Shimura she wouldn’t be able to convey the plan, one that he was a vital part of.

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#9Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:25 am

Shimura Shigaraki
The sea was a beautifully quiet place to be. He had to admit that if given a reason or chance, Shimura would choose to spend all of his time out on the sea, but that was impossible. For one, water was arguably a weakness to his magic, cooling off the heated generated from his magma. But peace of mind was perhaps one of the only reasons to suffer from a weakness, or to at least tolerate one. The magma mage was on the top deck, his eyes closed as the wind rushed through his hair. He was next to the captain who was steering the ship and making sure that they stayed on course. The captain said something rather arrogance and cocky, but the magma mage ignored him for the quietness of the sea.

But then something changed, there was a nice melodious tone on the wind. Shimura cocked a curious eyebrow upward and uncrossed his arm to look over onto the deck to see if someone was playing a song. There was no one, but suddenly without warning, Noyiah erupted from below the deck, shouting something, Shimura barely caught wind of what she was saying but he did hear something about a Siren. The magma mage’s eyes widen in shock, and he quickly shot off a flare to signal the other ships to back off, but as they grew closer the music grew stronger, and Shimura found himself fighting for control

Folding his arms, Shimura closed his eyes and stood like a statue on the ship. As he struggled for control his joints ached and his body shook under the struggle. He started to focus inward on himself, and thought about his family, and his father, and his brother. Shimura tried to channel his hatred and his anger to fuel his will, but they failed him. His body trembled even harder. Starting to lose control, Shimura started to slowly walk to the edge of the ship. Then suddenly, he felt someone body slam him into the ground, and for an instance Shimura thought he saw his uncle starring down at him.

The illusion or hallucination quickly disappeared, and Shimura managed to get control of himself. Steam started to roll off his body as angered that he lost control rushed through him. Shimura started to bark orders, commanding those with strong wills to get the weak wills below deck. He rushed down from his advantage point and started to pull people off the edge. “When I find this siren I’ll burn her until there is nothing more than ashes for her remain.” Shimura stated as he shoved some idiot down into the bowls of the ship, hearing Noyiah’s plan he made his way to the bow of the ship. “What now?”


#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:37 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked up to see Noyiah standing with all her wits about her. With a deep breath, he steadied his mind and took in her words. The song still tickled the boundaries of his thoughts urging him to throw himself over the rail. He reached up and grasped the railing. His fingers wrapped around the cold damp metal and he pulled himself up. He steadied himself and pushed those thoughts as far back as he could.

"Yeah, that sounds about right. Good job," he replied about the revelation of the Siren as it all made sense with all the facts and what was happening around them. She gave him a glimpse of the plan, she was already devising. He nodded with his composure returning to him at last, "Great idea. I'll meet you there."

The wind mage headed towards the bow as Noyiah rushed off to find the magma mage. On the way to the bow, he pulled sailor after sailor off the edge of the ship. He could hear Shimura's voice urging the troops to return back down below deck and sent a signal to the others to back off. One more sailor stood on the edge of the ship. His front foot skipped over the side, just as Kaz snagged the moist loose cloth of the back of his shirt. The man stumbled back onto the ship and shook his head. The wind mage put his hand on the man's back to guide him towards the door that led back down below.

Kaz finally made it to the bow of the ship where he waited for Noyiah and Shimura. The water began to pick up, and the ship rocked back and forth. The waves lapped up the sides and washed the old polished wood. Kaz faced the sea and squinted, trying to catch a glimpse of the siren to no avail, It wasn;t long before his comrades arrived.

"How are we going to trap this thing?"
he was excited that the both of them had taken charge of the mission.

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#11Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:47 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Seeing Shimura manage to get himself under control stopped her from running head long towards him,  as he Seemed to Regain his Composure Noyiah and him headed to the front of the ship where Kazimir Waited,  she took no time to rest as she got there immediately  turning to Shimura “  we need you to create a flow of Lava down the side of the ship, it will  turn to stone as it hits the water,  this will cut off its water Exit,  and reflect some of the sound back.   Kazimir, can you pull the Air away from them or make the air so Fast near them it makes it hard to breath?” She Asked as she Turned towards the Voice, a lone Siren Sat perched up Singing its song of Chaos.   And Though Noyiah didn’t say so at the Time she had a lot of Admiration for both the of them for being able to Resist such a Song, she knew it wasn’t an easy task. And she hoped they could stay focused, because she wasn’t sure if she could handle the Siren in Close Quarter combat.  

“ill be Heading Straight for her, at least it will create a distraction, We can Reconvene after that,  once the  siren has no escapes ill  get out of the  Cove and you can Flood it with Lava” She Suggested. “  I might need you to fly me out though Kazimir” She said looking in his direction.  The Plan Would work if they could all manage their parts,   the Lava would creates hot water  that would Start to boil it alive if it tried to get out through the only opening in the  Crescent Shaped Rock Formation it Sat within.

One the Plan was told she would Draw her Dagger and get ready to Press forward,  her attention shifting to the Siren as she touched her fingers to her Magic bell,   just knowing it was there gave her confidence,  and this was not like the other Battles that occurred on the water,  She might not be comfortable with Deep Waters,  she had no problem when she was closer to places she could stand.

Looking at the Area she needed to go to s
he would need to dive into the water a bit. Or Kazimir would have to Drop her in, either way she didn’t want to get caught out in the water as it started to heat up.  “ Kazimir Can you Drop me in?” She asked taking a look back at their guild master.

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#12Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:57 pm

Shimura Shigaraki
With everyone gathered at the bow of the ship, Noyiah started to tell everyone her plan. Shimura was actually satisifed that she gave him the chance to let loose and show some fire power. It was certaintly better than being told to hold back his power and try not to burn everything down. Though, what she was asking of him was incredibly risky, and if he wasn’t too careful, he could burn down the ship. He bit his lip in thought and looked over the side of the ship thinking about her request. Sure. He could do it, but he needed to be careful and his magic was very unstable, and thus difficult to control. “I can’t make a flow of magma down the side of the ship, but I can create a pool of magma around it; so that the ship would not be damage in the process. Obsidian not stone.” He corrected her. With that being said Shimura would do just that. He would walk over to the edge of the ship, and transform a tendril of magma from his arm that would arch away from the side of the ship, and then slither down around it. The low heat of the magma would instantly cause it to be turned into black obsidian, blocking the siren’ escape from the water and give a solid floor for Noyiah to walk on.

"The obsidian should be cool enough to walk on, I'll flood the cove with hotter lava so that the water would boil." Shimura explained he paused for a moment. "Once the water to the cove has been boiled, I'll start raining fire from the sky, if you want me to that is. That way the siren cannot make an escape through the sky, if they can fly."

However, he was honestly concerned that Noyiah was going to go out on her own. Shimura didn’t know much about her magic, but he did understand that it was like Kazimir-sama’s and his own, both of which were designed for combat situations. Then again, Shimura could be wrong, but still he couldn’t help but be concerned, just a little. "Noyiah are you sure you want to go alone? Don't you think someone should go with you? Just to be safe? You are a vital part of Phoenix feather, and we cannot afford to lose you." Shimura would state, momentarily glancing at Kazimir-sama for support.


#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:33 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz listened to her plan. A well thought out one considering the spur of the moment reaction it took. He looked over the side of the ship with Shimura, both men concerned about the lava flow going down it. He was an explosive mage and knew just how risky that was. A trait they both had in common.

When he mentioned the pool of Magma, Kaz was far more relieved and then turned back to Noyiah. "My magic isn't gentle enough to constrict airflow, but I could probably create turbulent wind to both obscure the sound of her song and block her from rushing off deeper into the island."

Shimura began to pool the lava at the bass of the ship and Kaz started to gather up wind around his body. The second part of her plan concerned the wind mage just as much as it seemed to concern Shimura as the magma mage spoke out and shot a glance toward Kaz. The wind mage put his hand to his chin and took in a small breath, "Shimura is right. You are too important, and with the boiling water it would be really dangerous...However...I fear that if either me or Shimura got too close we may fall under her spell and who knows what would happen."

Removing his hand from his chin, he gave a slight nod. He quickly thought of a way it may work, "Got it!" He said as he tore small bits of his cloth garment and jammed one into his left ear. he held the other torn and tightly twisted piece of cloth in his other hand. "I'll fly you out and go with you. I won't be able to hear but I can feel vibrations in the wind. Just know that you won't be able to talk to me. I'll drop you and guard the sky so you won't need to rain down fire. Once you've made the trap I'll get Noyiah out and Shimura can on load on the creature."

He hoped that would be enough and if they agreed, he would stuff the other piece into his right ear, muffling the sound enough, so it wasn't a threat and then scoop Noyiah up in his arms to fly her out. They soared over the obsidian blockade that was forming and Kaz dropped her 15 meters from the siren onto the obsidian.

The siren was trapped from the front and Kaz created a whirlwind from behind to box it in as Noyiah made her move to distract the creature long enough for the blockade to be formed around it.

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#14Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:41 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Both Mages seemed to have minor issues with her plan,  both had less control of their magic then she had given them credit for,  not having used magic herself made it hard to judge how hard it was for someone with magic to control it, or how much strain it put on them. Shimura Corrected her statement of Stone, and she nodded knowing instantly after he mentioned it she was wrong.   He offered up a Counter plan and Noyiah Would nod,  it would work to the same effect  which was good.

Kazimir also offered up a variation to the plan, and she would nod sharply as she agreed “ that sounds better anyways” she said  taking a second to glance at the island as Shimura started to create lava.

Noyiah Nodded as she listened to Shimura and then Kazimir tell her she was to important to go in alone, something she overlooked, it was moments like this that made them a good team,  though she was a good Tactician she often seen herself as a pawn,  holding others above herself,  but she was a Step mother, and someone the guild looked up to quite often, even if she wasn’t as Strong by her self,  her strengths came for the organization and order she provided the guild.

“ Alright” she said slightly defeated “ we'll head in as a team, once the lava is set we can all make it in,  we will square off and stop the creatures Escape.  Preferably without having to dodge fire falling from the sky,   we can keep that as a last resort."

Noyiah put her dagger away as Kazimir put the other Piece of Fabric  in his ears,  once they started to fly up  Noyiah would wait for her opportune moment,  As she was Dropped off, she looked at the creature,  it had some sort of wings, and looked more bird like then she would have imagined,  the song she sang sounded out, Luckily  Noyiah wasn’t as effected by the melody as they were, which was an odd thought,  but something nshe would have to ponder one later. At the moment she had to cause a distraction.

She Quickly Shifted her stance drawing her dagger out again, and reaching out to her bell she pulled it from its belt loop,  She Rushed around   Running a Circle around the creature,  Shaking her Bell Violently,  a Tactic meant to Annoy her into stopping her Song to  Engage in a fight,  She knew with Kazimir watching her back from the skies she would be able to Disengage if things got too intense.  After she rotated a entire  length around the creature Noyiah would reassess the situation, the creature looked like it would be menacing if it managed  to get  its claws on her,  Noyiah made sure not the Get caught in the wind as she rotated around the creature  chiming the bell more Vigorously,  This time the Siren Stopped her Song  halfway through the Circle,  and  attempted to  Lunge at Noyiah.  

As she Lunged out Noyiah Would duck the First attack and ready her blade as another strike was aimed at her opposite side,  she managed to black the Second attack as the Creatures Claws  Caught on her blade.  The Creature  having two claws  and being  almost on top of Noyiah made it that much harder to block the next attack as it took its now free hand and aimed a Strike at Noyiah.
[WC 567 +1814 = 2381/2000]

#15Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:38 pm

Shimura Shigaraki
Kazimir-sama would speak up to address an issue with her otherwise perfect plan. He informed the group that he could not exert fine control over the wind, but he could obscure the siren’s song. Excellent, Shimura feared that if he lost concentration on maintain his will, then he’d be lost to the song. Honestly, drowning in water sounds much better than splatting himself over hard obsidian. Fortunately, Noyiah also agreed that they should do this as a team, or at least someone should go with her. Shimura would suggest that she bring with her some of their lessor guild members, to serve as meat shields and to aid her. But something told Shimura that she would not like that idea, and therefore, he said nothing. The lava continued to ooze out from the ship, and form into obsidian. Eventually, the entire area that was needed to be turned into obsidian had been turned, and the only thing that remained was the cove. However, a massive fist shape projectile of burning hot magma would collide into the cove, rapidly heating the water, and causing it to boil and fester violently.

She was effectively trapped. Kazimir-sama and Noyiah had left the ship a while ago, and Noyiah was dropped off a couple of meters away from the creature. Shimura however, stayed on the ship. He watched from his advantage point Noyiah running circles around the creature to annoy it, and Kazimir-sama creating a tornado behind it so that it would not escape. For some reason, Shimura had a feeling that if he were to get close to the creature, that it would not be a happy ending for him, therefore, he stayed behind and plotted something. Now that the creature’s song had ended Shimura ordered the other ships to surround the island, a difficult feat, seeing that obsidian blocked portions of the island. However, the ships did nothing but wait for a signal.

Shimura would then leap down from the ship, onto the obsidian flooring, and rush over to join Noyiah in battle. He did not know her combat abilities, and well, for that reason, he honestly doubted them. The magma mage sent a tendril shape fist of magma rushing towards the creature, which would collided into the creature's chest, before Shimura's arm would return to normal. "I know, not entirely part of the plan, but it seems like you needed help." he would state as he joined Noyiah in combat, he honestly wanted her out the way so he can just beat the creature down with massive explosions of magma and destruction.


#16Kazimir Seiryu 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The plan was going well. Shimura had solidified the sea and Noyiah was distracting the creature. Things were as planned until the siren lunged at Noyiah. Kaz was ready to rush in as the song had finally ended. But Noyiah was skilled at evasion and ducked the first strike but was coming in for a second. Before the creature's claw could land it was struck with a fearsome fist of magma. The siren tumbled back and recoiled.

Shimura appeared beside Noyiah with an attack. That was all the indication Kaz needed to know the song was finally over and they could act now in a barrage to finish it off. The siren stood up and flashed its claws, ready to dart forward for another attack on his allies.

The siren pushed off the ground and held both its claws wide, ready to strike. As it stepped down, Kaz threw his hand forward and created a large tornado that rushed upward from beneath the siren. It wrapped around the creature and sent it into the air with cuts and across its body.

The wind subsided and the siren began to plummet back to the ground. This was the opening for his comrades to deliver the finishing blows and leave this nightmare behind them. Kaz waited for their finishing blows and once that was done he would approach the two of them.

"Good work. Glad that's over with and we didn't get our minds taken over,"
he said with a small grin. "Looks like it's about time to sail back in," he said looking up at the sky and then back to the ship.

Once everyone was ready, he would head back to the ship for them all to return to the guild and collect the payment for another mission completed.

WC 300
Total WC 2300

#17Noyiah Dashi 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:52 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah’s eyes widened in disbelief as the next attack against her didn’t land, a flash of heat and Lava Exploded past her and nailed the Siren. Taking a Deep breath, she scampered back and repositioned defensively. Her Blade came up and she kept her other hand at the ready to help guide attacks away from herself, but it seemed it was unneeded as the friendly voice admitted it wasn’t part of the plan.
Her Attention moved to Shimura as she realized the threat was down for the count with that attack. “Probably for the best, I started to get in over my head” she admitted, She was quite happy that Shimura was there to watch her back, it was just another one of their unspoken Situations. Where she wouldn’t admit he was right to break from plan, but it wasn’t like she was going to protest that she didn’t need the help, after all the talons the creature wielded would have been enough to Slash her deep or even Disembowel someone with relative ease.

Deeming Shimura able to handle the last of the creature she would make her way back towards the ship. “ its all yours” she said Starting to make a running start to make it up the obsidian slope and leaping out to grab and pull herself onto the side of the boat. She was Confident that Shimura could handle the creature and if he wasn’t, she would be ready to rush back down. But the tornado of wind blasted the creature as it started to get back up, as it lifted up and was sliced from all direction and then discarded back onto the Stony cove. Having already headed back Noyiah didn’t try and finish the creature off and left it for Shimura to do. After all he was far better for combat if it continued to fight, then she was, though she’d never admit it

With everything wrapped up Kazimir congratulated them on a job well done, and though she hadn’t done anything other then cause a distraction she still felt like she did her part in their team. With Shimura back on the ship and all the ships ready they would head back towards the port having succeeded in their mission though when they were all back on the boat Noyiah would suggest “ I think you two should still get checked over at the medical ward, make sure there is no long term effects from the sirens song.” She mentioned before heading below ship to check on the crew that had been told to go below deck and wait out the song.


#18Shimura Shigaraki 

Siren's Call (Quest)(Noyiah and Shimura) Empty on Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:10 am

Shimura Shigaraki
As Noyiah's attack missed Shimura's magma fist managed to hit the beast, and nail the siren in the stomach. Seeing that his attack manage to square the creature right in the stomach, Shimura could not help but smile in satisfaction and cast a sideways glanced towards Noyiah. He took a second or two to make sure that the lava had not splashed onto her, she was fine, maybe a little tired or spent up, but fine nonetheless. Good, now all she needed to do was to stay out of his way, he couldn't afford to lose a comrade. "Good, now stay out of my way." Shimura stated rather coldly, there was a murderous gaze captured in his otherwise apathetic eyes. The creature screamed in rage and lunged towards Noyiah, but Shimura dashed between them, and smashed a fist lava into the creature's face. An eruption took place, causing the creature to growl in pain, and knocking her back just a little. When the smoke cleared, Shimura was starring the beast down angrily, beads of lava dripped down from his forehead like sweat as his body became coated in a cloak of burning liquid magma.

Before the creature could move, Shimura reared his hand before thrusting it forward, releasing a giant fist shape projectile that exploded into a fiery eruption. A pool of magma had formed under the creature, causing to squirm in un-comfort. Shimura would release another wave of magma in the form of a slithering raging dog that would bit down onto the creature, causing another eruption of magma to consume the area while setting the creature ablaze. A couple of more fist of magma and the creature was nothing more than a charred mess. With the creature done, Shimura's body returned to normal. He stuck his hands into his pocket to admire his handy work, before recognizing that his guild mates were on the ship. "Tch, you could have waited for me." he complained. "An island with horrors like this should not exist." Shimura murmured under his breath, realizing now what he must do.

Returning to the ship, Shimura would ignore whatever Noyiah said about going to the doctor or seeing a nurse. He didn't need one, she on the other hand might need one. Whatever the  case, Shimura used the device to order a bombardment upon the island as soon as they would leave. As soon as their ship started to head back, the sound of cannon fire filled the air, as ships started to bombard the island.


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