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What Lies Beneath [Quest]

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#1Szeth Son-Neturo 

What Lies Beneath [Quest] Empty on Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:56 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
Szeth took a long draw on his cigarette before downing the last gulp of his drink and slamming the cup down on the bar. He had found the last few days to be very peaceful, and had spent the nights in quiet taverns, drinking and smoking and keeping to himself in quiet corners. The mini vacation had been nice, but as he slammed a coin on the bar and slid it over to the bartender, he couldn't help but noticing how light his bag of money was beginning to feel. It was probably time to go ahead and get back on the grind and start making some more cash. That being said, the general quietness of Oak was a double edged sword. While it complimented his introverted disposition, it also meant that people weren't out advertising jobs like they had been in Magnolia, and the notice boards were barren. He nodded to the bartender, a signal that both knew meant "another of the same please" and the bartender placed another cup of strong alcohol in front of him. Szeth took the deadest first gulp that filled his throat and stomach with fire before lighting another cigarette.

Sitting on the other side of the bar were two shady looking characters, both with their faces obscured. Szeth couldn't help but eavesdrop on the conversation that the two were having. It was the most interesting thing he had heard all night.

"You know, there was some priest preaching about the spirits beneath the church. He was offering a little bit of cash for anyone who was brave enough to get rid of them"

"Aye, but I heard, theres a fella in the tavern across town that is offering far more than that, for anyone stupid enough to aggravate them even more."

Szeth raised an eyebrow. It seems he was in luck tonight.

[WC 309]

#2Szeth Son-Neturo 

What Lies Beneath [Quest] Empty on Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:06 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
Szeth stepped down into the catacombs that lay beneath the church and listened as his footsteps echoed through the seemingly endless tunnels. While the atmosphere was a little bit spooky, there were no ghosts to be seen. He let out a brief sigh. It seemed that these so called ghosts were probably just the result of bored townsfolk spreading rumors. Typical. Nevertheless, he held a small lantern in front of him and proceeded to walk further and further into the catacombs. He'd come far enough at this point, he may as well look thoroughly before leaving. Besides, the place was kind of interesting so maybe it wasn't a complete waste of time. He continued to focus on the sound of his footsteps, the rhythm relaxing him as he ventured further. Something seemed off. The sound of the footsteps was out of time with his stride. Szeth stopped. The sound of footsteps continued. It seemed that these rumors had a degree of truth to them. Szeth was not alone.

He turned around. Szeth hopped backwards in shock. Before him stood an almost translucent figure, eyes glowing red and face painted with malice. He reached into his pouch, drawing some holy water which he had taken from the church before coming, and threw the whole vial at the ghost. The specter simply laughed as the vial passed through it's intangible body. Damn. He hadn't really thought this one through, and had absolutely no idea how to deal with ghosts. Time for plan B.

"Fuck you loser"

Szeth flashed the ghost an obscene gesture before running back the way he had came. Now the sounds of even more footsteps began to echo. As Szeth exited the catacombs, he watched in dismay as a horde of malevolent spirits flooded out, and began to spread and wreak havoc across the town.

Well, at least he knew of someone that would pay well for such a result.

[WC 630]

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