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Edith Liddell

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#1Edith Liddell 

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Edith Liddell


Name: Edith Liddell

Age:  09/14/x766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Undecided

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan

Class: The Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: Upper right arm

Face: Mari Saotome - Kakegurui


Height:  5'4

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: blonde

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Edith wasn't blessed with a height that can put the eiffel tower into shame. She struggles to reach shelves to grab something to read. Book shelves were like trees compared to her small height of about 162cm. Her eyes are the reflection of the unique Sharp golden eyes. Dry, frizzy blonde hair, that she keeps in twin ponytails. Her hair scales below her lower back, but stops beneath the waist, if untied. Edith sports a black and red, warm patterned cloth around her shoulders. Alongside it, is a scarlet colored bow, located at the collar of her white buttoned down shirt. The collar of her shirt is kept folded. Edith keeps her shirt tucked inside of her black shorts that stop around her thigh. She wears a pair of thigh length socks. However, one side differs from the other. Her left sock consists of three white lines, circling around the upper part of the sock. The right remains black and lazily pulled up. Edith has two ring-like accessories on her right thigh.



Strict, bossy who doesn't hold her tongue when she speaks. Edith proves to be a force to be reckoned with. She's quick to show off a sassy attitude. She sees things differently than most people and has a hard time agreeing on certain things. Edith doesn't like slackers if she's the one to pull most of the weight. At first Edith doesn't show any signs of ladylike in a pot of disdain. Most people would tell her to take a chill pill. She likes to make smart remarks and roll her eyes. Edith views herself as a highly capable girl, who can handle almost any task if given the opportunity. She takes great joy in receiving praise, but would dismiss them at times. Edith is the type to try and reach to the top, by working harder than everyone else in her group. Edith wouldn't go for weak excuses and belittle people if given the chance. She's a very doubtful person, as she expresses it through body language. Unable to believe and see that people can do things better than her. Edith is a more show than tell kind of girl. She doesn't do a lot of bragging and if, people think that she can't do certain things. Edith would be happy to prove them wrong. Edith expresses an interest in competition over superior rights and indulges herself in trivial matters. Some may call them not worth the time.


  • Gambling:  Edith likes to gamble and make big calls, whether it be actual gambling for money or gambling for her life. She enjoys a good show and provides entertainment for people. She sometimes likes to do the impossible, which is an excuse to say that edith wants to be known as the first person to do it.
  • Tricks: Edith likes to play casual tricks that deceives the eye of whoever she calls, her "playmate" She likes to fool people and see the shock in their faces. Edith likes to take her time to make a thought out plan about how to pull a successful trick that could put a magician to shame.


  • Incomplete work: As a hunter, Edith doesn't like her job without completing it. If she's out hunting for something or someone. Edith wont come back until the jobs have been dealt with. She wouldn't feel like she's doing her family any justice if, she fails her job at something she specializes in. Edith wants to make the money worth something.
  • Narrow places: Edith doesn't like being in small and narrow places. Places that limit freedom. She thinks of it like a cage. She prefers to be in an area where there's room to work with.


  • Acknowledged:  
    She's motivated to become an acknowledged hunter, by pushing herself beyond her own limits. Edith wants to be recognized for her work and build a reputation for herself. She doesn't care about the positives and negatives of her work, so long as they are being acknowledged is fine with her.


  • Losing: Losing and the concept of failure is something that she doesn't tolerate, nor does her family tolerate it. Experiencing the loss of something, brings out a whole new person. Edith is meant to mold herself to triumph over all that proves to be a nuisance to her and her plans. Edith refuses to acknowledge the act of losing and deems it a fluke.
  • Haunted places: Ghost and all that supernatural stuff, she doesn't want to be a part of, Edith doesn't want to be around dangerous spirits, trying to get her. She feels frightened easily, when alone in darker places of the world. Prefers to have a few companying her on most quests.


Magic Name:  

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description:
Edith allows herself to bend, shape, and utilize the power of lightning to a small degree. Lightning that she uses, gives her the right to produce electrifying currents around her body. Her hair Lights up with small sparks. She can use lightning to accelerate her speed and create a shocking display of attacks on her foes.



Edith was thrown into a world where it's to hunt or be hunted. She wasn't able to experience what her real family had to teach her, thanks to one fateful encounter. The liddell family were forced to give up something they hold dear the most, while facing the wrath of a clan of vampires. The house of the liddell clan was at death's door and its bloodline, almost met the depths of hell, if it weren't for her mother's bold bargain. The life and cherished history of the Liddells, or the newborn. Edith wouldn't be able to see the faces of her real parents for quite some time, as she would be taken away by a family of vampires. She had spent most of her life there, while it was a life worth living again. Something felt strange. Edith's life was filled with the things that money couldn't buy. She was easily convinced that these vampires were her real family.  

Held inside of a mansion, she was properly educated within the confinements of their home. She hardly experienced going out in the daylight and played with kids her age. As she continued to grow and become a smart young lady, Edith started her training as a hunter. The strange thoughts and memories lingered in the mind of the young girl, but thanks to a special medicine. Those disturbances proved to remain in the dark. Edith honed her skills in order to become a worthy hunter. Someone that would be able to wipe out the rest of her family's lineage for good. Using the girl they took as their gateway for peace. Despite this family of vampires, dislike for her family. They grew to enjoy the company of Edith. She proved to be what the family needed, whenever they were thrown into hard times. Edith oftentimes came around and made sure they were doing ok. She played games with the other siblings, though her bratty personality proved to be overwhelming for the younger ones. The eldest took a liking in her fierce heart.

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