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Timely vacation (Oak to Dahlia)

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Timely vacation (Oak to Dahlia) Empty Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:33 am


Noel Raion.

Mago Oscuro @ Advent World

Noel was going to travel to Dahlia today. But before he was going to do that, he went around the guild hall to see who still remained there. He'd explain his physical change to them, so his guild mates weren't going to be overly surprised when he returned from his vacation to Dahlia. It wasn't a long vacation, just a short trip. But nonetheless, people disappearing and then reappearing with another face can be an odd aspect. This physical change occurred the night after the tournament had happened. Werewolf genes within him had truly awakened, changing a lot of aspects about his physical appearance. Which Noel thought was strange, he hadn't figured out why it had happened yet - but recalled a night where he fought werewolves, perhaps he got infected during that time? Either way, Noel wasn't sure what was going on and was somewhat confused. He decided to go to Dahlia for some soul searching.

Grabbing his things from his room, the things that he wanted to take with him anyway, Noel also put his equipment on. Might as well take his fighting gear to Dahlia, maybe he was lucky and could fight someone while there. That's how his vacations looked like; whereas others might simply go to the beach, Noel enjoys combat in the same sense. Word traveled fairly quick over Fiore, the word that bad stuff was being brewed in Dahlia had reached him fairly quickly.

Noel departed pretty early in the morning. Every slab of equipment he had laying around was being worn. That meant his helmet, armor, gauntlet, necklace & ring.

“Sayonara minna san, I will be back in a week or so.”

Jet was following Noel out, and quickly sped up to sit on his shoulder. The male headed towards the grocery store he normally did his shopping at, and stocked up supplies for the road. On his way to Dahlia, Noel passed by a few areas. Some were worthy of mention, others weren't. He'd first pass by Bask, circling near its hillside he'd cross over to Astera, moving between its shallow mountains he made his way into Crocus. Taking a small break in Crocus before continuing, Noel was curious at the current state of Crocus. He'd next head to Era, his two least favorite towns were next to each other. It annoyed him a little, and eventually he'd make his way down into Magnolia. He'd visit some flower garden before moving on. The journey took longer than expected, due incidental sight seeing. Noel eventually arrived at his destination, Dahlia City. Things were quite barren here, the atmospheric vibe that this place gave him were that shit went down on a daily basis.

  • [RARE] Gust Gauntlet

  • [RARE] Great Warrior Helm

  • [RARE] Great Warrior Armor

  • [RARE] Raven Night Ring

  • [LEGENDARY] Amulet of Magical Resistance

  • Spells
  • MANA : 4150/4150

  • Misc.
  • [UNCOMMON] Winged Lemur

  • [GUILD - ODIN] : S - ranked shield remaining

  • [TAROT - DEATH] : C - ranked phase remaining

  • Exit thread \\ Word count: 437


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