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What Lies Beneath ii. [Quest]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

What Lies Beneath ii. [Quest] Empty Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:19 pm

Vali Onfroy †

In the streets of Oak city, there was not a person in sight. Everyone was in their homes, sound asleep, waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow was a big day after all. People from all over would be traveling to Crocus to see mages from the new guild's fight. One of those mages happened to be the Viking King himself. When Finn announced that there would be a magic tournament, Vali almost felt obligated to oblige. Not only did he want to learn more spells, but he also wanted to see how much he himself needed to grow. It's been a while since he's had a real fight, and now with Hasan here- he definitely had something to prove. Moreso to himself than anything. So, tonight he was out on a stroll to clear his mind. The Viking was nervous. His fight with the man who was his guild master now had shaken him up a bit. Still, he didn't doubt his own strength.

Tonight was one of the warmest night of the new year so far. As Vali closed his eyes, he began to embrace the sound from the world around him. He heard everything. The crickets, the rustling leaves, even his own heartbeat. At this moment he felt at ease. "Viking King..." he thought to himself as he strolled aimlessly. Before he was even a King, he thought this life was the one he was destined for. He thought it was what he wanted. At a point in time, it seemed like he was the only one capable of leading. So much so, that even the gods titled him the King of Vikings. Vali was more than capable of leading, but the burden was too much. So much had changed... "I wish you were alive." He whispered to his brother, wherever he was.

As he walked, he began to hear an odd moan in the distance. Vali inhaled, attempting to pick up the scent of whatever was making the noise. He squinted his eyes, and then realized exactly where the smell was coming from. Up ahead the werewolf could see what appeared to be a spirit. The man's eyes were rolled back as he moaned with every step. This was the only living person in the street. Vali raised an eyebrow in concern. He continued forward leisurely. When he and the spirit finally came face to face, neither of them moved. The man's eyes rolled back to where they belonged. He stared. Vali stared back. The Werewolf spoke, asking the man what he was doing roaming. The man didn't reply. Instead, he looked at Vali as if he had never seen such a person before.

"You can see me..." the man asked. Vali replied and the man began to explain to him how he missed his family. Apparently, he didn't want to crossover without properly saying goodbye. Vali introduced himself, then told the man that he should pass on. The man insisted that he would only go if Vali promised to deliver a message. So the Advent World mage did, and like that, the soul was put to rest.  

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