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A Town Under Attack [SQ]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

A Town Under Attack [SQ] Empty Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:11 am

Vali Onfroy †

Vali, in a sense, was an important figure now. It was important for him to patrol the city of Oak and help anyone in need. As of now, he was a protector of this city. However, he wasn't protecting the city for just the citizens. Of course, it was about his own people too, until they could at least find their own space. Yesterday night Vali had slain a spirit, bringing it to the underworld where it belonged. Today he roamed the streets again in case he had to repeat the process. s he walked, his blade cuddled his waist in its sheath. His armor was gleamed any time a bit of light hit it, and his cape flew behind him.

All in all, he did look like a giant super here as he walked through Oak. It was better than looking like some sort of villain, that was for sure. As he strolled through the cobblestone city he noticed that there weren't a lot of people outside. Oak wasn't exactly a lively area, but it today was an odd day for the city to be this quiet. It was almost as if some weird disease named coronavirus had forced people into their homes in fear of being infected, or something. It was peaceful this way though. He could see, hear and smell clearly in the case that he needed to specifically tune his senses into someone or something. The moon was full and bright. Any time there was a moon like this, the mimic mage had the urge to howl. He always fought it though.

As he walked slowly and without worry, he heard a voice in the distance shouting to people to ask them to fight another Lich that had appeared. The man wasn't too far, but he was far enough to not even notice Vali until the titan silently approached him. The spokesperson stopped when he saw Vali. "You! Lord Servas is in need of assistance. A Lich is attacking the town and it's moving inward quickly. This is the third Lich attack we've had. You look strong, can you help?" Vali rubbed his chin as if he really had to think. Then he rubbed his head, trying to force himself to decline so that he could enjoy his night. The adult in him knew he had to deal with such a matter though. It didn't seem like Lord Servas had the guards to protect him. If he was desperately asking for protection from a Lich, it was because nobody in his ranks could do much. Either that or he was conserving his army.

"Ehhhh, sure why not?" He finally said. The spokesperson nodded and thanked Vali before leading the way to the threat. On the way there the Viking was informed that Lich's whereabouts were unknown at the moment, but his minions were close to the castle, doing everything they could to terrorize the city. If Vali wanted to save people, he would have to get there fast.


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#2Vali Onfroy † 

A Town Under Attack [SQ] Empty Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:59 pm

Vali Onfroy †

Finally, he arrived before the hoard of Skeleton warriors. They didn't seem to be too dangerous looking. In fact, they looked like they didn't have much of conscience as they crashed into random items. They were headed straight for Lord Serva's castle though. It wasn't like the Viking owed Servas any loyalty, but the castle was definitely an important landmark. Vali raised an eyebrow. He wondered why Liches were attacking Oak. Was it the same as Lich? Or different Liches? Seeing as the castle was the main target for the ten skeleton monsters, perhaps the Lich simply wanted to control the city of Oak. Whatever the reasons didn't matter at the moment though, Vali had to tap into battle mode.

The spokesperson lifted his hand and pointed to the skeletons. He turned to the Viking and begged for him to handle them now. Rolling his eyes, Vali darted into battle. All ten of the skeletons were marching straight to the castle, destroying everything in their way. The King was coming from behind them so with his intense speed and his sword, he was able to easily slash and dash through all of them. He moved effortlessly and in a matter of moments 7 skeletons were destroyed. The other three turned quick and wildly charged at the Viking King. The young father stepped back with the skeletons as they pressed forward, swinging his sword to slice one of them across their chest, causing it to immediately collapse. He half expected the skeletons to continue to thrive even after taking damage, but it seemed like his sword was enough to kill them.

Now there were only two left. With a sigh Vali swung his sword across both their necks at the same time, beheading them and causing them to collapse on the ground. The small group of skeletons that once pressed forward, no longer existed. The Spokesperson was in shock as he saw Vali's strength but pleased nonetheless. Vali sheathed his sword and made his way towards the spokesperson who quickly gave his reward. He then expressed that he hoped to see Vali again in the future. Then, the two left each other where they stood.

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