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Cupcake courier [Quest - Steel]

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Cupcake courier [Quest - Steel] Empty Fri Mar 20, 2020 9:53 am


Steel was walking down the street of Magnolia again. He had just picked up a request to go delivering cakes and other pastries around town. On this day he was wearing his usual Jacket, jeans and boots with his hero spandex underneath. The only thing off was his sunglasses that he used to shade himself from the strong light of the sun. He walked and walked and finally stood before the bakery where he was supposed to go. It’s name was Olly’s Cake Shop and it was the biggest bakery in town. The bakery supplied the entire town with different pastries but had had a problem delivering the pastries which was why Steel was there. He put his hand on the door and slowly pushed it open. His stature radiated with confidence as he walked through the Cake shop towards the kitchen where he had been told that Olly would be waiting for him with details on what he was to do.

Upon entering the kitchen Steel was met by a giant cloud of flour and had to swat his hand around in front of his face to get even a slim chance of breathing oxygen. At the centre of all this flour in the air stood Olly madly baking cakes and pastries left and right. Croissants, strawberry cakes, cupcakes, lemon cakes, buttersnatches. All different kinds of things. To be fair Steel had actually never seen anyone work this hard. He was a bit impressed and did not really want to disturb Olly in his cake baking but he kind of had too since he had been requested to help him.

Steel the Hero looked at Olly then raised his voice “Excuse me.” Olly instantly stopped baking and looked over at Steel. As the flour still in the air settled Olly explained in detail where Steel had to go. Steel grabbed some of the cupcakes he was supposed to deliver and left.

So Steel left the shop and went out into the streets of Magnolia again having taken one box of cupcakes and went to the first house, knocked on the door and waited for the people inside to open. He then went back to the shop to get the next box of cupcakes. Walked to the next house. Knocked on the door and waited so that he could hand over the cupcakes again. After doing that he went back to Olly’s and picked up the next box of cupcakes and so this continued with Steel going back and forth to Olly’s getting one box of cupcakes after the other. About halfway through he had to stop for some water but otherwise he was just running between the shop and the shop's customers. One box two box three box four, ran like an ox for several blocks with sweaty socks selling the entire store's stocks. Steel placed Cupcake boxes in mailboxes in places that weren’t open. Finally he was done delivering the last of all the packages. He returned to Olly’s shop where one of the cashiers paid him for his work since Olly was too busy icing a cake.

Wc = 518 excluding speech.

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