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North Enstrom

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#1North Enstrom 

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North Enstrom


Name: North Enstrom

Age: 33 (December 29th, X754)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Black, Right Wrist

Face: En-Dorohedoro


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Gray

Overall: En is a tall man with a muscular frame that is most often constrained beneath bespoke suits and other high class clothing. His fiery red hair is styled straight up into a towering peak of stiff strands. His age is beginning to show and small wrinkles can be seen on his face, most notably on his forehead. He has a thin, well trimmed moustache and goatee that is usually concealed with a macabre mask showing bare teeth and flayed cheeks. North wears it to protect himself from the fumes of the chemicals he works with. Because of his line of work, there are small chemical burns on various places around his body if one looks closely.

Extra: North wears a face mask that covers from his nose to his chin, styled as if he had lost the flesh in that area. There is a hinge allowing him to eat or drink, or when he needs his mouth exposed.


Personality: North is both a pragmatist and a romanticist. He dreams of creating panaceas that can cure even the most deathly of illnesses, and pampering his family with a lavish home and frequent vacations to far off lands. He also realizes that both of those things cost vast amounts of money, and that enterprises on the other side of the law often provide more funds than honest work. He loves his family dearly and would do anything for them, and that truly means anything. North's moral compass is guided only by what is best for him and his loved ones, and anyone else is less than consequential.

That is not to say that North is completely devoid of guilt or emotion, and this leads to a cycle of intense passion for his work and goals, followed by remorse at the consequences, ending with binging and escapism until he finally becomes fed up with himself and starts the cycle again.

North is also a doting father, and loves his daughter more than anything in the world. He is overprotective and emotional around women who remind him of his daughter, and can often break into a manic state or burst into tears when the memories of her and their current situation send him over the edge.  


  • Alcohol: North turns to drinking more often than not when he finds the need to alleviate his worries and the tension of the day. When he gets really drunk, he becomes extremely touchy feely and emotional.
  • His Daughter, and Girls who remind him of his daughter: North truly loves his daughter and can't stand the thought of anything happening to her. This often extends to girls that share aspects of her appearance, are around the same age, or are quick to judge and intellectual.


  • Pizza: People believe that everyone likes pizza. North does not like pizza. Tomatoes give him acid reflux in general.
  • Self-Righteousness : North hates people who like to tout their own beliefs over those of others. It's a dog eat dog world out there, and those who try to push their morals on others are only an annoyance in his life and line of work.


  • His Family: North would like to make enough money to leave his life of crime and return to his Ex-Wife and Daughter, beg for them back, and retire to spend the rest of his life creating new medicines and helping people while spending time with his family.


  • His Daughter Hating Him: North works very hard to keep his daughter out of his work life, and lives very far apart from her. His Ex-Wife does not allow him to send letters, but he hopes she at least hands over the gifts he sends so that maybe one day she'll contact him and not hate him.
  • His Ex-Wife: A beautiful firecracker who works as a tailor. North is still madly in love with her, but also terrified of her scorn or disappointment. She disagrees with his choices, and just the slightest hint of her expression turning sour is enough to send North running for the hills.


Magic Name: Fungus Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Fungus Magic allows the user to create and manipulate spores and fungus in various ways. The magic is most skilled in hampering the opponent through debuffs, clouding them in weakening spores and using fungus to slow them down or hamper their physical abilities. Due to their relatively underwhelming physical integrity, they are capable of but less effective at forming defenses and due to their nature attributes are capable of healing at a less effective rate than other nature magics.


History: North was born to two Fiorian parents of average social standing. They were neither rich nor poor, as his father was a relatively successful merchant. North took an interest in the various herbs and oddities that apothecaries and doctors would purchase from him. He would ask them what sorts of things the products were capable of and greatly appreciated the idea that his father's business was helping people in such a way.

Eventually, one of the regular customers that would always patronize their family when they stopped through town asked North if he'd like to take an apprenticeship under him, given his interest. After gaining approval from his parents, North left their care at the tender age of fifteen. He worked under the doctor that had taken him in for seven years, learning from him the methods to create and the effects of various medicines and how to treat all manners of illnesses. Toward the end of his apprenticeship, they got a rather peculiar patient. It was a young man that was obviously influenced by something unnatural in his body, brought in by a group of people in black suits with dark looks in their eyes. The doctor was very discreet in ushering him to the back, and North was asked to assist in his care. It became apparent that this was the son of someone high up in the criminal underworld of the area, and he had overdosed on some sort of drug. After stabilizing the young man, North bore witness to something that would change his life far in the future. The doctor was given an amount of money that must have been two years pay of his own salary, and North was given a small cut equal to about two months pay.

This event would eventually be forced to the back of his mind when he met the love of his life. A black haired beauty by the name of Stella Annelise who worked as an apprentice at the tailor across the street. They quickly fell madly in love and Stella discovered she was with child just a few months into their relationship. This was seen as a blessing, and with the money North had saved up, they moved to Era where North started his own practice and bought a small home for them to live in. It seemed like a dream come true, and when little Emma was born, North and Stella fell even deeper in love. However, things wouldn't stay that way forever. North barely scraped by on recommendations from his old master, but he couldn't attract new customers and money was getting tight. Things came to a head when Emma turned eight and contracted a disease that left her too weak to stand, and North was unable to cure it without ludicrously expensive ingredients. He only had one idea of what to do.

He left Era by himself and headed West to Oak Town. He risked his life getting in contact with the Martello family and offered himself as a drug manufacturer and torturer. During his time in medicine, he learned what he could do to make pleasurable drugs as well as curative ones, and while he knew how to heal, he also knew what to do to the body to cause a lot of pain with minimal damage. After a rigorous test, he was given a trial run and after only a few months he had made enough to send the money to cure his precious daughter Emma. He wasn't satisfied with that however, and sent word to Stella that he would keep working here until he felt he had enough money to make them happy indefinitely. She sent word back that she wouldn't accept that, and if that was how he felt he shouldn't bother coming back. He kept sending letters, but none were replied to. He'll keep trying though.

Reference: My Own Bad Self (Also I'm Scooping from North Rickley)

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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