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Joshua Graham vs. Requiem

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Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:46 am

The sun was high in the sky on the beautiful springtime morning, nary a cloud in sight of the magnificent Domus Flau: an arena as old as the capital city itself. Built at the summit of a nearby mountain the Domus had stood idle, only being used for the occasional fight between training mages looking to strengthen their own abilities. Never before has it been used for something as grand as the event today. The Grand Magic Games: a tournament featuring every guild in Fiore. A chance for every guild mage to showcase their abilities, and the strength of their guild. Every seat was occupied, as the public waited for the first fight to begin. The arena itself, a circle of 100 meters diameter with marble flooring, was watched over by four warriors: Hercales, Shaka Zulu, Miyamoto Musashi and Beowulf. Four of the legendary Nine Heroes, each with their glorious weapon immortalised in stone beside them, eager to bare witness to the power of Fiore. Both contestants will be instructed to walk towards the center of the ring, stopping in their tracks once both are an equal distance from the center and 15m apart. The fight will then be started via the sound of a blast from the referee.

"The Spymaster of Sentinel Syndicate, Joshua Graham, versus the Nekomata of Daeva Eye, Requiem. Two of the more well known names in this bracket, and certainly two impressive mages in their own rights, with one wielding an impressively large weapon and the other a dagger and darkness. Of all the matches in this bracket, this one is likely to be the flashiest."

#2Joshua Graham 

Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:05 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua made his way down the dark tunnel that lead from the locker rooms to the main stage of the arena. He was dressed in his best suit, a gift from Konstantin when he joined the guild. The guild mark was against his lapel, shining in golden silk as he walked out of the shadows of the tunnel to thunderous applause and the introduction of the announcer. He looked around and waved as he made his way to the arena.

He hopped up quickly and effortlessly as he got onto the arena circle itself. He carried on his back a large cross, the weapon wasnt wrapped in its silk and it would normally be. It shone in its wonderous and holy glory, despite the man who held its disdain for the order of illumin, this weapon was his now. Thankfully the announcer hadn't spoiled his magic, otherwise hed have been very unhappy. Joshua moved to where the starting position was, and waited for his opponent to arrive.


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Sat Mar 21, 2020 6:27 pm

Requiem watched as Joshua entered the arena before going herself. She quickly inventoried everything she saw as she got close enough to make out details, Nice clothes, probably something expensive. Seems tacky though. I mean who wears *gold* of all colors like some kind of target on their body? she glanced down at herself as her tail twitched. Dressed in her usual armor dyed various shades of grey and black to break up her outline had she been in the shadows and her dagger openly worn since the event was supposed to be friendly and more for entertaining the people.

Quickly racking her brain, she tried to recall anything about her opponent. Beyond the obvious like his guild and weapon, nothing seemed to stand out. Her biggest concern was the weapon. Unless this guy was seriously over compensating for something.... he had to be.... nobody needs a weapon that big....

Still, it wouldn't do for her to lose because she got cocky. Requiem tuned out the crowds despite the fact she was screaming on the inside wondering what possessed her to take part. She was a knife in the dark. A necessary shadow so that others could live in the light. She wouldn't let her feelings show. Her face in the schooled look of indifference that wouldn't betray what she was thinking, "May the best one win."

#4Joshua Graham 

Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:21 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua heard the crowds chants grow and turn into a mighty storm of noise. He listened and let the noises wash over and through him. There was no need to block out the distractions, he thrived in them. As a monster slayer, he had learned long ago that distractions work both ways, even if the enemy has control of them. The announcer spoke and told them to start the fight.

instead Joshua pulled a smoke from his suit and lit it with his fingers. He pulled a drag of the acrid product and blew it into the air. He spoke out before she got the chance to attack.

"You look nervous girl, are you out of your element?" he stepped toward her as he spoke. His movements were slow. Purposeful. Each step was slower then it should be if he was normally walking. He was approaching her like a predator would a baby deer. Slow and methodical. "You dont have to be here. All you have to do is walk off the stage. Here. I'll even sweeten the deal."

Joshua reached behind him as he got within 5 meters of her. He opened his item pound, which in reality held nothing. But using his magic, he secretly created a ball of fire. It was perfectly smooth, almost like a glass ball. He held it up after the summoning circle faded. "its a fire crystal ball. Worth at least twice the entry prize youd get. I dont have the heart to fight a girl who's obviously out of her comfort area." he tossed the orb to her. Even if she didnt catch it, and let it hit the ground shed be in for a nasty surprise. It was in fact a fire bomb wrapped in a shell of mana.


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:09 am

Her ears twitched slightly and she watched him as he took a hit from his foul smelling deathstick. If she didn't know better, she'd have guessed he was underestimating her. Well, his loss. She glanced around, keeping him in her vision, "It's not ideal, no. But I've had worse." She suppressed a shudder as she recalled the drag stripper incident. That was...thoroughly unnatural and she still had nightmares.

Joshua's advance was matched by an equally slow retreat. She waited....waiting....and.......


Holding her hands in front as if she were nervous, she hid the one used to form the sign and prepared to cast her spell as he got close. He's either extremely confident, extremely stupid, or just extra. She grinned as his little spell failed, "Yep, you're an idiot." She finished casting and dashed forward, a pair of shurikens formed of her magic flew from her hand as she threw them on a curve to keep him in place as she dashed and slid between his legs. Whipping out her dagger in a fierce slash as she regained her feet, she aimed to knock him forward now that he was between her and the edge of the arena.

Ooc: your spell isn't in your character sheet which means it doesn't exist.

Spell used: sting of death.
800/850 mana

#6Joshua Graham 

Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:14 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua cursed his luck. Somehow his spell failed just as he tried to throw it. He felt the cold fire of adrenalin start to flow through his body and he entered a fight or flight situation. Joshua, to his credit and a hunter, didnt lose his cool. He quickly lunge backwards and in doing so he would pull the cross gun from his back and quickly took aim.

He felt the weapon suck the mana from his body. The engine that powered the gun purred within his hands as he felt the inner components moving. He reaimed and pulled the trigger as quickly as he could once he had repositioned his gun and saw her sliding toward him. The gun fired a bullet made of fire mana, converted from his own mana. As it kicked outward Joshua felt his body have from the sudden mana loss, he had used about half his reserve with that one shot.

Afterwards hed move again skipping backwards as far as he could and taking aim once more, ready to fire again at her if the first shot hadn't done the job. He disnt want to admit it, but he was annoyed that he had messed up so badly. He would have to spend extra time training if he was going to get this sloppy.


Name: Punisher Single Shot
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 35 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a regular sized bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target.

OOC: despite what the tech says, kon has informed me that it can shoot light, arcane, and fire bullets. If need be check with him.


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:02 pm

There comes a time when one questions their sanity. For Requiem, that time happened far more often than what should be allowed to mere mortals. Using her momentum, she dived into a roll going towards the giant fuckoff gun in her opponent's hands. The bullet flying through where her chest had been mere moments ago. That....would've been painful. Titshots always are.

Thankfully, she still had a huge speed advantage even if she couldn't one-hit Joshua. Almost over shooting as she twisted, intent on staying in his face, she made a gesture with her left hand as the spell circle ran up it encasing it in shadows, "Death is not the end." She sent a left hook at his ribs and used the momentum to spin and slash with her dagger whilst keeping as close to him as possible.

Ears ringing, she looked for any sign of weakness. Whether it was from the gun's apparent weight, or his seeming lack of control over his magic. Either way, a feral grin came to Requiem's face. When was the last time she really got to go all out like this and actually be able to enjoy it? Of course, she would have to be careful to not get too carried away or the fight could just as easily turn against her.

Spells used:
Name: Gentle Embrace
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Azrael's Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Darkness
Range: self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: sustain
Effect: Requiem channels her magic to her hands by taking up a fighting stance and saying, "death is not the end". Her attacks do 1X D-Rank Darkness Magic damagx  per post. Does not stack.

Spells on CD:
Sting of Death: 2 posts remain

Mana: 775/850


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:48 am

This fight is again on pause while battlemod review reoccurs.


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:16 am

So I'd like to apologize to both of you. I messed up this battlemodding a lot, so this is the corrected review.

Requiem, post #5, Requiem throws 2 Shuriken with her C rank spell. She doesn't specify where she's aiming on his body, merely to "keep him in place", so we're going to assume that's at his torso. While she did not copy and paste her spell as is required, there have been other instances of this happening in this same tournament and we've allowed it. We also allowed 1 mistake go by from Joshua, and gave him a warning from it. Consider this the same for Requiem.

Joshua, post #6, Joshua never mentioned the attacks at all. While he did jump backwards, and he did notice her sliding, he never addressed the attacks. Due to that, we can't really determine that the movement was made in time to react to the shuriken, so he tanks them both to the chest, taking C rank damage to his body.

At this point, we also have to look at his spell. While I allowed the spell to go through, I did so under the failed presumption that Joshua was a higher rank than he was. A mistake on my part from modding so late, and I apologize for that. This attack could not be used, as a C rank mage cannot use S rank spells. It is specified in the spell regulations that you can only use spells 1 rank higher than yourself. So his attempted attack is nullified, but everything else in his post goes through. He is still full mana, and has still leaped backwards and then tried to continue moving backwards.

Req, post #7, the attack would have hit you. You're currently trying to slide at Joshua. No way would you ever be able to somehow transition that into a smooth front roll in time to dodge the spell. Luckily, the spell never went off, and so you never tried to roll. You did, however, close the gap and stand up. Joshua could not possibly react to it, in shock due to the fact that he thought he was about to shoot his gun and then it jammed, which allowed you to hit him with your enhanced punch, dealing C rank damage. You follow it up with your other hand, slashing him with your knife to deal an additional B rank damage. With that, Joshua has tanked a total of A rank damage, and is out of the fight.

Requiem wins.


Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:53 pm

Requiem stood over her opponent, magic fading back into the dull symphony she had come to associate her power with. It seemed unreal as the adrenaline high ebbed and flowed before tapering off.

She did it.

She won.

And it wasn't against cannon fodder or some two bit thug. She fought another mage of equal rank and skill and won. Squatting next to him, she held her hand out, "That was a good match." Inside though, she couldn't shake the feeling of slowly building rage.

Once she had gotten back into the changing area and she was certain she was alone, Requiem punched the wall. Conflicting feeling welling up threatening to overrun her with rampaging emotions. She had wanted blood. She was terrified of how close she was to losing control. But would it really have been a bad thing? Of course it would. Why? Because........She shook her head. Whatever was happening, this wasn't her. She just wanted to be happy that she won her fight of the Grand Magic Games.

She cleaned up and changed into casual clothes, taking care to hide any sign of what had happened away from the public as she went to watch the other fights before going back to the inn at the end of the day.


#11Joshua Graham 

Joshua Graham vs. Requiem Empty on Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:38 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua lay there, his eyes open in surprise and...shock. he was shook by the fact he lost. He was shaken even more by the fact that his magic had failed him twice. Twice he could have been dead, twice he could have been taken hostage by his enemy. he took her hand but when he stood up, he simply picked up the cross gun and looked at her. When had he begun to underestimate his enemies? He stared at her with haunted eyes before he nodded and walked away. hbe waited till the tunnel to light another smoke and take a deep deep draw.

He finished it and stood there, his eyes finally relaxing as he felt the smokes effects. he finished it up as he took his time and let his lungs fill each and eveyr time as he breathed. he blew out the last of the smoke and crushed it under his heel as he walkied to the changing room. He switched into his normal clothing, and then put the suit back in its case. He took both that and the cross gun with him as he left and made his way to meet his guild members. He figured hed have another mission soon.


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