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The Naked Soul [Red]

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The Naked Soul [Red] Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:24 am

The sickly sweet stench of a cold puddle of watery vomit, the frigid breeze that only blows through the loneliest alleyways, and the dull ache of rotting away from the inside; these were the sensations that greeted North as he awoke from yet another alcohol-induced blackout. His mind ached and his body screamed at him in dissatisfaction. He looked over to the mostly empty bottle of cheap gin that lay next to him on the grimy stone of the alleyway and rose it to his face for inspection. It appeared that a small insect had crawled its way inside at some point in the night and expired from inebriation. "Lucky little guy." North thought to himself morbidly before swigging down the last of the liquor, bug and all. North rose to his feet as he shuddered from the revulsion of his "Hair of the Dog" dose, looking down at himself in apathy and disgust. His once chiseled body had taken on a significant layer of flab that hung from his frame like used toilet paper, matted and unkempt hair clung to his scalp and a now-forgotten and useless insignia adorned his abdomen.

With a sigh and a less than pleasant belch to punctuate his sorrow, the depressed and naked man began to wander out of the alley and towards the street; hoping to somehow find enough food to soak up the liquor in his stomach before he repeated the process again tonight. North's bare and calloused feet fell softly on the pavement below and he stumbled down the path in his hungover state. He paid little attention to where he was going and instead tried to focus what little attention he could muster on trying to hone in on the smell of food. Perhaps he could find some freshly baked bread or pies, or maybe a freshly dead rat. "Anything to get by in these harsh times since Phantom Lord," North muttered to himself, deeply regretting the loss of his home and the decisions that had led him to this point since.


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revel in chaos;  

The Naked Soul [Red] SmwXEG9

Recently Kaiser had taken a job from one of those rich Dahlians who never showed up to business appointments, always sending people to do their bidding on their behalf, and there had been a problem with one of those. So today, the vampire was hunting her client’s subordinate whom he had sent to deal with her, and who was now running for his dear life through the streets of the gloomy city to get away from Kaiser. The chase had caused her skin to glow a little in the sunlight, due to the thin layer of sweat that had formed after like three minutes of running like a madwoman. Her prey was fast. He couldn’t do anything to hurt a hair on her, but he was fast—faster than Kaiser at least and that was annoying.

After being in Dahlia and acting on the representative role of her guild, the Boscosi-Joyan knew that she couldn’t be found chasing after someone with murderous intent, so she had a mask on. If the Dahlians figured her out for the crazy psychotic killer that she was in reality, that would be bad for the image of Daeva Eye, and she wasn’t willing to risk it. Well, not at the time being anyway. The furious vampire charged a spell while she was running at full speed, which was activated by opening her palm. The moment she caught up to her target, she would just grab him into a deadly embrace and let her magic do all the work. She had no use for him; he just needed to die to relieve her anger.

Fortunately for her target, a random naked man—probably one of the hobos living on the streets—emerged from an alleyway and came into her direct path when her mask started to loosen and block her line of vision as it fell off entirely from her face. Due to the speed at which she was running at, it was too late by the time she could properly see again, to stop herself from colliding with the nude man. In the case that he was able to get out of the way, which was highly unlikely considering her speed, she would continue her chase, however if not, the following would take place.

As soon as they collided, Kaiser would instinctively grab the man from his forearms with both hands, using his body to cushion her fall to the ground. The damage from her spell would be directly applied to his body, sending a wave of destructive invisible shockwaves through his form and probably entirely knock him out and cause a lot of bleeding especially from the ears. If that was so, she would spontaneously carry the man back into the alleyway that he came out of, to finish the job and hide his body. “Fucking hobo,” she would mutter under her breath as she laid his body next to a dumpster and place one hand on his face to employ the final blow. Her chance of murdering her previous target was gone, however, causing her to be more brutal with this guy due to the disappointment. She conjured up a mass of crash energy from said hand to cover his head area which would probably blow his head into brainy bits. Then she would dump his body in the dumpster beside and wait for less people to be on the street before getting out of the alley.


The Naked Soul [Red] Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:23 am

After turning the corner onto the street, a flash of movement was caught on the edge of North's line of vision. He was barely able to register what was happening with his booze burned brain before he was wracked with searing pain that jolted through his entire body. The pain dissipated quickly enough however, the shock from its intensity being shut off by the mercy of his nervous system. North's vision blurred, leaving only faint traces of information to enter the now hemorrhaging grey matter that only confused him further. "Is this death?" He thought himself, still struggling to comprehend the vast array of sensations that assaulted his faint consciousness. Unfortunately, his last words came out as only an unintelligible blood gurgling mumble. His naked frame convulsed and spasmed on the ground as his assailant rose and proceeded to hoist his body from its resting place. Muffled sounds and faint blurs of color surrounded him as the life drained from his body and blooded drained from his ears. He felt the cool stone from the building behind him as he was propped up upon it before everything that North was suddenly ceased to be. His brain splattered against the wall and anything that this lowly son of a mushroom farmer may have accomplished in his life was all brought to naught. The road called death leads nowhere, and North Rickley would now forever walk that lonely path.



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revel in chaos;  

The Naked Soul [Red] SmwXEG9

After being interrupted by the random nudist in the Dahlia Streets, there was no chance for Kaiser to be able to catch the guy she was initially chasing after. Knowing this she felt somewhat defeated, but she would wake up another day, and try again. The vampiress waited for a bit before exiting the alleyway and then headed back in the direction of her guild to take a rest and return to her other duties. She needed a shower after this mess of a killing. The reason she didn’t just dive into a stream of clear water smack in the middle of the city and get back out with no trace of blood was because she was a guildmistress now. She couldn’t be found doing wild shit like that anymore if she didn’t want people to judge her guild. Her pride wouldn’t allow it.

The woman arrived back in her guild, and headed straight to her living quarters since she needed to clean up first. After doing so, she would put on her regular outfit and return to her office, since she had other things to think about other than the guy she was chasing, like all these folders just sitting on her desk.


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