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What Lies Beneath [Quest]

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#1Vali Onfroy 

What Lies Beneath [Quest] Empty on Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:23 pm

Vali Onfroy

Finally, Hasani was fast asleep. This was Vali's moment to find his way downstairs to the guilds bar for  quick drink. He thought he deserved it after all the shit he just dealt with, literally. Moments ago the little brown baby was letting all of his food come out without a worry in the world. It was almost impossible to believe that women could manage such tasks until their children were of age. The Viking couldn't wait until his son was old enough to potty train, and walk and talk... even now he dreamt of his son's future success. Other then the incredible amount of shit Sani had produced, today was a calm day. Nothing much happened.

Now, however, it seemed like things would be taking an interesting turn for the king. As he sat at the bar with his cup filled with ale, ready to devour every ounce of liquid, a small boy ran into the guild. "Somebody! Anybody! Help!"
Only a few other people were in the hall at the moment. Most people were in their rooms probably asleep. Vali hardly had the time to drink any of his ale before standing up and quickly moving to the little boy. The had green hair and water sat around his eyeballs. The boy's eyes widened as the white-haired man stepped forward. The closer he got, the bigger he looked. "Hey, hey, What's wrong buddy? Where are your parents? Why are you outside at this time?" Vali asked kneeling. The boy sniffled and rubbed his eyes. He could hardly talk without trying to catch his breath.

"My mommy is fighting a bad ghost in front of our house. She told me to come here to get help The bad ghost is hurting her. Please help! Please! My mommy will die!" Vali raised an eyebrow. The boy didn't mention his father, which led the Viking to believe that his mother was his primary caretaker. More importantly, this innocent child could not lose his mother. A ghost though? It was impossible obviously since Oak did have a haunted forest at one point. However, Val thought that the spirits were all locked away. Regardless, the Titan was obligated to help. "Don't worry little homie, your mommy's gonna be okay. I won't let her die. Can you point me towards her location?"

The boy hesitated for a split moment. He turned towards the entrance of the guild and tapped his chin. Suddenly, more tears began to fall from his orbs. I....I-I don't-" Then, Vali noticed something. There was no need to put the little boy under more pressure. "Is that your mommy's bag?" The green-headed boy was holding a purse. It was almost the size of his head. "Y-yes. She told me to take it." Vali nodded before leaning over to sniff it. The little boy seemed a tiny bit confused as to why the giant would do such a random thing. "Stay here. I'll bring your mom to you, okay?" The boy nodded. "If you get hungry just ask that man at the bar for a snack." he pointed. Look at that, his time as a father really softened him up.


#2Vali Onfroy 

What Lies Beneath [Quest] Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:50 am

Vali Onfroy

Being a father means that not only did he have to protect and teach Hasani, but he also had to protect and teach every child in need no matter who they were. He couldn't turn down a little boy, especially not now. It was a good thing that Vali was a much different person from last year. He had gone through things that should have permanently altered his mental health, alas he was strong. He was a descendant of the god Tyr. It was ironic though. Tyr was the war god of justice, yet Vali had committed crimes that he wished he could forget. Mistakes. That's all his life was up until joining Advent World; mistakes. Vali vowed to never walk the path of darkness again. He realized now that he was in no position

After sniffing the purse, Vali was quick to leave the guildhall. There wasn't much time to waste. Having the scent of the boy's mother, he would be able to find her easily. Perks of being a werewolf though these days he was still neglecting the transformations. Truthfully, he had no intention of tapping into the power of Fenrir. He was afraid of what might happen if he did. quickly the giant mage zoomed through the streets taking sharp lefts and rights to find the boy's mother. She must have either been a mage, a warrior of some kind or just straight up bold if she was really fighting a ghost. From Vali's knowledge, spirits could be saved- through some spirits were naturally evil. One could say that twisted spirits didn't deserve to be saved. For the most part, the Viking agreed. Back on Iceberg, even the evilest people did not fear. They knew that a warriors death granted them entry into Valhalla.

In the distance, Vali heard a scream. It was a scream not of fear, but of pain as if the person was trying to hold the scream in. The voice was feminine. There wasn't a single doubt in the Viking's mind that the voice wasn't coming from the green-headed boy's mother. Sooner than later Vali reached the home where he found a woman wielding a whip. In front of her was a man with bubbles on different parts of his body. His left eye seemed to be extremely swollen. He was transparent for the most part. However, he was still able to kick the woman to the ground. With a grunt, Vali darted forward, swiping his hand to push the ghost away from the woman. Usually, ghosts could not be touched or touch anything within the physical realm which meant that these spirits weren't normal ghosts. They were stronger and might have still had some earthly connections.

"You alright?"


#3Vali Onfroy 

What Lies Beneath [Quest] Empty on Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:59 am

Vali Onfroy

"Yeah I'm fine, thank you." The Titan turned to help the woman with the whip up. Her right arm was badly injured. It was bruised and cut up and almost looked dislocated. Vali couldn't tell for sure though if it was. "My son asked you to come?" Vali nodded. "Then you're the Viking King, from Advent World." The woman concluded. I mean, there wasn't many other seven foot dark skinend males with white hair in Oak. Ever since he successfully established a relationship with the townsfolk, his name began to spread like wildfire. Originally people were iffy about him which made sense. Now though, him and his Icebergan people were slowly being accepted into Fiorian society.

"Yeah. You should head back to Advent World, someone there can patch you up." The woman nodded. "Thank you for holding this spirit off. He could've done some serious damage." The woman smirked. "Thank you for helping me protect this city. Before he died that man was a child slaver. My brother and I killed him a few years ago, here he is. He doesn't deserve to live in this life or the afterlife, Show him no mercy." With a nod, the woman bolted from the scene and now all that was left was destroying the spirit. As if he was still living, the boiled man made his way towards Vali. The ghost held no emotion, nor did he seem to be in a rush.

Vali, however, couldn't be out for long. So, without another moment to waste, he drew his sword and sighed. A soul like this deserved eternal suffering. A child slaver? Imagine the impact he had on the children that weren't his slaves anymore. No doubt they still remembered this man. So this was for them. Vali dug his feet into the crowd, then moved forward, bring his blade diagonally across the boiled slaver's body. The Viking zoomed straight through him. With his back turned to the slaver, he could not see him disappear. When he turned, there was nothing but tiny soul particles that eventually vanished into the air. Just like that, the deed was done and Vali made his way back to the guild.

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