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Hellish Training [solo]

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#76Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:41 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro already knew the lesson size doesn’t matter and was willingly to show this buffoon what that truly means. Shichiro lifted up his arms with no hesitation and fired his particle cannon into the serpent’s neck. The serpent had jiggled a bit before spazzing out and spewing water everywhere in the air until it started to drizzle. Shichiro had scoffed a bit at how easy it was to stun this fool with such a weak spell before lifting his right arm and gathering his mana onto his arm in the form of a lightning blade. With no hesitation, Shichiro had back flipped onto the mast and quickly pressed off of it towards the serpent’s head with his blade on hand and quickly severing it from the rest of its body. Well that took care of that or so Shichiro thought. He had forgotten that the wooden creature had three heads and as the creature had begun to topple over. For the second, it stopped and caught itself at the side of the ship. It lifted it’s beheaded neck slowly before revealing it had already begun rapidly regenerating not only it’s original head but a second head as well. Again, the creature had laughed and told Shichiro had only made it stronger by giving it another head, It had then claimed it only needed one more head to reach so by all means Shichiro shouldn’t hold back. Shichiro had scoffed at this taunt and decided just cutting off his head wouldn't work or he’d just accidentally just make him stronger. Shichiro decided to bide his time by magnetizing everything small enough for him to lift but big enough to hurt the beast in front of him. While he was hurling and guiding miscellaneous things at the creature, he decided that he would just simply shut down both it’s brain and heart all at once.

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#77Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:43 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Of course, the brain wasn’t located in it’s head or it would have died immediately. Shichiro had simply just decided he would just use his beam one more time at the cost of all his mana. Shichiro then demagnetized the items he was hurling and began to quickly scale the mast of the ship until he was directly above the beast. All or nothing now,If he failed this we would plummet into the sea or the beast’s stomach. Shichiro had lifted his arms over his head and quickly brought them down over the serpent’s head and firing a very large particle beam of electricity that would normally fire. In response to this, both serpent’s heads opened their mouths and fired a jet stream of water. The clashes lasted about two minutes before the elemental affinities had accepted the laws of nature with lightning eventually surging through the water stream of the serpent and entering it’s system and electrocuting it from the inside out while causing it’s heart and brain to explode. After the events that took place, Shichiro safely landed on the boat, while placing his hands into his pockets. He walked away with a frown as the creature sank to the bottom of the ocean dead. Shortly after, the enemy crew was tied up and put at the bottom of their ship seeing as they were to be executed as well by sinking with their ship. After the battle was over, they packed up the statue, all of their loot surrounding it and some of the better fashioned enemy weapons still in good condition. Shichiro continued to reminisce of other exploits till he spotted a shady island at the far left of the corner in his eye with his telescope. Despite it looking closer than it actually was, it would take them at least a month to get there. Well it was time to go inform captain plank about this.

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#78Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:45 pm

Shichiro Uchida

A month had gone by after finding out about the mysterious island. It all went back to the treasure map that he found two years ago to make this happen. Finally, he had reached the island where all his wild fantasies would come true or so he presumed anyways. He at least hoped there was something he could learn in his quest for power. As the ship pulled up to the shore, Shichiro wasted no time leaping off the edge and diving head first into the water before surfacing and swimming to the shore. After he had made it to the shore, he collapsed and rolled over onto his back, panting a bit and trying to dry off with the sun's rays and occasional wiggling. There's laughter of a few dozen men followed by the bellowing laughter of captain Plank. The Captain had reached out his hand towards Shichiro in a gesture to help him up. Shichiro had taken it with a slight crack in his frown. Capt had gestured him in a general direction of what they were looking for. As they walked and pasted many palm trees into the tropical and lush forest of the uncharted island, they were supposed to come across a temple with odd canine like beasts in front of it. After a couple hours of searching and wandering around, they finally found the structure they were searching for. It was a large brown temple with strange looking fox pressing their paws on a giant sphere. Neither the Captain or Shichiro knew what to make out from this sight and decided to proceed forward as they climbed a mountain of stairs that was in front of them at the time. Upon reaching the top of the steps, they peered into the hallways of the temple wondering what could be waiting for them on the inside.

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#79Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:51 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro decided to take the first step in to see what lurks inside. He could hardly contain his excitement as he hurried all the long and dank corridor. The further he went in, the less and less he could hear of the captain’s yells of him to be careful. Once inside of the temple. He had looked around the room of the temple he had stepped in. It appeared to be a library with a ton of ancient books and dusty tomes. There was even some tattered scrolls here and there with training forms and ancient hand-to-hand techniques. Shichiro had smirked a bit at his form of ”treasure”. As he walked down the aisles of the library he could hear the footsteps of his crew members getting louder and louder. As Shichiro picked up the book he had noticed some of them had rushed past him further into the room beyond this said library. Shichiro shrugged it off and let them go find their lost riches and all that nonsense. If Shichiro really wanted money, he could have just pulled a job on some minorly guarded town or something. He continued to study the forms on a scroll as he sat down, flipping through pages. He was there for hours upon end just reading, practicing and learning. This is what he had been waiting for. After a few more hours he had heard a loud crash further up followed by the cries and screams of his ship mates. Shichiro slammed the book close, reluctantly getting up from his spot and sighing. He already knew that somebody, somewhere fucked it up for him. As Shichiro had walked towards the room further past the library, he had spotted a giant werewolf-like creature standing on two legs with at least three of his crew members in its mouth. The beast had begun to snarl and thrash about the place.

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#80Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:52 pm

Shichiro Uchida

The ground wasn’t as stable as he thought it was since the temple was probably say, six thousand years or so. The temple’s roof immediately collapsed before he started to get into his combat stance. He quickly turned around and bolted out towards the entrance. While running passed the library, he closed his eyes for a brief second and decided he wanted to continue to read some of those books real bad. He quickly turned around and started to jam some of the books he hadn’t gotten the chance to take a look at into his coat until he looked like some sort of puffed up chunky, blowfish. As he ran out, some of the pirate crews ran in to try and save their fellows. Shichiro wasn’t about that nonsense. In his eyes, If you’re foolish enough to run into danger without being aware of your surroundings, then you shouldn’t be helped. He wouldn’t want anybody to help him if he was foolish enough to endanger anybody. He then rushed past Captain Plank which tried to stop him from leaving and ordered him to help him clear his crew out. Shichiro scoffed as he continued to run past him as a gunshot whizzed past his head as a warning. Shichiro smirked a bit, clenching his knuckles activating his Thunder Bracer spell and turning slowly to face Captain Plank. “We could do this…” he said in a low, intimidating tone. He turned to face him holding his gun, slowly lifting his fists up waiting to try some of his new moves out. A thin breeze had blown past them before Shichiro decided to make the first move by thrusting his arm out and firing a ball of lightning towards Plank strong enough to block him back a bit. He then quickly rushed towards him while he was trying to catch his balance.

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#81Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:52 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Plank was made of sturdier stuff then Shichiro thought, rebounding quickly off the nearby walls of the temple and squeezing off four rounds towards Shichiro's chest. Shichiro had brought his arms closer to his chest emitting a static charge, magnetizing the bullets and averting them into different directions other than himself. Closing in at roughly five meters, Shichiro pulled back his fist and launched it towards the man’s lower abdomen with the Captain narrowly dodging it and lowering his gun in an attempt to shoot him in the leg. Shichiro assumed the captor just wanted him crippled instead of trying to flat out kill him. With a quick lift of his right leg and a jump, Shichiro connected his knee into the gut of the captain bringing him to his knees and loosening his grip on his gun. Swiftly, Shichiro kicked the pistol from his hand down a hole that the collapse had made. Shichiro snorted a bit and placed his hands around the captain’s neck and suffocated him till he passed out. He then hoisted him over his shoulder and hurried out of the temple. Shichiro then rested the Captain at the foot of the temple entrance as he watched the temple finally cave in and bury itself. Shichiro had scoffed once more as he watched the temple cease to be. It did burn him up that he barely got to view all of the books in the first aisle. He felt like he could learn so much from it but these greedy fools had to go and ruin all of that. Somewhere deep down inside he had hoped all of them had perished in that collapse. Hell he even wanted to end the Captain’s life for the mistakes of his crew members but that wasn’t fair to him.

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#82Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:50 am

Shichiro Uchida

After all, If it wasn’t for him. He wouldn’t have made it here in the first place. Shichiro highly doubts the captain will forgive him for letting his crew die so it would be best to leave him here and take his leave. Shichiro had hurried through the tropical forest and made it back to the ship. He decided to take one of the lifeboats and make his way back to Galuna. However long that may take. Shichiro had sighed as he rowed back in the direction he assumed he came from. He had stopped at a nearby inhabited island that was fairly good at navigation. How convenient. Shichiro then bought a compass and continued on his way. Many months have gone by with Shichiro only reading the books he had secured from the temple. There wasn’t much room to practice in this tiny vessel so he just went over them again and again in his head. One night while Shichiro was napping, A storm had begun to brew and thrown Shichiro overboard as well as the remainder of the books. Shichiro did not know how to swim and practically avoided large bodies of water altogether. This was a first for him as he scrambled to the bits and pieces of the boat and clung on for dear life. After being adrift for at least what seemed like a week. Shichiro had passed out and awoken to find himself in the halls of Blue Pegasus. Shichiro had no recollection of how he got here or why he was even still alive but he didn’t question it too much and decided he’ll ask the next person he saw on his way to the training grounds. He still had visions and thoughts of those forms he saw in his head, as if he were experiencing them a second time.

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#83Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:09 am

Shichiro Uchida

He wanted to lure the creature and the bandit out so they would do battle and he could slip by with ease. His plan worked, granted it almost failed because he nearly let out a cry when he saw what the creature actually looks like in better lighting. It seemed to be a walking humanoid shark of some kind and quite frankly it terrified him but he had to remain silent and pray it didn't spot him cowering near the wall. His prayers were answered as a lone bandit stepped out to see what all the noise was and the man shark thing had leaped at him, tearing his neck open before he could draw his blade or react. He managed to let out a scream and a yelp before gurgling his own blood. The other two bandits had heard him scream and came out with their blades already drawn. They began to battle the shark as it lunged at them too. Shichiro decided to take advantage of this chaos and sneak past them as they fought. Thank god Shichiro was small and scrawny still at the time. He began to sprint when he thought he was far enough. He didn’t get too far though because as she was running he stepped on some soft light dirt that collapsed and made him fall through. With a large thud, Shichiro smacked the ground and couldn’t get up for a little while. He just laid there, crying wondering if he was going to die there. It turns out though he landed the wrong way and broke his left leg. That’s why there was so much pain as well as so much blood. It was also pitch black and Shichiro could see anything. Even though he couldn’t see his leg, he knew it was leaking a lot of blood.

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#84Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:10 am

Shichiro Uchida

Off in the distance though, he could see a glimmer of light shining. At first, Shichiro thought it was a way out but he was probably not going to make it there anyways. He began to crawl over towards it anyways,making rough dragons as he pulled himself closer and closer. It turns out it wasn’t an exit but a crystal ball with electricity surging through it. He wondered if touching it would harm him even further than he was now. Shichiro didn’t get to think too long about it because it seems that a creature from previously had won its battle over the bandits. It didn’t escape entirely unscathed though. There seemed to be deep cuts and gashes all over its body. It still hasn’t seemed to notice him yet so Shichiro tried to hide behind the stone table the orb was resting on. It didn’t seem to work because while pulling himself around it made a large dragging sound as usual. The creature instantly noticed this and began charging in his direction, it seemed it was all over now. Shichiro decided if he was going to die, it wouldn’t be from something as binary as this. He placed his hand on the orb and lifted it up. It didn’t shock him like he thought he would but what happened next might have been as equally as painful. The orb had began to fuse itself into Shichiro's body through his chest. The pain was tremendous as being hit by any electrical current. He wailed and screamed and even started to glow blue and white for a couple of minutes before exploding with electrical energy. The stray energy incinerated the man shark beast with stray bolts of lightning before passing out once again. When he awoke, he was laying in a cage with other teenagers and small children and being carried away on a carriage.

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#85Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:15 am

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro had screamed and yelled and thrashed around but despite all his efforts, the carriage had continued to move along. He was being taken far away from his home into the mountainous regions near Oak, although he didn’t know at the time. There it seemed like some sort of training camp led by some old dude. Shichiro was stuck in the cage for about a few weeks now. They occasionally fed and washed him like some sort of animal, maybe because he was acting like one occasionally but who wouldn’t. He was stuck in a cage after all, taken from his home for god knows what reason. He had then remembered about the mysterious event that had occurred with the orb and the cavern but didn’t know how that came about. He then tried to conjure up electrical bolts again but only managed to force a fart which made the other trapped kids shy away from him. It didn’t matter to him none cause he wasn’t there to make friends, actually he didn’t know WHY he was there to begin with. After a month went by, Shichiro was ready to give up on escape and began to become docile. He figured if he didn’t eat he could just end his life through starvation. So he tried that method for a week and failed. A bandit opened up the cage and began to shove food down his throat. Shichiro would spit it out and that would result in him being strangled. Shichiro didn’t mind going out this way but he wished it was less painful. He slowly began to close his eyes and passed out. Later that day, He woke up. Not in his cage, but in a large tent. Shichiro looked around and wondered what was going to see a man standing there with his arms crossed behind his back.

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#86Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:17 am

Shichiro Uchida

There was also food next to him but it was that grub shit they were trying to force down his throat. It was finer food that actually looked appetizing. Shichiro couldn’t resist any longer and decided to begin chowing down on it. He didn’t care if it belonged to somebody he just wanted to eat it. If they killed him over it, well then he’d still fulfill his goal. Turns out the food actually was for him. Shichiro shrugged and continued to eat it until he was content. When he was done, the man had turned to him and sat down in front of him and just stared at him. The man nodded and got up before he began to talk to Shichiro. He asked some questions about something called a “lacrima” and how he managed to get it to go inside his body. Shichiro was clueless and frankly didn’t care all he wanted to do was get out of this place and go somewhere. Of course that wouldn’t be the case. The bandit chief said he wasn’t allowed to leave unless he could somehow force the ball out of his chest which is highly unlikely at this point in time. The only other option was to serve him for the rest of his life and he would be treated as an equal among his forces. Shichiro didn’t see any way out of this so he reluctantly agreed. Two short years had gone by since that conversation. He was no longer sleeping in the cage and had his own room within the leader’s tent. It must have been because of whatever the hell is inside of him must have been important. Well whatever, better than the stupid cage. During those two years though, he had undergone some serious training. So far, all of it was just physical training to strengthen his body.

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#87Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:18 am

Shichiro Uchida

He was skinny to start out with but are those two years, he actually had some muscle on his bones and a bit of meat. He was actually a little happy when some of the lower ranking foot soldiers complimented him on his training. Still, he shouldn’t get distracted. He was only biding his time. He still wanted to get out of here but first he wanted to learn that he could before he struck. He continued with his physical conditioning so that he could be deemed “worthy” to start training using spells. Seems all the elites of the camp used magic when they were pillaging. Later, Shichiro found out they were at his small town because of the lacrima inside of him. He was supposed to be this thing called a “Dragon Slayer” but Shichiro has never even seen one before. He was supposed to slay something that potentially didn’t exist? Well whatever floats their boat, he guessed. He just wanted to learn the magic so he could defend himself for the real world as well as break out of here when the need arises. He continued to train with these guys for another two years in which he was finally being taught how to manipulate his mana. Finally, this was the moment he was waiting for. It only took four years of his life to do so. Shichiro met a female that was frowning a lot as she walked onto the grounds. It was a little strange to see a woman so pretty but so muscular at the same time. He guessed she was just talented in that way, he guessed. Apparently she was the one that was going to be teaching them how to use their mana. Yes, them. It turns out the other children also were going to learn to use magic too.

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#88Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:20 am

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro was just...special only because he held the item they were seeking by accident. He had no regrets because if it didn’t, he’d be dead right now. Now he began the training with the other students. It quickly became a contest because it seems as if the best performer all got the most of food to eat and other luxuries and this time, even Shichiro would be affected because he could lose his comfy lodging. He sighed at that thought and began to follow the woman’s instructions. There were twelve of them excluding the woman herself. They trained vigorously and even Shichiro was falling behind some of the other students. He actually even lost his room in the main tent and had to sleep outside in one of the crappier, smaller ones. He was only there for a week but he was frustrated. At the end of that said week, the woman had woken him up and led him to the nearby jungle to show him something. She said that since he was a lacrima holder she could teach him this spell but he HAD to make sure that he told nobody. Shichiro nodded. The only thing he had to do was agree to extra lessons after midnight when all the other students and higher ups were asleep. Shichiro had nodded. So from then on, Shichiro had gotten a head start on how to actually use spells. At first he thought it was nothing. Then he realized with the consistent training day and after dark, he was losing out on sleep so he still couldn’t perform better than the other students. It would pay off though soon. After two months of extra training, Shichiro found himself on top of the class again. He regained permissions and got his lodgings back.

W.C: 300

#89Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:27 am

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro didn’t use it though. He allowed others too because he didn’t want to get used to the pleasures of sleeping on something luxurious all the time. Especially since there were always on the move or run from rune knights and vigilante guilds. Another year had passed and he was finally a bit experienced in combat now. He could go toe to toe with his teacher in hand to hand combat but lacked mana capacity and control to keep up in long winded, spell slinging fights. He decided he would work on that but before he got the chance, a lesser ranked bandit came and told them that rune knights were upon them. Both the teacher and Shichiro ran joined the battle. It was too late though. Most of the camp had succumbed to defeat. Many of them died and few of them had continued to fight. While Shichiro watched, he thought to himself, this was the moment he was waiting for. The time to finally escape. Shichiro's face formed a devilish smile and that marked the first time he sneered. Raising his hand, he conjured a lightning spear and thrusted it into his teacher’s back and made her fall to the ground paralyzed. She had turned to see the young Shichiro coming towards her and beginning to drag her away from the fight and hide her in some bushes. She couldn’t speak and it was a good thing too. He was trying to hide her from the dangers before they were spotted. With that, Shichiro went back to the battlefield with two more lightning spears in hand. He started to hurl them at rune knights left and right, knocking them unconscious because he was still too weak to kill them but it was good enough. He started to hurl some at his comrades as well even though he never really thought of them as teammates or family.

W.C: 318

#90Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:30 am

Shichiro Uchida

After all, he was technically kidnapped and somewhat abused. Only person he showed some sort of remorse for was the female teacher because apparently he had a soft spot for her even though she currently hated his guts for it. Everybody else was screwed. Eventually some rune knights started to target him with their spells and Shichiro had fled in a direction different from where he stashed his teacher. Of course the knights gave chase, but he eventually evaded the mall because of his physical training over the years. He was a lot more fit than most people were at that point in time and he finally made it out unscathed. He turned and looked back at the flames once again, reliving his past before turning his back on the camp too. A few years later at the age of twenty, Shichiro was in the outskirts of Oak town as usual by himself wasting his days away by daydreaming in the shade and comfort of a tree he was leaning against. He had blinked slowly and lazily studying his surroundings closely but calmly before letting out a soft sigh. He began to fold his arms before he raised his eyebrows, turning left because he felt a presence nearby a short distance behind him. It was a man he recognized from his old gang he used to run with. The man was muscular and had a scar that went diagonally across his face. The man had gritted his teeth before angrily growling out.``I finally found you traitor... After all we've done for you THIS is how you repay us? By slaughtering us like animals? Well you didn't do a very good job now did you or I wouldn't be standing her. The man clenched his fists before brandishing a rather large machete. Shichiro had closed his eyes a moment before he responded to the man.

W.C: 314

#91Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:42 am

Shichiro Uchida

"You shackled me, eat me, tortured me, didn't feed me for days and that's what you call being taken in? You have no right to lecture me about betrayal when you guys couldn't even trust each other. Pffft... You should judge yourselves before judging others but i guess it's too late for that now isn't it? Since you are the last of us. I'll give you one chance. Leave now if you want to live Shichiro had said with a rather irritated tone in his voice. But the large man had only gripped his weapon tighter than before, gritting his teeth he lunged forward at Shichiro in an attempt to take a swing. Shichiro had sighed at the foolish decision the man had chosen before quickly thrusting his right arm focusing his magic onto it in the form of a particle blade piercing the man's chest. The man had vomited blood before the numbing effect had kicked in dropping his weapon to the ground as he grunted "D-damn you....Bastard." Shichiro had scoffed and turned his head a bit, spitting on the ground before turning back to the man. "You're an eyesore... GET LOST!!!!" Shichiro had furiously yelled before overcharging his arm that pierced the man's chest to perform an electrocution execution, killing the man quickly before pulling his arm out and dropping his lifeless body to the floor. Shichiro had looked at the arm with all the blood on it before swinging it around a bit before it could dry on him. "Hmph...Should have left while i was feeling merciful... Shichiro had grunted before walking away to clean the blood on his arm. Shortly after tying up loose ends, Shichiro went to clean off the blade on his arm, he joined a dark guild called Phantom Lord with the intent of never trusting people again.

W.C: 305

#92Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:56 am

Shichiro Uchida

And that was pretty much that. Shichiro had eventually fallen asleep after thinking so hard about his past. He decided it was best to do so since he was going to go and train up some of his old spells in the morning. Shichiro got up and began to swing and sway his torso from his waist up from left to right and jumped up and down to pump himself up for the next technique he was gonna start training next. After exiting the guild hall, and entering it’s courtyard next to a lake, he looked around to see if this was a good spot to start. He deemed it okay and began. He decided he wanted to start with something simple but could prove to be useful later. Maybe learning to magnetize metals better would help him in future endeavors. There's bound to be something or the other he could use like bits of metal or old machinery like metal detectors. Shichiro looked around the area around him to search for anything metallic that he could manipulate with his electrons. He had walked over towards the lake and stumbled upon some old chairs and what looked like a metal detector. Shichiro wasn't aware that there was anybody that would hang around here on this island except for training or exploration purposes. He then sighed before outstretching his right arm towards the piece of chair lodged into the ground before him and concentrated on it, slowly levitating it into the air a foot from the ground. He then lifted the piece of the chair higher into the air about four feet in the air before he was satisfied he could lift it as high as he wanted to for now. He wanted to test how much weight he could hold before it would put a strain on his body. Shichiro turned his head left and right to look for another suitable object for him to test this new spell on. He had found another piece of chair sticking out of the ground and decided to add that to his current weight.

W.C: 355

#93Shichiro Uchida 

Hellish Training [solo] - Page 4 Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:57 am

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro never noticed there was any type of housing or building near-by but he was glad he managed to find some material just laying around here rusting. He moved his right arm towards the new piece of chair to levitate that into the air while the one he was already levitating followed where the palm of his hand moved like a magnet until they were both side by side about an inch away from each other. He didn’t feel like anything had changed from when he was lifting one object. He decided he wanted to look for something much heavier than just pieces of chairs. He searched around for the final time finally finding something that will test the full extent of his ability. He had found a large metal chest in the shallow part of the lake. Shichiro grinned thinking this is the final test of this spell and moved his right arm over towards it moving the pieces of chair towards it as well and magnetizing the chest in the water itself. It took a bit of effort since the water made his electrons spread out and go through all directions until he managed to get a lock on his target and hoisted it out of the water in between the two pieces of chair. Shichiro closed his right eye slightly as he began to feel the strain of the items he was lifting. The combined weight must have at last been over two hundred and ten pounds. An idea came to Shichiro's head and he thought it would be a good idea to see how far he could chuck these objects over the lake. He then outstretched his left arm to maintain a better hold of the items and pulled both his arms back before throwing them over the lake as far as he could with all his might. They only traveled two meters before they plopped into the lake, causing a large backlash of rippling water coming crashing into the shore near Shichiro. He decided that’s it for this spell and decided to move on to something else, leaving the area.



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