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Rise and Shine [Quest: Nuala]

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Rise and Shine [Quest: Nuala] Empty on Thu 19 Mar - 23:38

Rise and Shine [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Another day, another strange scheme in Dahlia Town. Thank to Nuala’s efforts in getting rid of a rogue cultists who had threatened to expose their wrongdoings by running straight to the church and informing Bishop Santos, the Red Hades Cult was able to proceed without having to worry about the interference of the church – yet. Nuala was curious and she wanted to see how it was all going to play out, therefore she continued to play along. The leader of the Red Hades Cult, Adarian the Heretic, was quite pleased with her work and willing to offer more money if she continued to play into his services. Nuala had to admit that the work she did for him was rather interesting and truly offered her a better insight into the town and all the cults and groups surrounding it.

The Church hadn’t been alerted thus far and it was because of that, that the cult was able to continue their malicious practices. It seemed as though Adarian was growing more and more wary of the Bishop and the church however, as they now represented a valid threat to their cause. This time around, almost a week had passed before Adarian contacted her again. She received a letter asking her to meet him by the cemetery the following night and because she was curious, Nuala went along with it. Much to her surprise, the old man had managed to climb on top of a roof that allowed him to overlook the cemetery. Nuala decided not to question whether or not that was within his physical abilities or if someone had assisted him, but simply joined him on top of the roof. There, they would begin their conversation about what his next steps, and therefore her next mission, would be. “Thanks to your efforts, Voidling, we have been able to practice a lot. All the recent lessons of necromancy have drained me though, which is why I require your assistance once again. Of course you will be handsomely rewarded, as per usual.”



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Rise and Shine [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

“What exactly do you need me to do this time?”

He pointed towards the distance at a location that was still within the cemetery. “Soon, a very particular person who has recently passed will join us. A person close to the Bishop himself, a friend of Santos’ you might even say.” Nuala’s ears perked and she listened closely as the cult leader explained that someone, a friend of Bishop Santos, had recently passed away. He was quite powerful in life, a skilled wizard that would prove to be of much worth to the cult and their necromancers. A good addition to his army of undead, he’d said. The words were unsettling, but Nuala decided to abide. If things got out of hand, she and the guild could always interfere.

Nuala could only assume that his reasons for taking someone out of Bishop Santos’ direct personal life was also due to the fact that the two of them didn’t particularly like each other and that it was somewhat personal. Everytime Adarian the Heretic spoke of the Bishop she could sense a lot of hatred in his words. Anyways, they departed from each other shortly after and Nuala began skimming the cemetery for said corpse. It was in those very moments that Nuala noticed a bunch of priests from the church walking around the cemetery with the casket that, without a doubt, held the body of her target within. The Voidling hid within the dark and waited until the priests laid it down and disappeared for a few moments. Now was time to make her move.

Nuala silently snuck closer and closer to the target. Her fine ears allowed her to hear the other priests should they decide to come closer again. When they were a few meters out of range, Nuala broke the casket open as quietly as she could and lifted the body out.



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Rise and Shine [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Luckily for Nuala, the body was stiff but not smelly or gross in any sort of way. They had embalmed him and done all sorts of religious rituals to ensure that the ceremony that had undoubtedly happened at the church would go by perfectly and according to their standards. Nuala managed to sneak away, dragging the body along with her, without arousing any sort of suspicion. She also had some time to close the target before leaving. Granted, carrying a full sized human male body around wasn’t an easy task, especially once rigor mortis had set in, but it couldn’t be helped in this case. It took her a while, but Nuala successfully dragged the corpse back to Adarian.

He seemed utmost pleased, but proceeded to order her around nonetheless. “I’m still to weak, so help me get him somewhere else.” Nuala and Adarian then moved on across the cemetery and into the woods, where an abandoned house was standing idly by itself. “I need your help in order to reanimate this body. My mana ressources and those of my underlings are still running low.” Once Nuala heard those words she vehemently shook her head and dropped the body on the ground. “I won’t participate in necromancy,” she said. “I don’t even use magic.” Adarian pulled out a piece of chalk and began drawing a pentagram on the ground, placing the corpse in the middle. “You have to do nothing but to give me a little bit of your energy. And I know you have plenty of it.”

Nuala sighed and nodded. Adarian then began chanting in a different language. Magic erupted from his core and began swirling around the room. Nuala placed her hand onto his shoulder and felt the energy being sucked out of her. Soon, the corpse began moving. The whole ordeal did take some time and while Nuala felt visibly exhausted afterwards, she was impressed to see that the reanimation of the corpse had succeeded and the person was now standing in the middle of the room – not saying much or moving, but he was standing at last. After seeing that, Nuala quickly grabbed her reward and got the hell out of there.


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