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Done-Dun [Q]

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Done-Dun [Q] Empty on Thu Mar 19, 2020 7:20 am


Kaiser was once again helping out that weird mommy lady called Elaine. She knew that this was going to happen anyway since after her last job for Kaiser was told that she would be contacted again in the near future for another job. It did not bother her though since she was going to get paid for it, and this time more than the last, too. Elaine’s requests were really weird, but her part was just to finish the job, so it did not really matter to her what Elaine wanted her to get done as long as she was getting paid. The first part of the job was as usual. She would have to go and meet her client, which she did, at the same place they met the last time. This time one of her handmaidens did not come to pick Kaiser up since the vampire already knew the location for the meeting and so she just went there. At the meeting, Kaiser was once again briefed on how the mission was supposed to go. This woman wanted Kaiser to kidnap her child.

The vampire wondered if it ever occurred to her client that putting the life of her kid in the hands of a murderous vampire was more dangerous than anything else. But Kaiser did not question her about anything concerning the request. The instructions were clear, and the client told her to begin immediately after dismissing her. Kaiser gave her a nod and left the meeting spot. And once again she was following the little fat kid Duncan. He was going to the same places he went the last time, pretty much. There was nothing really unusual about his schedule. Being a vampire, Kaiser’s movements were completely silenced and so he would never notice her following.

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Done-Dun [Q] Empty on Thu Mar 19, 2020 7:37 am


Even if Kaiser was served the perfect opportunity to feast on a fat little kid on a silver platter, she was not interested. She was not hungry, having had her filling for the week just a few nights ago. She had a feeling that the blood of this kid would be sweet as fuck, probably from the excess sugar intake that caused him to be at this weight at this age. Thinking about it a little too much might actually make her hungry though, so she kept to thinking about the instructions of the job she was given. Since she remembered her observation from the last job, she could recall which times in Duncan’s schedules were the times when he was ‘vulnerable’, which would be the best times for her to kidnap him. There were three such times, so she had three chances.

The first time came along pretty fast, and Kaiser attempted to jump and grab him, but there was this stupid old lady who came out of nowhere, telling Duncan that he should not be going out on his own at dangerous times like this, so Kaiser had to abort mission and go back into stalking mode. The vampire made a note to kill that old woman the next time she saw her. The ‘dangerous times’ she was talking about was probably because of the whole lycan situation going on down in Aldenwald. Of course she probably did not know that Kaiser and her guildmates were the one usually handling that business, wiping away packs of wolves to ensure the safety of Dahlians. It was really helping too, because more people from other parts of the country were coming to Dahlia. That was not the case before because of the dangers of dark races mauling you to death.

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Done-Dun [Q] Empty on Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:38 am


Once again Kaiser was looking for a chance to kidnap the kid. Since after the thing with the old woman was over, she was pretty sure that she would be able to kidnap him the next chance she got, although that was not exactly the case. Her second attempt was literally stopped by the kid farting and turning behind him to see if anyone saw him fart. The sound was heard even from the distance that Kaiser was stalking him from. These were just totally annoyingly unexpected things that stopped her from kidnapping the kid. No one was around him at the time though, and even if there was someone, they would probably just pretend like they did not hear him. Duncan seemed relieved after finding out that no one was around him when he farted, and was on her jolly way once again. This was sickening. Kaiser was infuriated at this point.

It was terribly tempting for Kaiser to just grab the kid and smash his face in or something because he was just getting more and more annoying by the minute. She just wanted to get this job to be over with. If she smashed his face in though, she was not going to get her reward, so she resisted the temptation and let me just tell you, for someone like Kaiser that was a real hard thing to do. She was the kind of person who did anything she wanted to whenever she wanted to, so this kind of urge was really hard to resist. But she did her best, keeping the objective of getting the money from this job at the top of the list of priorities and the objective of eating this fat kid at the bottom of the list. She was not giving in to her impulse.

The final attempt to kidnap Duncan actually worked, and Kaiser was so relieved because if it did not work this time, she already made a mental note to kill the kid and her mother and whoever the father was, so that she would not have to deal with anyone that Elaine or her husband sent after her after finding out their kid was killed. After kidnapping the kid, Kaiser brought her to a secure place she knew within Dahlia City. After being in the city for a long time now, Kaiser knew a lot of places in Dahlia and she knew what was the most appropriate place to keep a kidnapped child. After tying him up and making sure that he could not escape, she informed Elaine about the location and took her reward for the mission.

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