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Magnolia To Worth Woodsea [Foot]

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Her eyes watched her two children get ready to go on the long travels. They were about to go on a long trip to the woods as they've never gone camping. They were only going to be there for one night as she had a strange man to visit. She licked her dry lips as she wondered what the man had. She was far interested in rare finds as down the line in all of her lives, she has yet to find something super interesting. Her soft nimble fingers combed through her own scarlet hair as the ends curled against her naked back. There she stood in front of the mirror gazing upon her own appearance.

'Will anyone ever love someone who has children?' She thought sadly in her own mind. A spirit appeared before her and snickers. ''You could perhaps just throw them out the window of this beautiful seven plus foot hotel.~" It taunted her. No one else could hear it besides her so her children were fine. "Or you could just get punted the hell out of here.". Despite the fact that the children were from a man that no longer was around her, she wanted them. Her words were filled with anger and irritation. Perhaps maybe the most she'd do to them could be put them up for adoption, but she hasn't thought of harming them. Kuriana in the past thought otherwise as she just tossed them in her own experiments. Arisa was one of those, but survived.

Look where she is now.

She was her capsule, her other her as Kuriana wasn't just one, she was Kuri and Ana. Revana tried to keep herself calm as she turned to see her children almost done with all the packing.  It was about time for them to leave. The time was running out as she wanted to get there or at least close to there before night.



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The trip was going to be somewhat a long one. Her brown eyes cornered towards the door as she then looked at her children. ''Ready?" She slithered the sleeves upward towards her shoulders and grabbed her bag. The nodded with smiles and went out the door.

The place was nice while it lasted, even for a few days. They swiggity swoogitied to the next area as they went past many places. There was some places she forgot even existed and then there were some places like Crocus, Orchidia and the mountains. The places were nice and warm as they were looking everywhere. The season was a well seasoned time as the weather was beautiful. Her eyes looked at the buildings of crocus and wondered on how soon she will be back. She knew she had to come back here and finish everything that has yet to be finished. So many people she needed to help and so many people have yet to be helped at all. The people that needed help was so much more than the people that want to help. She was halfway there and the girls decided they wanted to nap. Slowly, Revana found an inn in the middle of no where as they stopped at the mountains.

The place was beautiful with music from a lyre. While she was there she learned out to create music with one. It felt calming as she soon fell asleep. When they woke up they ate some breakfast from the place and went on to finish going to Woodsea. The place was where she met a man that ruined her heart first. Kuriana started to get messed up here first as the man yeeted. She also had a friend named Daiko who lived here. It was somewhat interesting. Finally, the woods were in their aura as she entered.


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