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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nuala]

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Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nuala] Empty on Thu 19 Mar - 6:43

Red Hades Cult [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

There were now more rumours going around Dahlia Town. Rumours about the Red Hades Cult and how it had suddenly managed to strengthen its presence here in Dahlia. Nuala was partly at fault for that. Aradian the Heretic, their leader, had tasked her to destroy three caskets at the cemetery at night, so he and his cult members could use the bodies within for their necromancy practice and it seemed as though they had been successful. Nuala wasn’t necessarily an evil person to do something like this, but she definitely wasn’t a good person either and so she was rather intrigued by this entire situation.

Nuala was on her way home from the bar at night when Adarian found her again and granted her yet another task in the name of the cult. He proudly explained how he was able to teach his cultsmen a few things. Some of them were even able to reanimate and sustain an undead person now – all thanks to having access to actual corpses. Nuala wondered whether or not he realized that if he wanted and needed dead people, he could just go into the woods, find lonely travelers and kill some of those. That would most certainly cause less trouble to the village than all of this, but whatever.

It appeared that during all of this, a member of their cult had gone rogue and defected from their lines. He must be feeling sorry for all the bad things he had been participating in, because he told everyone that he was going to tell Bishop Santos, the leader of the local church, about all of this. The job he had for her now was much easier than the last one and it fit her rather well. That rogue cultist needed to die and the death couldn’t be tracked back to them or her or anyone in general. Nuala had worked as an assassin before, so this would certainly be no problem for her.

Adarian was very particular about his wishes. The rogue initiate has to die, and their body should be found – but not until morning. He also wanted her to behead the poor guy in order to send a message to all the people who were planning on defecting as well. She supposed that was fair enough and effective. Furthermore, he needed her to bring him the head to make sure it was actually the right guy. Nuala began her search for the renegade cultist the next morning. She knew he had to be here somewhere, but of course due to his situation he had to go into hiding. Nuala did the normal thing and merely asked people around with a description of the man and she was pointed into several directions until finally receiving a really good lead.

She caught him exiting a bar that same night, quickly executed him and removed his head. He wasn’t able to put up a fight because he was drunk and Nuala attacked from behind. He did beg for his life, but she ignored it. With his body hidden away and the severed head in tow, Nuala returned to Adarian and traded the head of the rogue cultist against her reward.


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