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From Under the Ground [Quest: Nuala]

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From Under the Ground [Quest: Nuala] Empty on Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:40 pm

From Under the Ground [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

It was yet another day in Dahlia City. Slowly but surely the area was growing on her and Nuala was beginning to like it here. Much to her surprise, the area also seemed to constantly offer a multitude of jobs and while most of them were shady and of questionable morals, the thief didn’t particularly care so long as she earned a decent sum of money. Recently, there had been a rumor going around in town about a cult that was establishing its presence here. Nuala had little experience with cults and frankly, she found them somewhat worrying but this one was interesting in many ways.

At the bar she had heard some rumours about its leader who was called Adarian the heretic. He was an elderly wizard who allegedly practiced necromancy, which was in many ways a taboo in the world of wizards and magic. But as with so man things, there were only loose rules in Dahlia in regards to evil schemes and forbidden deeds and the country seemed to have no rule or control over what exactly was going on here – and it was a lot. The cult was called the Red Hades cult and apparently they frequently tasked mercenaries with different jobs only to reward them handsomely if everything was completed according to their wishes. Nuala found the idea of working for a cult rather strange, but she was also simultaneously in dire need of money.

Of course she could just go and kill some vampires and lycans in the woodlands and collect the bounty from the farmers and village people, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun as this. Weirdly enough, just after Nuala had gone to the bartender of Warmwool Inn to acquire some information about the Red Hades Cult, it hadn’t even taken them three days to contact her. She received a note that asked her to meet their leader, the Heretic, out the cemetery that very night.

The ask Adarian had for her was a curious one. Nuala entered the cemetery again at night and located three caskets that had yet to be buried – each of them belonged to a person from the village. She had to do all of this at night so that she wouldn’t be caught out. The people who these caskets belonged to had actually been a family of recently murdered parents and their daughter. Going by the rumors, Nuala could already guess that he wanted them for his necromancy magic. Nuala snuck around the cemetery and began breaking the caskets very carefully, just like he had instructed her to do.

Afterwards, Nuala was merely asked to leave the scene, which she did without trouble since no one had heard her. She had purposefully chosen to come past midnight, when the villagers were asleep already. She returned to the same location where she had initially met with Adarian the Heretch and he seemed pleased with her work. Nuala collected her reward from him. It was a fairly small sum of money, but for the type of work she had to do it was okay. It was nothing difficult after all. In the most ominous way, however, Adarian also told her that he would be needing her help again soon.


From Under the Ground [Quest: Nuala] XRjHYs6

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