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Magnolia east forest [Quest] Count the blessings - Steel

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Magnolia east forest [Quest] Count the blessings - Steel Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:10 pm


Skippin and a steppin. Steel had gotten a request from Father Jerad to aid him in collecting some weird flowers that would help those who are ill with disease in the church. Steel found that this was his first stepping stone to becoming a hero so he wanted to do his best to advertise himself as the new kid on the block. He had entered some battle tournament in Crocus. He had of course done this mostly because he wanted to advertise himself and to test his strength. There would be no people in danger at the event so it was all just for fighting which Steel was content with but it was kind of a waste of time except for advertising himself to the world. But he shouldn’t think about that right now as he was going to pick flowers for the church. He started looking around the outskirts of the forest. Father Jerad had said that they grew on shrubbery but Steel couldn’t find any as he moved around the outskirts. Time passed and his legs got tired but he pushed on. He decided that if they didn’t grow here he would look through the rest of the forest to find them. So he started walking deeper inside. The shade from the trees made searching inside the forest much cooler and wasn’t as sweaty a work as moving around the outside of the forest was.

He could almost start skipping his feet again but the moss and other floor vegetation inside the forest blocked him from making any special movements so he started playing the floor is lava by jumping around on the visible roots of the trees. This led to Steel climbing around in the trees and swinging around like a kid again. Something he had actually been missing during his travels and growing up. He wondered if he shouldn't smile more but as he started wondering he fell from one of the trees to the ground. It hurt. Not a lot but it did hurt a little bit. He was fine though but decided that playing around in the trees was maybe not the best Idea and that is when he noticed the flowers. It grew on a shrub underneath the shade of a large tree in the deeper parts of the forest. Steel sighed happily as he moved closer and sat down by one of the flowers. It was orange with a red center just like the father at the church had said. Upon closer inspection it also had thorns. Since Steel didnt want to get stung by the flower he started picking the flowers carefully. He collected enough flowers and decided it was time to go back to the Father and give them to him so he walked back. He entered the church and walked over to the Father flowers in hand. “Here Father Jerad the flowers you asked for.” The Father smiled and gave Steel his reward then sent Steel on his way. Steel was happy that he had completed his first ever mission and felt that this was the start of his journey to becoming a hero.

Wc = 522 excluding talking.

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