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New Kids On The Block [Odin]

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The kid from Oak had just found his way to the stepping stones of Magnolia. Steel was wearing his classic rocker leather jacket, boots and jeans with his hero spandex underneath. He drew his fingers through his hair and made it go backslick for a moment before it became messy again. Removed and correctly placed his shades back on. He was hoppin and a boppin making his way through the town his feet moved with a groove as if walking on the sunshine of the land around him. He walked along the streets towards the guild hall of the guild he had recently been admitted into. It was time to make relations, bonds and get to know teachers that could teach him how to properly be a hero. On his way to the gates he passed a nice appletree that hung low over a wall next to the stones of the street. He ducked under it slightly and grabbed an apple from it, taking a big chunk before moving on.

Finally he was in front of the gates to his guildhall. He placed his palm on the doors and pushed them open. Apple in one and he waved to his soon to become new friends. “Hello there! My name is Steel! My goal is to become a hero. Where do I start?”


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“Hello there! My name is Steel! My goal is to become a hero. Where do I start?”

The message at the entrance reverberated towards the main area of the Fairy Tail guild building, where many members were enjoying lunches and chatting. At the bar stood a tall, refined man with pale skin and snow white hair, serving drinks to those who requested them and generally keeping morale up. He had only been a member of the guild for a year now, but he had managed to integrate into Fairy Tail better than he had expected, as all eyes looked towards him. The guild master, Adriana, was not currently in the building and, perhaps due to his age or his strength, many of the common members of the guild looked towards this man as a leader, or at least the authority. He had gained their respect, and it was now time to prove he deserved it.

Lucas brushed his hand across his moustache, making sure it sat neatly but proudly upon his upper lip, before walking towards the voice. A giant of a man stood, his powerful body radiating, well, light. Lucas didn't quite know how to describe it. He wasn't glowing obviously, but there was an aura about him that seemed to give the same effect. He was, for lack of a better term, the definition of a 'hero'. With an outstretched hand, Lucas would speak to the newbie.

"Welcome to the Fairy Tail guildhall. If you want to be a hero, then you've come to the right place. My name is Lucas, I'm also fairly new here but I know my way around the guild and can help with any questions you might have."


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"Welcome to the Fairy Tail guildhall. If you want to be a hero, then you've come to the right place. My name is Lucas, I'm also fairly new here but I know my way around the guild and can help with any questions you might have."

Steel looked over at the tall white haired old guy. He had some stature to him. He looked strong and appreciated by the rest of the guild. Steel fixed his posture so that he didn't look like some run of the mill slouching boy. He then reached out and shook Lucas' hand. “Thanks man. You see i haven’t done this before but my lifelong dream has been to become a hero so i've got some questions but it's mostly some normal stuff.” He quickly glanced around the room and smiled letting go off Lucas' hand. “I guess I should start by asking you to show me around the place. Like where the restroom is and such but what i really wanna know is the saving people stuff like who do i talk to? Where do I look for requests? Stuff like that you know.” He began to fidget his toes around a bit but remembered that he had to keep his cool so that he had a true hero stature as he had been taught by his old hero teacher that only actually showed him how to be brave and courageous. Well he also did basic physical training and such with Steel but all of that was a long time ago. He looked around a bit and then looked Lucas in the eyes. And gestured that they should continue this talk while on the move. He then started moving he thought it would be a good idea to sit down and talk after all they might actually talk for a while. “Well let’s get a move on I guess!” He walked towards the bar but stopped in his tracks when he remembered he didn’t actually know where to go since he had never been here before.


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The giant of a man, Steel, shook Lucas' outstretched hand as he thanked him, stating that he'd always wanted to be a hero but was pretty new at the whole 'guild mage' aspect of it. The man had too much muscle to be just an average guy, he had certainly had training and new his way around a fight, but in every other aspect it seemed like he was a newborn. He would need direction in the guild, but his sense of justice was certainly something to be admired, if not for the fact that Lucas was secretly a dark mage looking to corrupt the guild. To him, Steel could become a nuisance. But, for now, Lucas would follow Steel into the main room, walking him towards a table at the bar area as he spoke, "There are a few restrooms all over the place, one just through that door", he gestured to a side door labelled as the male toilets next to the bar, "but the thing you're most interested in is probably that." Lucas pointed at the large board situated just off to the side of the main building, "The request board will be everything you need for finding work. There are always people needing help with odd jobs here and there. And, once you start making more of a name for yourself, you'll be asked to do more dangerous things, all for the greater good." Taking his glass of water from the bar table, Lucas took a drink before speaking once more, "Would you like a drink, to celebrate your newfound purpose and brand new family?"


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Steel walked with Lucas. He looked at the restroom door that was labelled male toilets. Nodded a little as Lucas kept explaining. He looked over at the request bulletin board that was shocked full of flyers and advertisements for things to do with several people walking around it grabbing requests and then heading off. He thought to himself that as fast as he was done talking to this kind new person he would go and grab one of those requests himself. He then looked back at Lucas who was drinking from a glass of water that he had taken off the table. Lucas then spoke and Steel replied “Yeah sure I would love a drink, I'll grab a water like you.” After getting his glass of water Steel sat down at the bar table smiled over at Lucas and then spoke again. “A toast to a bright new future and a happy family!” He smiled and presented his glass for the act of clinking their glasses together before raising them. While doing this he thought about his parents and his earlier training. How they would have been proud of him now that he was finally going to begin working to help people and make a mark on the world. He remembered his Teacher who had been the one to show him how to be a good hero and trained him both body and mind to become a strong hero. A small tear of happiness made its way down his face.


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Steel seemed almost transfixed by the request board, as it was the physical embodiment of what the man was here to do. He was to be a hero, saving the lives of everyone he could, the bulletin board was his pathway, it was his light. Lucas wouldn't be surprised to see the man in here every day, perhaps even twice a day, taking different requests until he was able to move up the ranks and take the more difficult ones. It was those later quests that would test his resolve, as well as his strength, which got Lucas thinking.

He poured another glass of water for Steel, unperturbed at the man's request for water over liquor. It kinda made sense that he avoided alcohol, given his likely negligible body fat. They both drank water for very different reasons it seemed, as body fat was not really something a Lich like Odin had to care about. He had 0%, arguably making him the most shredded person alive or, well, 'alive'.

"Cheers to that." Lucas clinked his glass with Steel's, the age-old gesture of goodwill before taking another drink. He saw the tear fall down his new guild mate's eye, and smiled. It was obviously not one of sadness, but of joy, which prompted Lucas to ask the question he had been thinking of previously, "So, Steel, what kind of magic do you use? Or are you purely a physical combatant? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised either way, with a body like that."


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Steel looked over at his drinking partner and while they were drinking water that was fine. Steel had not really dipped into liking alcohol yet. He was still young. His drinking partner cheered to his toast. He then asked Steel about his magic and his other combat abilities. “My magic is some sort of radiant force but I don’t really understand it yet. Do not misunderstand me, I do use magic, I just am not that good at using it yet. So for now I try to stick with and train my physical abilities.”

He stood up from his position and showed of his glorious muscle mass by removing his jacket and flexing his biceps. He had gained this massive body only from years of training under his master. He then sat down again slightly embarrassed by showing off. He looked over at Lucas. Who he guessed because of the respect that other members of the guild had for him was of higher rank than Steel. He talked. “To be honest and you don’t need to accept this but, could you teach me how to use my magic more efficiently maybe? You seem strong enough that you could teach me a bit about how to fight.” He grinned slightly hoping that Lucas would accept.

Maybe this could be the start of something new. Maybe he could grow stronger from this. He had already grasped the basics of heroism but maybe this person could teach him how to become a better hero? He hoped so but he wouldn’t expect Lucas to accept his offer. Steel then grabbed the glass of water with his right hand again and raised it to his lips and started sipping the water still in the glass once more.


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As if this guy wasn't already going to be difficult for Odin to deal with in the future, his magic used light and 'radiant force' as he put it. While light magic itself didn't necessarily damage Odin more than any other, it was strong against his own magic, slightly giving Steel the advantage. And there was also the fact that literally everyone that was a pain in the ass to Odin's life used light magic. Konstantin, Arisa, even Alice to some extent with her abilities. The nephilim that constantly messed with Odin. At least Arisa and Alice had disappeared, but Kon was now a guild master, which meant he was going to be even more annoying to deal with.

"Appropriate magic for the hero you wish to be. It is important to enhance your physical abilities, but don't neglect your magic. After all, it's what'll give the final edge over non-mages."

Steel stood up and removed his jacket, flexing and definitely showing off the muscles that made him a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps there was a bit of arrogance there, some crack in his otherwise perfect hero persona. The next question from Steel would be exactly what Odin wanted to hear, and Lucas would be happy to oblige, "Of course, I'd be happy to help out. I've been around the block long enough to know how to focus and use different kinds of magic, so hopefully my experience will be of use. After all, we're guild mates now." Lucas then finished his glass of water and placed his elbow on the table, arm raised and hand open.

"Before we look at how your magic can work, I need to get an idea of your physical prowess. Sure, you look strong, but are you? Let's find out." An arm wrestle would be a fun way to gauge the man's strength, even if Lucas was confident he would win.


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Steel sitting across from Lucas listened to him accept his tutorship proposal, He grinned. This was amazing. He didn't think that things would go so smooth for him joining a guild. Absolutely amazing. He looked Lucas deep in the eyes as he started setting his arm up for the arm wrestle when he heard the people by the table behind him talk about some rumor about a certain place that you could only get into by guessing the password and saying it at the door.

Steel put his arm down. And slowly stood up. “You know what I think I have a better idea for a challenge. This rumor they are talking about. We could see who finds it out and gets there fastest as a way to check my wits and physical ability.” He looked at Lucas and awaited an answer.

After getting the answer whether it was a confirmation or not he would button his jacket and rush out of the guild building, He had already thought of the location now he only had to figure out the password which he could do on the way there. He put one foot in front of the other taking step by step to go onwards towards his goal. The weather was fine and he hoped it would stay that way until he arrived at the location. The weather was fine and he hoped it would stay that way until he arrived at the location. He had however begun his journey quite clumsily as he recognized he hadn't tied his shoes so he kneeled and tied his shoelaces.



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It seemed their contest of strength was not for today. Instead, Steel seemed to have something else in mind. He overheard some kind of rumour making its way around Fiore. Some kind of exclusive club that could only be entered by those who knew the correct location and the password required. Steel didn't even wait to hear Lucas' response, instead just leaving out through the main entrance to start his search for the answer. Lucas would stretch his muscles, glad that the arm wrestle hadn't occurred because Steel looked strong, and Odin wasn't even sure if he could've won the contest. Not to mention it would be quite pathetic for an S rank, even one posing as a B rank, to lose in an arm wrestle to someone who had literally just wandered in off the streets.

After a few minutes had passed, Lucas would begin roaming Mangolia to find out more about this rumour. Apparently it came in two parts: the location and the password. The location was fairly easy to figure out, but the password was more difficult. It itself was split into certain parts, including the mention of the Daeva Eye guild. It was only thanks to Odin's connections to members within Daeva Eye, specifically the guild master Kaiser, that he eventually cracked it.

"Well, I wonder what's in store for me."


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