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Steel Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:28 am



Name: Steel

Age: August 18th, X771

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy tail

Tattoo: Right shoulder. Color Red

Face: Kor-El aka Conner Kent  - Young justice


Height: 6'7" feet

Weight: 209lbs.

Hair: brown/black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Steel is an adolescent boy. He is tall and like hercules he is covered in well defined muscles and has larger hands than most others. His face is well defined almost as if sculpted by an artist with a chisel, He has next to no facial hair growth(due to his age) and retains a clean unshaven look without any hairs having to be shaved. His hair in comparison is thick and curly and cut into an undercut with a messy top.

Steel likes wearing punk rock clothing such as patched jeans jackets, spiked leather jackets, suspenders, colored and tattered jeans and more. Most of the time however he wears a tight spandex suit beneath his clothing that can only be seen when he removes his other clothes(underpants excluded) The reasoning behind this is that the spandex suit is his Hero advertisement.

Extra: Golden ring piercing in the left ear.


Personality: Steel is a person who cares for others. He shows this by trying his best to not make anyone sad or hurt. He stands up for the rights of others and protects those in need. All of this is backed by a headstrong mentality, almost like a mental shield against fear and other evils. Some would call it not having a broad view of the world. He is a bit prideful and likes to shine. He is kind and worries over other peoples health both physically and mentally.

He is sporty and full of energy, And prides himself in taking care of his body both physically and mentally. Some people would think that just because he runs head first into danger he is some sort of an idiot but quite on the contrary he keeps a cool head in battle but would not think a second before jumping in to save someone.

He is a little religious and prays for the safe journeys of the people he meets and at night he prays for the sake of all those who have died. He has never really had time to fall in love but would like to do so. Especially now that he is a late adolescent boy and full of hormones.

Whenever it's evil he lets his fists do the talking but otherwise he likes to talk things through sensibly.


  • Heroism: Acts of bravery. Risking your life to save others. Selflessness, Standing in the way of evil and protecting the world from danger. Great things that heroes do and that are said about heroes. Everyone should like these things as long as you aren’t evil. Someone has to stand out from the crowd and protect those in need.

  • Potato chips: Crispy carbs, wrinkly, salty, potato chips go perfect with a cool drink. Potato chips are awesome. A great snack on the run to the next battle. Potato chips. They make you happy, they make you cool. They help kids in school. Everyone loves them for so many reasons that there is no reason not to like them. Steel loves them for all the good reasons.


  • Evil: The thing that all heroes fight. The thing that Steel fights! No one should like evil and yet evil people like evil for some strange reason. In any case Steel doesn’t like it and that is how it should be for everyone. A world without evil is a utopia and that is something everyone should strive for. Steel tries his best to make the gap between life and utopia smaller.

  • Sadness: Steel does not like seeing people that are hurt for any reason, loneliness, sickness, physical trauma, bullying, bad manners and more. Sad people cry and seeing people cry makes Steel sad. The best way to combat sadness is to prevent it but sometimes you have to cure it and to cure sadness you cannot be sad yourself which is why Steel always tries to smile when saving someone.


  • Being the greatest hero: Steel strives to be the best hero and to save all the people. This is why he always wears his hero suit beneath his clothing. To strengthen his resolve and to remember the path that he has chosen. Being the greatest hero means being the strongest, most selfless, brave, kind and honorable person out there.


  • Friends/family dying: Who wouldn't be afraid of this? Steel sure is and no one should blame him. Seeing your friends die is the greatest sadness and makes many people go into depression. Steel has had this happen to him before when his parents were killed by bandits. And he will never forget the heart destroying pain that followed it. He is afraid to feel that way again and to lose people that are so dear to him again.

  • Cowardice: Steel fears not being able to step up when he has to. To be afraid and unable to move for the sake of justice. Being a coward is the direct opposite of being a hero because a coward can never stand in the way of danger and help others in great danger. Becoming a coward would mean giving up on his dreams and dying without ever achieving his goals.


Magic Name: Hero

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: The light of the sun shining in the stars. Channeled into one boy wonder. Hero is a magic that makes the user shine brightly like the north star on a cold winter night. The magic itself utilizes projections of light to create dazzling hero powers such as shooting concentrated light from your eyes to destroy your enemies, disturbing the light in front of yourself to cause transparency, Forming wings to fly. Hardening light to walk on, boosting your own abilities and making others abilities worse. Spell Types available to this magic are Offensive, Self-Buff, Supplementary and Debuff.


History: Steel grew up on a farm outside of Oak. He worked the land together with his father and mother and it was good for a long time. They used to tell him that he always had to be nice to others and that he should never do evil deeds. They would eat together, work together and sleep together and when they did they would tell him the greatest bedtime stories. One day when Steel was out playing in the fields and forests close to his home he could smell a weird coal like smell in the air. A fire had broken out in the stables and when he went back to try and help his family his mother and father were fighting some people in masks and hoods.

When Steel finally ran over to his parents he could see all of this unfolding and saw his mother be stabbed by a pitchfork in the guts. She fell over dead and when Steel's father saw him he told Steel to run, run as far away as he could and get the city guards. So he ran. And when he finally came to the city to ask for help no one listened. It was a den of depravity. All but one person stood up. A hero. He was a magic user and he ran towards the farm to help Steel's parents but when they got there his father was already dead and the masked bandits were gone.

Steel was about to vow his life to anger and revenge when the hero grabbed him and looked him in the eyes. He told him that this was a great tragedy but  to break the cycle. Steel could not vow his life to anger and hatred. He had to be better. He had to be a hero. And so the hero made Steel a hero suit and had him swear upon the suit and all things good that he would stand up for others and protect the people to the best of his abilities.

Reference: N/A.

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Venus Rosé

Hello! I'll be grading your application.

  • Please state the colour of your guild tattoo.
  • Can you state your height in ft. instead of meters?
  • You may fill in N/A for Reference if you don't have any.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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