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False Prodigy [Quest]

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#1Szeth Son-Neturo 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:10 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
The job which Szeth had been assigned today was not one that he was exactly thrilled to be doing, but it was a job nonetheless. It had come from a rich man from a rich family, which meant that hopefully the pay would be better than Szeth was used to. He didn't hold out much for this however. The wealthy usually stay that way by being frugal. Regardless, money was money. Szeth readied himself for the day and prepared to head out. He had seen a notice pinned somewhere in town looking for "security" at a party. While the job initially sounded fun, the party was for a young child. Demeaning maybe but a mans gotta eat, and if a man wants to eat he usually has to pay for it. Szeth stepped out of the door of his room at the inn and made his way to the large house that was listed on the notice. The instructions were vague but he figured the job would be easy, if perhaps a little boring. Giuliano was the name listed so he figured he would ask for this man when he arrived at his location.

Upoin further approaching the house, Szeth noticed how grand the whole place was. There were servants everywhere and elaborate decorations that probably cost more money than Szeth had made in his entire life. He looked around for anyone that seemed to be important before noticing someone that appeared to have a supervisor kind of vibe to them. He strolled over to the man, tapped him on his shoulder and spoke.

"Looking for Giuliano. Job listing"

The man directed him through the house and into a room that appeared to be some kind of an office. There sat a man that Szeth could safely assume was Giuliano.

[WC 300]

#2Szeth Son-Neturo 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:28 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
The reality of the job was far more degrading than the first impression. So it turns out this security job was not so much security as it was babysitting children and assisting a man in a facade to make his spoiled son feel better about himself. Most of Szeth's pride and sense of worth demanded that he refuse this job, but his empty bag of jewels did a much better job of convincing him to take it. The rundown was pretty simple and Szeth really wouldn't have to pay too much attention. The spoiled child felt himself somewhat of a magical prodigy, and his father saw fit to nurture this and even encourage it. Yeah, that definitely won't end badly when the kid grows up and has a wake up call. Well, it wasn't Szeth's problem and he would play ball so long as he was going home with a bag of cash.

The guests began to filter in to the party and Szeth watched in envy as the actual security did their jobs of searching everyone and keeping a lookout for any trouble. On top of all that they got to stand around and look tough. Szeth got to sit in a child's chair and occasionally distract onlookers from the fact that the boy Luca was not in fact good at magic at all, and to stop them paying attention to the man behind the curtain. After a while of watching the child do his thing, a loud round of applause rang out that probably signaled the end of the show. Finally. Szeth made his way back to the office where he had originally discussed the plan and collected his payment. He left the house without a word, swallowing his pride once more and hoping for a day where he would not need to take jobs like this one.

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