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Northern Run [Travel to Worth Woodsea from Hargeon]

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Northern Run [Travel to Worth Woodsea from Hargeon] Empty Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:18 pm


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To think that I’d be travelling north in this kind of weather… A chill passing through her as she bolted through the sky, Sofia Serena couldn’t help but shiver as the freshness of an early spring wind bit right through her clothes and into her bones, creating an especial level of unpleasantness for a girl who was born in and so used to warmer, more exotic climbs. Really it a shock to her to be moving like this, while her winged steed was fleet enough it did not offer much protection from the weather, and as such the girl couldn’t help but feel a sense of discomfort, despite how much she usually seemed to enjoy rides like this.

Even though it looks bright, up here it’s still cold as hell! The conditions around her deceptive to say the least, the sun seemed to be cascading down around Sofia through the cover of a handful of clouds that seemed as if they were fluffy little sheep which were hanging in the sky, giving the image of a perfect spring day. A warm one, and that was probably what it was down on the ground, but things were always different in the air. Up here the wind had far more bite to it and that never more apparent than when one rushed through the air like she was now, Miss Serena couldn’t help but idly wonder if she might do well to learn some fire or frost magic so that she might better able to stave off this infliction that seemed to cut her right to the bone, but at the same time felt that either option seemed rather in opposition of the water magic she was so fond of.

Though he doesn’t look like he’s struggling with it half as much? Ultimately envying the beast upon which she was perched, while Sofia herself was quivering because of the coolness it seemed that her splendid steed had neither the urge nor need to do as she did, and actually appeared rather remarkably calm and still, at least as much as one could as they sped through the sky.
Heeheehee, it’s a good job he’s so wonderful, otherwise I might fancy a coat made of his fur or something? Some combination of the effort he was putting into keeping them moving and whatever insulated properties of his soft and short fleece seeming to provide her magnificent mount with all the warmth he would need for the journey, the azure angel pushed her fingers deeper into that pelt and wondered if that might at least keep the cold away from her hands a little better, but ultimately whether it did or it didn’t that not really mattering to her.

Needs must I suppose? Gritting her teeth and bearing with the bitter cold that surrounded her however, even though she did not feel her usual ecstatic self at shooting through the sky that did not mean that the blue beauty was wholly in a bad mood for what she was undertaking. Far from it really, after all she was chasing down something that seemed so wonderful and magical that despite her discomfort she felt energized and excited, and even if that sense of zeal wasn’t quite enough to stave off every ounce of coldness that tried to bite at her it was enough to help her to hold her nerve and refuse the lick of a wicked and wintery wind that seemed to want her to turn back.

After all, the White Empress deserves only the best kind of wedding present~ This trip one that felt essential to her since it was entirely about the ebony enchantress that she loved so very much, Sofia couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement in spite of the chilling discomfort that she felt as the cold air rushed past her cheeks and brought out a blush in her, looking forward to her destination and what lay ahead of her simply for the enjoyment of what might wait for her once she had visited the locale she sought so highly. The image of her luscious lover seeming overjoyed by the special thing she had bought with her savings seeming brighter and warmer than even the hottest summer sun could ever be, even though she had no idea exactly what she might be able to grab from the mythic merchant that had been sighted in the woods that the two of them had trained in once upon a time everything seemed to coincide far too perfectly for the outcome to be disappointing, and though she had little will to follow notions of fate on most days the idea that something special might come from the northern forests where the two of them had first realized their love for each other seemed such a wonderful concept it could not be denied. Not this time, at least…

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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