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Dahlia To Worth Woodsea [Travel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Dahlia To Worth Woodsea [Travel] Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:17 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

To say the least, the early morning wouldn’t have been unpleasant. The sun could have settled nicely on the corners of the neighbourhood houses and the clouds drifted across the blue yonder in lazy puffs, endearing her enthusiasm to watch upon the city over her windows. It was raining. She observed the steady patter of rain upon the window, droplets yet to scatter the nascent rays of the rising sun. The sound brought a calmness to her mind, as she sipped on her cup of coffee that was just recently made anew. It made her want to stay longer, but alas, she had other matters to tend to, such as travelling to a different town.

All her businesses in Dahlia had been solved – the majority of it – and for the moment, there was no need for her to linger any longer in town. Despite how Dahlia was her new home, she didn’t necessarily enjoy staying there. With a constant growing population of vampires and lycans over the town, it was more of a job for her to deal with them and hunting creatures for the safety of the civilians instead of having to relax and do whatever she wanted to do. It was as if the entire city was haunted, even the shopping malls were empty most of the time: she wasn’t surprised that the town’s economy was plunging, obviously since tourism was failing.

Her free hand rested on the window pane while the other held a mug of coffee to her lips. A beautiful, black cat – the companion that she’d gotten recently – climbed up onto the structure and caressed itself against her hand, as if it was reminding her that they should leave soon.

”I know, Blair. Let me finish this cup at the very least,” she chuckled, scratching behind her ears as it purred in content.

Her companion was not simply just any cat; a magical one, in fact, adopted by yours truly to protect herself.


Dahlia To Worth Woodsea [Travel] E16OGAl
#2Venus Rosé 

Dahlia To Worth Woodsea [Travel] Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:50 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

In the beginning, Venus had only gotten a companion solely as a tool to help her in difficult situations. She was hardly an pet lover albeit, as time passed by, she found herself attached to the animal more than she’d anticipated. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Blair was with her all the time, sitting on her shoulders or finding some kind of way to seek for attention. Living by herself does have its ups and downs and as a social butterfly who didn’t enjoy being lonely, having Blair was like her medicine. It also reminded her of how Noel would have cats in his apartment and it somehow made a big difference to the ambience to his flat. The thought of the man made her reminisce their previous encounter and she’d smile to herself.

It’s been over a year since Venus had heard from him, she did promise him she’d find him wherever he was – after all these guild matters was attended to, of course. ”Do you think he still remembers me?” She’d speak to her companion. Blair could communicate with her through telepathy, although she chooses to remain silent most of the time, which wasn’t necessarily a problem since Venus was used to talking to herself most of the time.

”Alright, time to leave.”

She’d distance herself away from the window and set down her empty mug elsewhere. Thankfully, her room had been cleaned last night despite all the mess of her clothing; newly purchased and old ones, and it was such a laborious task that it made her feel as though she never wanted to travel anymore again.

Venus would take one last look of the room to ensure she wasn’t forgetting anything and slid past the room, paying whatever that costed even the service fees at the counter. Her mount awaited for the owner and her companion out at the front of the inn and she was more than ready to soar through the skies with her Pegasus.

661 (30% discount from Mount)

{ EXIT }

Dahlia To Worth Woodsea [Travel] E16OGAl

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