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Shopping run [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea]

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The sculptress had heard some interesting news. Apparently there was a strange merchant going around selling unusual wares, and that just so happened to be an offer she couldn't refuse. Not with the tournament on the horizon, and with the pressing need to procure whatever means she could muster to help her seize victory in the coming battle. Alisa scarcely even had time to change or anything of the sort... Instead, she simply ran there, taking her flying ship and soaring through the sky.

"Now then... I wonder just what I could find there~", mused the sculptress, chuckling softly as she smiled and wondered if one such item could be worth the unexpected trip.

By all accounts, she should find something, anything worthy of her time... The only question was, would she find it quickly enough before all the precious wares sold out. As a purveyor of luxury items, that very instinct drove her onwards, sailing her ship as fast as it could go. With such clear skies, even the biting, high altitude chill did nothing to deter the sculptress from her goals.

"I wonder what she might think of this...", leave it to a woman in love to do nothing but giggle as she sighed and thought about what her lover might think of a purchase she hadn't quite even made just yet. Hell, she didn't even know what she'd be buying but she knew that the first thing she'd do when she came back was show it to her.

Surely Sofia would like it more if she found some interesting artifact rather than a weapon, and indeed, Alisa certainly thought about the idea of bringing her a gift instead. Sighing softly as she thought about her lover, yearing her to see her again as quickly as possible, the sculptress took a moment simply... Enjoying this... All the sights around her, the birds flying through the skies at her side... She hadn't even showered after her training, hell, she hadn't even finished the training in any way, but here she was, putting the whole thing aside, hopefully not too long to lose track of what she was doing:

"I still have so much to do before the tournament...", mused the sculptress, turning on the helm, riding the favorable winds as she made headway towards her destination. Worth Woodsea would be in sight soon enough at this rate, with this tailwind. With a couple of hours by herself to think, with nothing but the wind brushing her cheeks, the sculptress couldn't help but muse on the remaining spells she yet had to master before the tournament. She needed to improve her defenses, for starters...

Her new magic far outmatched her original Crystals offensively, but protecting herself was a whole other story. Even a defensivelly minded element like Earth struggled when molded in the form of Slayer magic, designed to hunt after and kill whatever creatures that particular variant was created for... Demons in her case, surely, and it did that job terrifically well... But how would a superior offense fare against foes who weren't quite as inferior against it?

"I have so many of those written down too... Really, it's only a matter of choosing.", she mused... No doubt whatever item she ultimately chose to buy from the mysterious merchant should probably help with that in some way. Food for thought really, but with this much time, she could digest it plenty... What would she find there really...? No shortage of weapons for one, that much was certain... At least that was the image she had when somebody mentioned mysterious merchants dealing in magical items, only a few days away before a grand tournament.

She wouldn't really mind a brand new sword really... Yoru had served her well, had lived through one hell of a battle, literally, in the bowels of the Abyss... But it had always been a cumbersome weapon, and all this time Alisa couldn't help but wonder if she might one day find a smaller, swifter weapon to wield, one that could assist in her favored style of wiping out enemies before they even noticed her... Though, at this point... Alisa might as well just wait and see for herself

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