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Smuggle The Goods - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
The day was bright, and the skies were clear. Kenzo had once again returned to the biggest port in the country in search of new opportunities. When he woke up that morning, he didn’t expect anything special or out of the ordinary would happen. However, the events of that day would set into motion a chain reaction that would change the mercenary’s life in ways he couldn’t yet possibly fathom. All of the bad luck streaks he had recently suffered were to be slashed by the biggest of lucks. The only thing left, was that he was smart enough and open enough to identify this opportunity and make it his.

Kenzo walked along the docks of the city that bustled with activity. It was impressive the number of vessels and merchants that arrived at the port every day. No wonder Port Hargeon was one of the most important cities in the whole country, and Blue Pegasus had managed to thrive and continue being relevant all this time. From what he’d come to learn during his last year in Fiore, Kenzo heard about the great mage guilds of old. Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Phantom Lord. Of the four, only two of them continued to exist. Even the renown Fairy Tail was now on its last legs. However, matters were different for Blue Pegasus. According to the intel he had managed to acquire so far, Kenzo learned that they still had some of the strongest mages and fighters in the country. Heck, even Finn, Advent World’s current guild master had been part of the Pegasus. The name of Alisa Vollan, the White Empress was known in the whole country. She was the guild master of the guild and one of the strongest mages in the world, if not the current strongest in Fiore.

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Smuggle The Goods - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
As he looked at the amount of wealth and activity that passed through the docks of Hargeon it became apparent to him. It was the same no matter where he went. Money calls for money and power. Prosperity is built under the umbrella of possible profits. He was sure that the fact Blue Pegasus thrived as much had to do with the affluency of the port. It was exactly for that reason, that countless opportunities littered the docks. He had even helped the ruling lord of the city, Reign, build a warship in commemoration to his father. The reason he was in the docks that day though, was fundamentally different. The job the merc had taken that morning was more on the morally ambiguous or as most would call it: the other side of the law.

The blue haired man had met a rather interesting fella the last time he was in Hargeon. He had helped the navy of Hargeon defeat and capture a vessel of pirates that had recently raided and sacked a nearby town. When they returned to the coast, the man waiting for them was none other than a guy called Reagan Hullston. He was a skilled merchant and offered to buy the loot from the authorities at a great price. If Kenzo had any saying in the matter, he’d have taken it any time of the day. However, justice is unusually likely to align with the prospects of big profit. Visibly irritated by the negative the captain of the fleet gave him, Reagan left the place in bad spirits. However, Kenzo had an eye for these kinds of situations. Bidding farewell to the Captain of the coastal guard, Kenzo took his reward and hurriedly caught up with Reagan. After inviting him to a local pub for a friendly chat, the blue haired swordsman and the man were able to find common ground.

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Smuggle The Goods - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#3Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Today, their newfound partnership was set to become fruitful. How much, was something Kenzo would never imagine even in his wildest dreams. ”What do you mean it didn’t pass the inspection!? Are you guys idiots? Do you even have any idea of the amount of money you’re making me lose here?! I want to talk to your supervisor! Tell him he needs to come here in THIS instant!! I’m not moving away from here until you bring him here and I give him a piece of my mind!!”

There was still some time left before the appointed time with Reagan was up. However, it seemed that he had just found him nonetheless. ”Sir. I won’t tell you again. Please get away from here before I’m forced to escort you to the city dungeons. Your wares have not passed the required regulation and as such have been confiscated. I will not repeat myself again. Consider yourself warned” A stern looking rune knight spoke with the smuggler before leaving the place for good, leaving Reagan grumbling and frustrated with the man. As Kenzo approached him, the knight had lost himself in the distance.

”Tough day huh?” Kenzo attracted Reagan’s attention with his remark. ”Bah. These bloody idiots don’t have an idea of what I just laid my hands on.” Kenzo’s interest was piqued by the man’s words. ”You see… I’ve hit jackpot this time. There are rumors in the sea of an unimaginable treasure lurking around the high tides near Fiore. However… now I can’t get my hands on the information I paid so much to obtain due to the stupid Rune Knights and their senseless rules. Listen to me boy. I need your help with something. Take this map. Go find Captain Balthazar Barbossa of the Greybeard pirates and tell him I sent you. He will give you the goods that he was supposed to deliver to me.”

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Smuggle The Goods - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo made his way to the location marked in the map with haste. The earlier talk had greatly piqued his interest, so he wanted to get to know more about it. Travelling along the coast, Kenzo found the cove were the group of pirates had stranded their ship. From the looks of it, they were finishing with repairs and were frantically loading ammunition, guns and cannons to the deck. A large man barked orders at the group of fierce pirates as they did as commanded. He was the fitting image of an old sea dog. Kenzo could tell from a glance that the captain was someone respected at the seas and that he had gotten to see things that most would never even get to dream in their lives. Either way, it made it easier for the mercenary to identify who Balthazar was.

”Captain Barbossa, Reagan Hullston sent me. He says you have something that is his.”

The captain immediately stopped what he was doing and turned back at Kenzo. The captain glared at the warrior before bursting into laughter. ”Zehaha!! I knew the bastard wouldn’t give up so easily! And what’s more… he sent someone rather interesting!!” Kenzo was visibly confused. ”Oi, Greyhate!! Go and fetch the cargo for Reagan! Hurry!” A mob instantly went and retrieved a set of items for the captain. ”Come here boy. Tell me your name” Kenzo was lost on what was going on. However, he decided to follow the captain’s instructions and see where it would take him. He could smell an adventure approaching. ”I am Kenzo Valens, mercenary and guild member of Advent World.”

A sinister smile appeared in captain Barbossa’s lips. ”Zehaha… I knew it. Let me send someone to give Reagan’s wares to him. I need to talk with you about something important” His eyes glistened as he spoke. Letting out an evil smirk, he continued. “I’m sure this would interest someone of your caliber”

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Smuggle The Goods - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS

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