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Chasing Myths - Magnolia to Hargeon [Travel]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Chasing Myths - Magnolia to Hargeon [Travel] Empty Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:28 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo's job in Magnolia was done for the moment. He had managed to complete with the mission he had proposed for the moment. True, it was not exactly what he intended to do in full. For instance, he never even aproached the Fairy Tail guild. He decided it was better for the moment to get accustomed to the town and get to know the folks that lived in the place. There would be time in the future to do what he originally planned to. Right?

Kenzo hoped this was true with all of his might. He wished he would not come to regret his powerlessness displayed that day. He still had some matters he needed to settle with the guild master of Fairy Tail, but he had finally decided on letting that for another time. The reason was more of an excuse actually. A couple of days prior, he had met a rather interesting fella in the port city of Hargeon. He had been helping the local authorities finish building the flaghship of Fiore's most important commercial hub. After losing a bet while drinking, he was unwillingly enlisted to partake in a patrolling mission through the coasts of Hargeon. However, the job would turn to become more interesting than what he expected. Kenzo had experienced for the first time in his life a battle at sea. They had found a group of pirates and pursued them for a while. After the distance between both vessels shortenes, they attacked the black flagged ship and boarded their enemies.

The thing that made him leave Magnolia and travel to Hargeon was again was the prospects of a new adventure like the last one. Kenzo packed his stuff and travelled back to Port Hargeon in a short span of time. What he didn't know, was that this adventure would take him to the real of myths and legends.



Chasing Myths - Magnolia to Hargeon [Travel] IgtZBYS

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