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Cult Spy - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo walked through the streets of Magnolia aimlessly. It was more his fault than anything really. He had arrived at Fiore a little over a year ago. Having decided that he needed to familiarize himself with the country, he traveled to each and every major city in the country. All of them, except for Magnolia. Kenzo was hesitant on coming this time too if he was being honest. However, he knew that he’d have to face it sooner rather than later. His late mother had been part of Fairy Tail a long time ago, and one of the last things she had done in her life was send the guild master an urgent letter. He knew that if he wanted to get answers, he would eventually need to make his way to Magnolia and speak to someone about it. However, he was fearful of finding out the truth, so he decided to postpone his visit. After all, he was starting to enjoy his time at the country. No use screwing it up for no reason, right?

Either way, that line of thought was exactly what had placed him in his current predicament. Kenzo wanted to take a quest in Magnolia, to familiarize himself better with the town and get to establish some connections with locals at least. However, he didn’t take into account the fact that the only quest board in the city would be precisely inside the Fairy Tail guildhall. Kenzo was trying to avoid the place at all costs, so he now had nowhere he could go and grab a job.

The blue haired swordsman scrambled his brain for a while trying to find a solution. The only thing that came to his mind was to find a local garrison of knights or city guards and ask them directly for any job opportunities.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
With nothing to lose, Kenzo finally found his way to an outpost of guards. Apparently, the Rune Knights didn’t hold influence in Magnolia, perhaps due to the presence of such a strong guild. Instead, the private guards of the local lord family patrolled the streets and kept public order. Kenzo noticed a large man within one of the patrols. He was a tall armored male, dispatching orders around and generally acting like the commander. Or at least that’s how Kenzo saw it from afar. Figuring talking to him was a safe bet, the young warrior made his way to the man and saluted him. ”Yo! Good day to you. My name is Kenzo Valens, I just got to the city and was wondering if there was something I could help you guys with?” The Bellan warrior was not afraid of revealing his identity so easily. He had nothing to hide after all. The captain of the guards turned around upon hearing his name. ”Hoh? So you’re the famed mercenary that’s been travelling Fiore lately helping those who can pay?” Kenzo simply shrugged a she heard the captain state the facts. ”Hahaha, I guess that’s really me” He stretched his hand for the captain to shake it. The man wore a full body armor and a heavy helmet that covered everything except for his nose and mouth. The young swordsman was able to see the captain smile as he took his extended palm and greeted him back. ”Welcome to Magnolia young man. To be honest with you, I might actually have something that you may be qualified to handle.”

The captain proceeded to introduce himself as Devon and briefed Kenzo about the quest that he needed to complete. Apparently, there were some rumors going around that a possible cult was forming. He needed more intel on them.

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#3Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo agreed gladly to take the quest. It would allow him to get himself acquainted with some of the shadier parts of the city along the way. After both men agreed on the requirements of the information and the pay the merc would receive, Kenzo bid Devon farewell and sprung into action. However, finding information about a cult was easier said than done after all. They tended to operate in secrecy most of the time, so he needed some tact in order to approach unnoticed.

His only idea for the moment was visit some of the poorer areas of Magnolia. Cults tended to take advantage of those in need and desperate to get out of their current situations, so the slums of a city were normally a place where one would operate. After a short walk, Kenzo found a tavern that fit the bill perfectly. Now it was only a matter of doing what he usually did best. Drink and get some info from other drunk people.

”Nah man.. I don’t know anything about no cult. Those things are simply tales to scare the boys away…”

”A cult? Nay. Why would you even want to meet such shady people? They are a bunch of no goods, you better stay away from them.”

”Nope, never heard anything of the sort. One hundred percent sure that there is definitely not a cult in Magnolia, sorry pal.”

One by one, the answers he continuously received were negatives to his question. This was to be expected, he was sure it would be harder to meet someone that could give him any useful information so conveniently. Or would it? The answers the three people have told him held some sort of mystery between them.

Kenzo was sure these people knew than what they were letting out. However, he shrugged it off and decided to go to another place. As he was about to leave, a voice asked him something suddenly.

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#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Why would someone like you want to know about cults?"

The swordsman turned around to face the person asking the question. ”Bingo” The thought crossed his mind as he examined the man before him. He was sure he had finally met someone that could introduce him. There was nothing particularly special about the guy, but his gut was telling him he was surely someone that could lead him to the cult.

”Well… all of my life I’ve been told by the church of Illumin what I could and could not do with my life. To be honest, I’m sick of it. I’m sure there’s something those liars of the church are hiding the truth from us. There must be something… more. Something higher! I heard some rumors about a group of people in the city that had been illuminated by the truth. I’m seeking this higher truth myself” Kenzo’s acting was flawless. He had a lot of experience scamming people in the past. He had been part of all kinds of ruses when he was an orphan in the streets of Bellum. After all, a young boy in his position had to do anything in order to survive.

It seemed that his answer was more than enough for the mysterious man. A couple of hours later, Kenzo found himself in the backdoor of a store. ”Illucifan Nagar” The wooden door immediately opened. It was a secret code that the stranger had given him earlier. He was being introduced to the cult. However, his stay inside the place was as short as it was helpful. Kenzo was questioned once again by what appeared to be the head. However, he was more intelligent and accused the mercenary of being a spy.

”Touché” Kenzo lunged out of the place as far as he could while assassins started chasing after him. However, he easily outrun them and managed to get to captain Devon’s headquarters.

Still catching his breath, he delivered all the information to the guard and received his reward. Magnolia was getting quite interesting.

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