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Count the Blessings [Quest]

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#1Szeth Son-Neturo 

Count the Blessings [Quest] Empty Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:59 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
It was rather early in the morning when the messenger arrived outside of the room which Szeth was renting. The sun was in the sky but it was still rather dim outside so it could not be any later than six or seven in the morning. Szeth wondered why someone would call for him at this time. It was not like he had made any friends in the city, nor any enemies. Regardless, he rubbed his eyes in hopes to rid himself of some of the grogginess, and went to answer the door. The messenger was just a boy, far too young to look as worn out as he did. Poor creature.

"Father Jared needs your help again. The medicine worked for a short time but there are still many sick. We need more medicine. Would you be able to fetch some Blessia flower?"

Szeth raised an eyebrow. It seemed he no longer needed to look for work. The work was coming to him.

"He'll pay for my efforts?"

A look that seemed to be disappointment spread across the young boy's face. Poor thing was probably expecting charity. Well he came to the wrong place.

"Yes....the same as last time he says."

Szeth nodded and said nothing more. The boy scurried away, back to wherever he had come from in the first place, presumably back to the priest.

Szeth was no botanist, and his knowledge of flora consisted of being able to tell what was edible and what wasn't. That being said, the blessia happened to be quite a distinct plant, and easy to recognize. He should have no trouble finding some in the forest. He pulled on his white robe and made his way to the forest. It was nice to get some fresh air away from the city for a little while. The hustle and bustle and crowds tended to drain him if he lingered around for too long.

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#2Szeth Son-Neturo 

Count the Blessings [Quest] Empty Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:08 pm

Szeth Son-Neturo
Szeth stuck to the outskirts of the forest for the time being. He was not familiar with the area in the slightest, and didn't quite feel like getting lost in the forest when he was just beginning to get back on his feet. Besides, the forest was probably host to bandits or some other kind of unpleasant company. He checked from brush to brush, looking for the distinct red center and orange bloom of the blessia flower. No luck. It seemed he would need to venture deeper into the forest to find some. He found a trail that seemed safe enough, and easy to follow back to make his way out of the forest. Stick to the trail, don't get lost. Simple.

After a considerable while of making his way down the trail, Szeth noticed a brush with bright orange spots on it. He smiled wryly to himself and lightly jogged over. Kneeling down, he took a closer look. Red center, orange bloom, this was blessia for sure. He reached out to grab a big handful of the flower, before sharply pulling back. Szeth looked at his hand and noticed quite a few thorns sticking out of his palm. They forgot to mention that the thing has thorns. Thanks. After getting rid of the thorns stuck in his hand, and sucking some of the blood out of the tiny holes, Szeth began to collect the flower. This time, much more carefully. After filling the small basket which he had brought, Szeth made his way back to the trail and eventually followed the road back to town. It had been nice to get out for a little bit, but he was a little tired of the smell of animal dung. He walked down to the cathedral where he had last found Jerad and dropped his basket at the priest's feet. Szeth collected his payment once more, and made his way home.

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