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A Page In A Diary [Q]

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A Page In A Diary [Q] Empty on Sun Mar 15, 2020 4:36 pm

Although she was a guildmaster at this point, Kaiser still took requests that were pretty low ranked even, because she liked to earn money. She will try to earn it in any way she could, be it easy or difficult. Now the mission she was on today was rather easy, so she spent most of the morning just pampering herself and enjoying coffee like it was the last day for her to live. The coffee tasted great, because she was savoring every sip of it. The first thing she needed to do for this mission was to meet the client, a worried mother who was concerned for her child, a little boy called Duncan. After her chill morning, she began work. To be able to meet the client, she had to meet her handmaiden first, who directed her to a hotel room where Elaine—the client—was waiting for her. It was all kind of stupid and unnecessary to Kaiser. Why did they need to be so secretive about these meetings? It was not how Kaiser liked to handle these sort of things at all. She just wanted to get things over with. Of course there was a reason for having these secretive meetings. Kaiser did not really bother reading the request sheet carefully before meeting the client. Since she was going to brief her anyway, the brunette vampire figured that she would just listen to the instructions straight from Elaine’s mouth. Once she arrived at the hotel room, the first thing she said was, “Damn girl, you must be so stressed out your hair turned white.” That was probably the most inappropriate to say in this situation, but Elaine did not care. All she cared about was her son whom she started talking about, and what she wanted Kaiser to do.

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A Page In A Diary [Q] Empty on Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:31 am

The whole point of this request was to follow this Duncan kid around and report back to Elaine if he gets into any kind of situation in which he could be in danger. Kaiser was pretty sure she could handle it if he did get into trouble but that was not the objective of the job, so she just kept her mouth shut and did not bother offering help. After all, getting paid to watch a kid for the whole day...it was worth it you know. Well she was still supposed to report back to her telling her the times when the kid was ‘most vulnerable’ so that Elaine could station people to look after him. This meant that Kaiser could not really slack. She had to pay attention. Well technically she could...but that would not be good for her reputation, because she was doing something that would help recognize her guild better. Once the vampire finally saw the kid, she could not help but grin a little. He was a fat little boy, but surprisingly fast for his weight. Not that she could not catch up though. The vampire was really fast, and a small kid could not beat her speed so easily, unless they were superhuman, or not human. Following the kid around with a cup of coffee was rather entertaining. She got to observe the daily life of a kid in Dahlia and of course it was something new for her. She found it amusing and could not get enough of how he could carry his weight around everywhere. Kaiser noted the times that he was most vulnerable and it turned out there were three such times. After doing so, she returned to her client and informed her about these times and took her payment.

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