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Breaking The Habit [HQ]

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Breaking The Habit [HQ] Empty on Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:49 am

The next day, Kaiser was up early to take on the request of the vampire that she met yesterday. Just by accepting to help him get rid of his vampirism, she was given some money, and to actually help him, she was told that she would be given even more money. The thought put a sly smirk on her face as she did her hair. She took some time to really brush the tangles out of it, and then sprayed a mist that gave it a nice shine. She was not doing it for anything in particular. She just liked to look good at all times. The vampire, aka her client, invited her to the same spot that they met at the day before to talk about today’s request. Kaiser did feel like she was helping the city in some way by doing this job. She was helping a citizen of Dahlia fulfill his wishes. Although she was not really happy with what he was doing, after thinking about it for some time she realised that it was fine. He was converted without his own wish after all. She was not going to blame him for not being able to handle the power. He was a weak vessel, the power was too much for him, unlike herself, who could handle it quite well. This gave a boost to her already exploding self-esteem. The vampiress arrived at the location where they arranged to meet before the other vampire did. Not only was he weak, he was also not punctual. Being a businesswoman, Kaiser was not impressed at all. She was either always on time, or late on purpose. Usually when she was late, it was because she wanted to show people that she was above them and more important than them.

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Breaking The Habit [HQ] Empty on Sun Mar 15, 2020 4:36 am

But of course, the vampire arrived soon after. He seemed to be in a hurry, probably because he really wanted this to be done as soon as possible. Kaiser had just finished a cigarette when he arrived. “Late,” she commented, but he did not care to explain about why he was late and just launched into the explanation of how he wanted things to get done. Apparently he had a little note prepared with the steps for her to follow to get the things he needed. Kaiser took a look at the list and then gave him a nod. “Yeah I’ll get these,” she told him. She did not want to hear him say any more unnecessary things because she did not really like him. She simply left him and went to get the first item that was on the list. The first item she was supposed to get was a lycan’s claw. Easy enough, since there were lots of lycans here in Dahlia just as there were lots of vampires and other dark races. Kaiser headed to the location that the vampire directed her to. His name was Alistair by the way, fun fact. A basic bitch name, really. So she traveled to the location of the werewolf pack where she would get a random werewolf’s claw. It was somewhere near the outskirts, somewhere near Aldenwald. Kaiser did not even bother getting a carriage because she wanted to jog there, for her stamina. She was not really exercising much, so she thought she would do some jogging while she was on this job. Even though she did not really like having to work for this guy, the money talked more. Kaiser was a greedy bitch, and any way she could get money, she would do it, because she’s greedy.

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Once she arrived at the werewolf lair, she just beat them all up with her sheer strength because there were only like three of them anyway. She did not bother trying to talk to them or anything because that would be a total waste of time. She always thought that compared to lycans, vampires were the stronger race anyway. But that was just what she thought about her own race compared to other races. After beating up the three lycans that were present, she took one of their claws out and proceeded to the next location, which was a vampire’s lair. Since she was a pretty strong vampire herself, she just convinced the vampire to give her his tooth. This was probably the easiest part of the job since she did not need to use much effort to do it. After getting the claw of a lycan and the tooth of a vampire, all she needed now was a daemon’s blood, which led her to the last stop of this request. Alistair was pretty specific with the locations so she wondered if he had his eyes on these targets or something. The daemon was alone in his home, so Kaiser at first just went there as if she made a mistake of where she was going. “Hello, I’m looking for Mr. Granger, are you him?” That was what she asked when the daemon answered the door. He seemed like a normal person, just like every other daemon actually. Kaiser did not really know how to distinguish daemons from normal people yet. She would have to work on that. At first he was confused, and Kaiser took this opportunity to attack him and just get his blood from the wound she inflicted. Without another word, Kaiser left the place and returned to Alistair who was waiting at the same meeting spot. He was really expecting her because when she arrived, he was looking around as if he expected her to be there already. The vampiress then handed him the bag of things that he asked for in exchange for jewels that she was promised. She counted the money and then left him. Apparently he wanted her to be there for the ritual thingy and she just said, “Okay.” If she was getting paid to watch him go through some weird ceremony, then sure. She was actually curious to how it’d go.

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