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Dozing Kids [Quest]

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#1Szeth Son-Neturo 

Dozing Kids [Quest] Empty Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:08 am

Szeth Son-Neturo
As his dreams slowly began to fade away and reality crept in, Szeth shot bolt upright in his bed. It had been a few days since he had tended to the sick in the cathedral, and he had managed to make enough money to find himself temporary accommodation and food. Work had been hard to come by in the days following. He had found that with his recent bout of amnesia, he had lost most, if not all, of his former skills with the magic of his people. This meant two things. Firstly, Szeth felt more vulnerable than any time he can remember as an adult. Second, he wasn't going to be able to find well paying work any time soon until he recovered his memories and regained his skills. Still, pride can not easily be tamed, and Szeth wasn't much willing to take the menial work that he had been offered thus far. Even dignity has it's limits though, and as Szeth stared at the almost empty bag of jewels on his bedside cabinet, he knew that it was time to drop the pride and get out to make some cash.

Throughout the week he had been asking around for work, something suitable for a mage. Of course, with his recent loss of his memory and abilities, he wasn't much of a mage anymore, but Szeth was not about to go and spread word of this. He'd heard of various odd jobs about the city: catch this, deliver that, wash this, but he still felt himself above all that. One thing however stood out more than anything else. Repeatedly he'd been told that the local school was always in need of help, and they tended not to ask all that many questions as long as one was willing to offer a hand in whatever they needed. It seemed that this school would be Szeth's destination today. It was either that, or sleep on the streets. One small hit to the pride to avoid a massive one.

[WC 337]

#2Szeth Son-Neturo 

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Szeth Son-Neturo
The school was much larger than Szeth had imagined, but then again, this was a huge bustling city, so perhaps he should have expected more. The security was much more lax than anticipated as well, but Szeth figured that there was a considerably large presence of mages on campus, so there probably wasn't much for them to worry about. On his search to find a job, one friendly passerby had directed Szeth to the school and informed him about a particular teacher that went by the name of Sandine. She was well liked among not only the children but the adults of the area as well. In addition, she was always looking for an extra hand around the classroom. Seemed that this would be Szeth's best chance at getting some quick cash. He mumbled an inquiry to someone who looked like they worked at the school, and was directed down a few halls to Sandine's class.

"Here for some work" Szeth grunted as he gingerly stepped into the class. A reasonably attractive, and surprisingly young teacher briefly eyed him from head to toe.

"I suppose you can help out with making sure that my pupils actually pay attention to my lesson today. You can see the front desk about payment, but I can tell you that it won't be much."

Szeth nodded in silent approval as he took a seat at the front of the class and kept watch over the class of 20 or so young students. The class seemed to go by in a blur for him, and perhaps he was paying even less attention to his job than the students were to their lesson. Regardless, there were a few occasions where he needed to make a hand gesture, or a stern facial expression to keep the children's attention. After the conclusion of the class, Szeth stepped out without a word and made a beeline for the front desk. Another small victory, some more money in his pocket, and another step towards where he needed to be.

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