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Risky Money - Oak to Hargeon [Travel]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Risky Money - Oak to Hargeon [Travel] Empty Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:43 am

Kenzo Valens
An interesting letter had arrived at Advent World’s guildhall. The sender was a guy by the name of Reign Valystasia. From the handwriting on the outside of the paper, Kenzo instantly intuited that the guy must be someone of noble birth or at the very least very wealthy. However, he had never heard the name before, so he was not sure what to expect. The contents of the letter were quite interesting actually. According to his introduction, this Reign fella was none other than the current lord of Port Hargeon. Kenzo had visited the place before, but merely taking it as a reconnaissance mission. He hadn’t stayed in the place for long. The only thing he did was walk through the streets and familiarize himself with the city’s layout. By the looks of it, it seemed that this would be his opportunity to finally explore and get to know Fiore’s most important port.

After rushing to Oak all the way from Era, Kenzo found out he had been way too early to Advent Worlds guild meeting. He didn’t notice it the first time, but apparently Finn had written the date of the meeting at the end of the letter. He had summoned each and every member, who were presumably scattered throughout the country. As such, the guild master had given the members a time frame for them to make it back in time.

Since he was so restless, Kenzo calculated his trip perfectly to make it in time. He was taking a flash detour to the south of Fiore. After all, he wanted to see what this job that the lord of the port had offered him in his letter. Without wasting time, Kenzo traveled through the countryside of the land and eventually made it to the sea.


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