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Unending Thirst [HQ]

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Unending Thirst [HQ] Empty on Fri Mar 13, 2020 11:23 am

Kaiser was in a good mood today. She was wandering about Dahlia City to take some small jobs to help the people. After successfully taking over Warmwool Inn, she was in a jovial state of mind, and nothing could change that, or so she thought. The feeling of having a place to call home was priceless. She loved that all her guildmates were in one place all together at the same time, and there to protect each other. Since she had recruited all very powerful women, she was sure that they could take care of themselves and she would not have to look after them like a bunch of babies, even though at this point she kind of did feel like a mother to them despite her age. She put on her usual outfit that she wore on normal occasions. The guild was quiet today, so she did not even bother to let anyone know that she was going out, not that it was necessary to do so. Sometimes she would be like, “I’m going out!” before leaving the guild, but today she left without a word. It had been some time since the establishment of Daeva Eye in Dahlia City, and most of the people in the city recognized her by now as she was the guildmistress. She did not mind the attention. The only thing she did not like about it sometimes was that they acted like she was some kind of heroine or something. She was anything but a heroine. She ate and killed people when these people were asleep.

It was not a routine though. She would sometimes leave Dahlia to go and satisfy her hunger elsewhere, like at the outskirts where she would normally find foreigners who were trying to run away from the neighboring country and trying to enter Fiore illegally. So she was kind of doing a favor to both countries, right? So the vampire was in the city looking for something to do to help the people and trick them into thinking that she was being some kind of heroine while she took the profits from the underground business that she had simultaneously started up in Dahlia. As she was doing so, she came across another of her kind kneeling next to a dead cow, feeding from it. Not only was she disgusted by the sight, but also the smell. She had never fed on a dead animal. How could someone stoop so low? Noticing her arrival, the stupid vampire tried to fight, and it was needless to say that Kaiser could easily defend herself. While he tried to fight her, all he kept saying was that the thirst was too much. Once knocked down by her sheer strength, the weak bitch begged for forgiveness and asked her to help him get rid of his vampyrism. With a disgusted look on her face, Kaiser spat in his face and said, “Someone like you doesn’t deserve such a blessing. I’d kill you, but I’ll let you live with the weakness of being human.” The vampire then gave her money for agreeing to ‘help’, which was funny, but after seeing the money, Kaiser was more than happy to help.

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