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Lost Woods [Liana]

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The rustle of the stale leaves beneath Manzo's feet is soothing. They fly up with every shuffle he takes. Walking in the woods is pure serenity he thought to himself. The periwinkle blue sky is so clear, it feels like this is all in his  imagination. When he stops walking the sound ceases and all Manzo can hear is nature. The uncontaminated stream rolls over the rocks, comforting him like nothing else could. On the banks of the stream is the lush vegetation that brushes Manzo with a faint sense of welcome as he walks by. He hears the  drumming of a woodpecker in the trees and the familiar noise of a creature in the bushes. There are not too many bugs this time a year, and for that he is grateful. Right now it is just Manzo under the influence of Mother Nature. There is nothing else to be concerned about, which makes him feel like a child again.

Looking around, Manzo takes a mental snapshot of this tiny section of earth. But he does not save the file to his mind; he saves it to his heart. As he glances around at the leaves, and the sky, and the stream, he feels sense of smallness. He is humbled. "Is this more significant than me?" He asks himself. The conclusion he comes to is quite the simple one; Absolutely.

It had been quite some time since he had shared something like this with anyone other than himself. Which brought him a sincere sense of sadness. Though it could not be helped, for he had no recollection of who he was at this point in time. Only small fragments. What he knew for certain was something very simple. Out here is where he belonged for a time.


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Child of Nature
Across the green of the modest forests of Hargeon she walks. Skipping once or twice, spreading an arm out, as her hands caress the many bushes, small, medium or tall, that the girl joyously waltzes by.

The feeling of coming back to the arms of those she once did and still hopes that she can consider closed ones made her rather pumped and excited. Though, she keeps it all within, wanting to be as quiet as possible so that she could listen to the many gentle and beautiful sounds which the nature gave away to her and any others whom it surrounded.

'Mm... I missed this...' She thought to herself.

Liana did miss the act of exploring the land beyond Worth Woodsea, which is still considered her first home, despite its dangerous nature. In a way, it almost felt like she was starting over. After all, before meeting Alisa and the rest of Blue Pegasus, as well as many other people she got acquainted with, the elf used to live in the infamous northern forests of Fiore. At that time, she looked very much different; a human, she was. Still, as she might be identified differently now, she still kept all of her personality, all of her kindness and generosity, all of her sweetness. It was all simply a mere physical transformation. A big one, at that.

Back from her deep thoughts and with her legs and feet already starting to feel rather numb from walking for so long, the girl decides to rest, finding a tall tree and picking a spot where she sat below its great shadow, her traveling bags dropped gently on the grass as she untied one of them and retrieved her afternoon snack; a veggie sandwich of sorts, her fingers carefully holding onto it by a sheet of soft paper. "Mmm~..." She happily hums, as Liana takes the first small bite out of the fluffy loaf of the bread, quietly chewing on the strings of lettuce and carrot which were neatly lined up along every edge of the delicious squared sandwich.

In further relaxation, the blonde leans herself back against the firm trunk of the tree, the back of her head gently touching the same structure, before her eyes calmly shut close. She sighs in relief.
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As he walked along he saw a long stray piece of grass, feeling rather lost in nature he simply picked it up and placed it in his mouth. No harm in such a thing he thought. Not long after he thought he heard the sounds of another being among the trees. Such a thing was quite curious to him, seeing as though he had yet to have any real company, or albeit competition for the sanctuary of this greenery. To satiate his own wonder he headed in the direction where he believed it had come from. Upon arriving his was met with quite the curious sight.

It appeared that there was a wood elf in his midst. An odd sight considering he hadn't seen one in well over a few years now. It was nice to know they hadn't vanished out of thin air, and this one looked particularly cheery. Probably feeling right at home among the greenery of the forest. Could this be an opportune time to introduce one's self he thought. He knew he'd be quite cross if someone interrupted his time with nature. Though the urge to speak to someone was far too great. Though he intended to play this out casually. Not wanting to come off as desperate, or worse stalker like.

He calmly strolled over to the tree she had propped herself up on, and opened his mouth to speak. "Fine day for basking in the sun, isn't it?" He asked. Somewhat proud of himself for not having said anything too outlandish. Such as, nice ears, or fine weather we are having right? The first one would be most culturally insensitive and racist to add onto it. Though he assumed most people we drawn to elves in the first place by their ears. He wanted reassure this stranger he did not approach her based on a shallow fetish.

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Child of Nature
'I can't wait to see them again... I bet a lot of things happened while I was gone...', she ponders to herself, bringing a soft smile to her face as the young elf reopens her emerald gaze, fixating it towards the vast bundle of green in the distance. 'Hopefully nothing bad though. I'm sure Ali is fine. In fact... I wonder what she's up to right now...', Liana loses herself in thought for a good few moments, before resuming her bready snack.

Her bright and delicate teeth find themselves chomping down on the soft texture of her sandwich, sinking into it, through the present bits of vegetable, before pulling what she mawed into her mouth, where she'd start quietly and delightfully nomming and chewing, her eyes coming to a close once more. Gulp. She swallows. And then takes another bite.

While Liana relished in the taste of her light meal, something had caught her attention, causing her to halt for a moment. "Mm?", she hums, leaning upwards. The sound of steps. Whilst they weren't anything abrupt or seemingly threatening, like from a wild animal or something of the sort, it was still a curiosity. This early in the morning, who could it be? Eventually, the source of the steps makes its full appearance.

A man with a piece of grass on his lips. An herbalist, perhaps?

As he spoke and didn't appear like he was startled by her appearance, she brought up a friendly and welcoming smile, moving to stand and properly greet the man. A nod was offered towards his words. "It is, indeed. Are you a native of Hargeon?", she questions, momentarily scanning the male up and down for any signs of a guild mark or something. It's been quite long. There might as well be any new recruits to Blue Pegasus. If the rumors were right and the guild was still located in the port city.

"I'm Liana. Liana Sylvaine.", the elven youngster introduces herself.
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Liana, what a beautiful name, what a beautiful smile. These were all thoughts he would keep to himself. Such things should not be told to a stranger, let alone in an isolated location. That would be enough to rub anyone the wrong way. "A pleasure to meet you Liana. My name is Mattori Manzo. The white haired one said with a smile in her direction. It was nice to meet someone as pleasant as she.

"Oh no, I'm not a native, though I have been in the Blue Pegasus guild for going on a decade now." That was hard for him to even believe at times that it had been that long. He had basically called the guild family and this city home for almost half his life. So maybe he should consider himself a native.

"What about yourself, are you from around here?" He was generally curious as to why a wood elf would be so far from the greater forests of the continent. He had not known them to be a people who enjoyed the ocean breeze as much as they the winds that swept through the trees of the wood.


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Child of Nature
He appeared quite gentle and kind. She could appreciate that about the stranger. Plus, Liana was always someone to never shy away from meeting brand new people. It's always good to get to know others, not just those that you somehow find yourself growing close to. Especially if they might as well be more closely related to you than you might think.

And this was just about the case with Manzo, as he introduced himself.

"Pleasure is all mine, mister Manzo.", the young elf offers the man a curt and polite bow of her own, keeping that same usual warm and welcoming smile beautifully contorted along her features.

Her arms move to rest behind her back after that, before being momentarily caught off guard by the following revelation. "--Oh! You're from Blue Pegasus too?", she repeats, taking a few steps forward to close in the distance between them.

She looks him around once more, studying his figure from upclose. Those curious emerald optics of hers scanning him up and down, left to right, in hopes of spotting a mark of sorts. "Mmmm...", Liana hums for a few moments, before eventually backing away, an amused smile spreading across her features as her head canted to the side. "I'm originally from North Fiore! But I'm also a member of Blue Pegasus~."

The elven youngster happily announces. "It's good to get to know another fellow member. Quite the coincidence too! I was just returning to the guild, haha~.", she adds. "It's been a while!"
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"Ah, North Fiore is where you call home originally. That does make sense little wood elf." He said with a chuckle. North Fiore's forests were home to her kind, though those numbers used to be much larger than they are currently. It was a sad fact. He had only met one other wood elf, and she too was blonde. That could be a gene marker for them. That was a rabbit hole he would have to go down later.

He felt himself being a studied, this was not uncommon. It was rare to see a Joyan with white hair. Seeing as they were normally a darker haired people. Though odds are she was actually looking for his guild mark. Smart girl, this one he thought to himself. He pulled his shirt down a bit, revealing the black blue Pegasus mark, adorned with several deep scars.

"I won't ask where yours is, the women of our guild tend to have theirs in fairly revealing areas." He said with a chuckle as he put his hands in his pockets. It would seem that they both had been far from the guild for quite a while.

"Well it's wonderful that you've returned home. Mistress Alisa will be quite pleased that you've returned. Having the family back together is quite important to her. As her Ace it is my job to keep said family together." He said with a smile.


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Child of Nature
Liana giggled softly alongside his words, upon his knowledgeable mention of where the wood elves reside. With her hands still behind her back, she keeps a bright smile on her face, leaning in closer to the man once more, as she now begins to actually circle him, closely studying him up and down. "Haha~. What if I told you I was never always a wood elf?", the girl informs, perhaps a curiosity he'd like knowing.

The way she moved around him, it wasn't at all in a seductive or tempting manner, even though it might have looked like it. Having been quite some time away from South Fiore, and from people in general, other than her parents and short, brief encounters here and there during her vacation, she had admittedly grown quite curious about if anything has changed. Though, the young elf fails to notice anything of considerable note.

"Heehee~.", she giggled once more, following his playful refusal to guess where her guild mark would be. She straightens up after that, eventually returning to stand in front of Manzo and restore a friendly and welcoming eye-contact. "It's right here.", Liana lowers a hand down to pat the clothed left side of her hip. "You think here is revealing~?", the elven youngster jokingly inquires, the curves of her lips rising up slightly in jest.

She'd slide a hand up with his next words, briefly pressing the palm of one of her hands against her chest. The girl looks far into the forest, as if trying to look for a glimmer of sorts, where she'd assume would be the light coming from the port city of Hargeon. Her smile turns a little softer, a faint, pink blush painting her cheeks. "Mhm... I can't wait to see her. I'm glad she's still around, in fact.", Liana affirms, prior to turning her attention back up towards Manzo.

"She's my teacher. She's the one who taught me most of everything that I know right now.", she nods twice, before briefly adding. "Other than my parents, of course. Heehee~."
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"Teacher huh? That would mean you come from my teaching tree. I was her teacher for quite some time back in the early days of the guild." He said with a small smile. Not really known for showing that kind of emotion in his expressions. But there was something about her that just made him feel as though he could be this way, if only for a moment.

Such emotional displays never truly served him any real purpose, but he would not brush off her warm welcome with his cold front. It was a character flaw he was attempting to work on these days. If he accomplishes such a thing today, that would be a step in the right direction for him.

"I've met a few other people in my travels that have used potions to make themselves into one thing or another. I didn't always look like this for example." He said with a bit of a chuckle at the end. True enough though he hadn't always looked the part of pure blood joyan. As a child he had used a potion to change into what he would have called a proper joyan. Black hair, dark eyes, the whole nine yards. But that was just him running from himself.


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Child of Nature
"Looks like we both had our roles reversed! Heehee~.", she voices with a hint of amusement. "You know, how I used to be a human like you, and now, well, yeah... Um, what did you use to be?", the elven youngster curiously inquires. She would have mentioned the reason as to why she turned into what she is now. Whilst it had a happy ending, the situations and events she and a long-time friend had to go through to get to that point weren't exactly the most positive.

Back to more positive thoughts though, something Manzo would have mentioned afterwards did surprise her a little. "Wh-Wha? You were Ali's teacher?!", she sounded in fleeting astonishment, her lips parting slightly and that emerald gaze of hers widening, before she recomposes herself. Only to bring up an amazed, bright smile. "That's awesome~! I don't really remember if she ever mentioned you before, but what a coincidence!", the girl shouts. "To meet the teacher of my teacher, heehee~!", Liana joyously adds.

Though, this did raise another curiosity, as she leaned closer to the male. Raising a thin, index finger to her lips. "Heh... I wonder. What was it like to teach Ali?", she questions with mild interest.
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"What was it like to teach Ali?Well it was a good time to be sure. We used to be inseparable as kids." The white wolf said as he plopped himself down on the ground. Those were the days to be sure. The two of them back in their early to late teens were certainly quite the pair. The closeness they shared was something that he could not replicate with anyone else. Nor would he even attempt to, Alisa in many ways was his heart. Especially back then, they only had each other.

"Teaching her how to use chopsticks was certainly an entertaining sight." He said with a laugh. "Took her quite a bit of time to eat her dumplings." He could remember it as clear as day, the flustered look on her face, the amount of sticks she snapped in half before she got it right. It was very humorous to say the least.

"You'd never believe it looking at her now, but she used not be able to ride a motorcycle. I remember the first time I put her on one, she held on for dear life. Eventually she came to love it." Oh those were indeed the days. It was bitter sweet, but every time he would see her use a chopstick, ride a bike, even down to the way she chose her preferred sword. He knew he had made an impression unlike any others.

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