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Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest]

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 Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] Empty on Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:01 am

Revana looked into the darkness and dead trees that had particles wither into the thin cold air. Her golden eyes shined bright like a light as she looked around for something to do as she heard there was something quite interesting to run into. There was a rumor about dead cows laying about on the lands of the dead. Was there someone or something that had a desire of cow meat or was it their blood perhaps? Throughout her time she has met some interesting characters, but what she ran into was rather random. The people of Dahlia ignored her and her radiance. Ever since she became one with the ocean she feels more power and maybe they feel it too.

She acted cool as she saw a man hovered over a dead cow. 'Looks like that's our cow killer.' Revana pointed out nonchalantly. "It's obvious that he is, but he's ... eating it, the blood." She paused mid sentence and finished with a cold tone as it turned around to gaze at her. The man was obviously not human as much as she herself was. "I smell rather lovely blood upon you." He spoke like some rodent who was obviously blood hungry. "You bloodhound, sit.". She spoke with disgust and eyes gazing at him with burning hatred. Fear grew in his eyes before he even thought of attacking as she overpowered him. The fact that she was some angelic being was enough to make this low vampire act like a dog with his tail lowered. Slowly, Revana walked towards him, pushed him on his butt to where he looked at her defenseless.

"That's it, now why not just tell me this situation. Why cows?" She wondered. "P-please! I just want to live. I don't even want to be this... this!" He explained as he spread his arms to motion to himself. "Don't kill me. If you help me become human, let me leave or help me even I will pay you." He nodded a few times.

"Do you buy this?" Revana spoke towards her other as Arisa gazed at him. Of course he couldn't see her, but it didn't matter either way. The guy was scared. "I don't care either way. We help this guy and we get to kill him anyways or get paid." Arisa spoke happily with a smile. "Sure." The dude looked at her as he could hear Revana talk to someone, but unsure of whom. "We'll he-- I'll help you out." Revana replied coldly as her arm extended to help him up. He took it, stood up and tried to dust himself off. ''Here! I'll pay you some for just agreeing since I'm such a nice guy. The others thing it's a huge weakness, that I'm weak. Being nice is just natural to me." He explained and handed her some jewels. "Stay nearby so I can contact you though when I'm ready." He lastly spoke before they both went their separate ways. She decided perhaps she should go visit an old friend, or perhaps she should just continue actually helping this guy. Revana was unsure on when she'll see this weirdo next time.



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