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Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest]

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Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] Empty on Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:25 am

Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] U8W6XVS

Nuala didn’t know if she was ever going to get used to Dahlia.

Ever since Kaiser had announced that this would be their new home from now on, the Voidling had tried her hardest to get used to constantly being on edge – and while she was not the type of person to let their guard down often anyways, Dahlia was on a whole other level. The city of Dahlia was a dark place. Humans were prey, whereas otherworldly races such as vampires, werewolves and the likes were much more common in this area than anywhere else in Fiore. One of the reasons for that being the neighbouring forest, Aldenwald, that bordered the country’s edge. There were even rumours of ghosts and walking dead (other than the vampires) and while Nuala found that hard to believe, she also couldn’t simply deny it. After all, she wasn’t exactly human anymore either – yet she walked among them as a silent predator.

Just as those thoughts were crossing Nuala’s mind, the woman came across a rather unsettling sight. It was long past nightfall when the Voidling walked the city’s streets and so she was only semi-surprised to see a creature buckling over a dead animal, seemingly enjoying its raw meat. Unsure whether or not she was supposed to be audibly grossed out or mind her own business, the Voidling walked around the fence that separates her from the gruesome scene to get a better look. It was nighttime and therefore dark, but luckily the Voidling could see perfectly in the night even if it was indeed pitch black.

Upon inspecting the scene she realized that the person was not eating the cow’s meat, but drinking its blood instead. Now she couldn’t hold herself back anymore. “Gross,” she hissed and shivered, not expecting the reaction that followed.


Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] XRjHYs6

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Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] U8W6XVS

The person seemed to have noticed her, as he lifted his head up from the poor animal and turned towards her. He was a mess, really, and there was cow blood everywhere. Much to Nuala’s dismay, the person wasn’t actually a person but a vampire instead. “Oh gee, not another one of your–,” she intended to finish her sentence, but was caught in surprise when the male vampire got up and lunged forward, attacking her instead.

Nuala, who was now visibly irritated, simply sidestepped the attack and punched the creature in the face. “Oh no, trust me – you don’t want to eat me. I taste terrible anyways.” She could tell by the way he moved and the fact that he was drinking animal and not human blood that he was going to be weak anyways. He mumbled something about the thirst being too much for him to bear, before he broke down from her punch and covered his face with his hands, now begging for forgiveness instead.

“Please,” he begged, “I do not wish to be like this. I don’t want to be a vampire. Help me find a cure and I promise you I will reward you. In fact, here’s some money ahead of time. Just take it already, and stay near so I can contact you for more information.” Nuala raised an eyebrow but took the money anyway. “I doubt there’s a cure for what’s going on with you,” she explained and shrugged. “But I guess I will help you look for a while, so long as you pay me.” He nodded profusely and Nuala decided it was time to leave already. She didn’t really know what she’d just agreed to, nor did she believe in a cure for vampirism but the money was nice at least. A vampire that killed livestock to avoid killing humans? That was quite the situation by itself. Dahlia truly was a weird place.


Unending Thirst [Halloween Quest] XRjHYs6

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